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10 Best BlueStacks Alternative to Run Android Apps on PC

bluestack alternative
Written by Rexs

There are many best bluestacks alternative emulators with awesome features, that you can use to run Android apps on your personal computer. We know that Bluestacks has a lot of users because it is an old application that people trust. However, there are other valuable Bluestacks alternatives that can match it or even replace it in the market.

This post will give you a list of the best bluestacks alternative that you can use to run your smartphones on Desktop.

Let us begin.

best bluestacks altervatives

  1. Nox

This first emulator on the list is Nox. This is a very useful and convenient application and a good alternative to Bluestacks. It works just like Bluestacks. This app has features for controlling compatibility plus an amazing interface. In addition, Nox allows you to change the device’s build.prop. Try it and share your experience.


  1. Andy

Andy is an Android emulator just like Bluestacks. This app came out close to the release date of Bluestacks. Bluestacks just gained more popularity and users before Andy‘s cold takeoff. However, this does not take away the fact that Andy has amazing features of its own. Some of these features include allowing apps to sync and to sense integration, and to load other features.

andy Best BlueStacks alternative

  1. Koplayer

Koplayer is one of the best Android emulator for pc. It is easy to use and gamers love it because of loads of features that support their use. For example, Gamers can use it to record their game as they play it. In addition, the installation process is simpler than that of Bluestacks. Get Koplayer today.


  1. Windroy

This is another good emulator alternative to Bluestacks that allow you to use your Android apps on your PC or desktop. Also, you can use it to send a message to people with ease. Furthermore, this emulator is easy to use and you can get it for free. It is also available for Windows and MAC users. Finally, I can tell you that Windroy does not have much difference from Bluestacks. Get yours today.

windroy Best BlueStacks alternative

  1. Youwave

Youwave is another Bluestack alternative. Although it was released recently, this app has gained many users trust all over the world. This emulator has a nice interface and it is very easy to use. In addition, Youwave has a feature that allows you to save all your data and files in a category that you choose so, that you will remember where they are whenever you need them.

youwave Best BlueStacks alternative

  1. Dolphin

Dolphin is another free easy to use emulator alternative to Bluestacks. It has an operating system that you can use with your Android phone. It has a good user interface that gives your system a nice look and gives you better user experience. Also, it works on MAC, Linux, and Windows operating system. In addition, one striking feature of this app is that it enables you to replay a game when you find out you were cheated or when you find out that something went wrong during the game.


  1. QEMU

If you are looking for another suitable Bluestacks emulator, you will be sure to find QEMU. This app works like Bluestacks. It is available as other emulators for use on Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.

However, one amazing thing about this app is the installation process. It is far easier to install than Bluestacks. Also, it has broad features like system emulation. However, what stands out is the numerous operating modes like the user modes in KVM. You can get this app to discover more cool functions.


  1. MEmu

MEmu play is another amazing Android emulator that has over time, attracted a lot of users attention. This app has lots of features so you won’t be surprised to find it among the best Bluestacks alternatives. Some of these features include AMD CPUs and Intel, and support systems like KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0 and more. These features are intense and amazing to use.


  1. Droid4x Official

With amazing support systems also, Droid4c Official is another Bluestacks alternative. This emulator has features that you would not see on other emulators. It is free and easy to use with an amazing interface. This app allows you to select any app you want for downloads.


  1. GenyMotion

This emulator allows you to download Android apps and games for easy use. It is built with a clean and neat user interface. GenyMotion lets you use Android devices as a remote control when playing games. Also, you can display the app at its exact size on your computer screen. In addition, it syncs your mobile to the computer and more. The software is one of a kind and different from other emulators. Get it today.



You can use the emulators in this article with ease. They are the best bluestacks alternative that you can find on the Internet. Moreover, they also have amazing operating systems and great features. So, pick anyone you like out of this list and rest assured they will serve you well.


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