How to design flyer in CorelDraw

Whether you are a CorelDraw beginner or advance user, this flyer design tutorial will really give you an idea of how flyers are made in CorelDraw. Of course, flyers come in various formats which starts with the layouts, sizes, colours and the images generally. To start designing your flyer, the following requirements has to be

How to Generate Calendar in CorelDraw With just 8 steps

There are several things you can achieved with the help of CorelDraw; as we know, CorelDraw is actually a problem solving software. One of these several things it does is that, it enables you to generate or design calendar, and it allows you to insert various images including your picture in your created Calendar. So,

How creative you can be with an ICT Skills in Today’s world

Think alongside successful ICT personnel… Me and my ICT skill; Creativity is an innate thing; ability to create. Everyone have the potential to be creative, If only you can creatively think and take an action for it. The power of imagination can never be underestimated in human existence. Every small and mighty software and gadgets

How to create menu and sub-menu in WordPress

Creating a menu in WordPress is very simple. In WordPress, you can create different types, custom menu and the type generated from already created pages, categories or a particular post (article). Right here in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a normal menu and a submenu then I will move on

EasyPHP – Alternative to WAMP Server

We received emails from some of our readers with the issues they were having when installing the WAMP server. If you’re facing this problem installing WAMP server, don’t worry, there are so many factors that causes that. The challenges most times come from your computer. Probably some of the necessary drivers needed to run the

How to Develop ICT skills Along Your Chosen Career

I often tell my students to develop as much as they can when it comes to ICT skills, especially as related to that chosen career. The more technical you are with your ICT skills, the more relevance and powerful you become in any given organization. If I may ask, what can you do on the

How to Create Pages in WordPress

WordPress allows you to create pages for your content through the tool bar at the right hand side of the Dashboard screen. To create your Home page for instance, move your mouse around the Pages menu and click Add New. When the WordPress editor loads up, Enter the title of your page (Example Home). The

Getting Familiar with WordPress Dashboard

In my previous article, How to Install WordPress on your Computer Using WAMP Server, I showed you guys step by step on how get your WordPress ready for use. here, I’m going to be showing you how to navigate the admin area (Dashboard). In order to access your WordPress dashboard, you’ll first need to log

How to prepare a professional CV for any job – 4 Easy Guide

A well prepared CV can have a great positive impact in your career thus increasing your chance of getting that dream job fast. Your CV is meant to convey all information about you to your employer and anyone who needs it. But most people neglect some basic things that should be on a CV thereby