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11 Best Expenses Tracking App (For iPhone And Android)

Track your spendings with any of the expense tracker app shared on this page and have ideas of how your money is being spent. This is a comprehensive list of expenses tracking apps for Android and iPhone. So, if you wish to learn more about how you can track your expenses, then read this post carefully and make your choice wisely.

expense tracker app

Making more money is so good. But when you do not have a track of how much you spend, it can really have a negative impact on your net worth. However trying to keep track of your expenses with a notebook can be a gruesome task, if not downright impossible.

Every day, our expenses go far beyond providing food and paying up utility bills. That little snack we always have at the corner of the street, or the little coins spend on getting some stationery, there are a whole lot more we do spend on a daily basis and all these have an overall impact. Budgeting, therefore, is a challenging task, if you have to take track of all these other expenses that may seem insignificant.

Budgeting can take an uncomplicated avenue when you have the best budget apps and bill reminder to help keep track of all expenses.

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Top 10 “Expense Tracker App” For Android And iPhone.

1. Monefy:

Monefy is an amazing application with exciting features due to its simple navigation. It works on both smartphones as well as tablets. It works on both Android and iOS devices. This application will help distribute expenses in a very formal and informative manner, displaying charts as well. Categories exist for food, car, clothes, entertainment, gifts, snack and so on, covering every aspect that you will make expenses as well.

The Monefy app is a great app for tracking expenses because it also possesses multiple currency spots, budget mode, ability to backup and export data, has multiple accounts and Built-in calculator. In addition, this application has ” No adds”. The Monefy app is available in Free and premium packages ($2.33). Platform to download: Android and iOS

2. Spendee – Budget & Money Tracker App:

The top 10 best Expense tracking app

The Spendee app has a great interface and allows the best user experience. It helps track expenses, budget and savings. The Spendee application allows you to track money in a very manner as well as features personal and family expenses tracking.

The Spendee app allows secure connection to your bank account, add a budget goal, infographic reports, allows you to keep track of utility bills, allows multiple currencies support, custom wallets as well as synchronization with your bank account. This application is also free to download. Platform to Download: Android and iOS

3. AndroMoney:

AndroMoney Expense tracker app

The AndroMoney app is another awesome application with lovely user interfaces. It is the most popular personal expenses tracker app and also allows added features of  being a great personal finance tool. This app allows you to manage and budget expenses as well as have many multiple account support.

The AndroMoney app comes with a great Cloud support including Account balance, account transfer,  multiple currency support, customized budgeting, chart display, Password protection and Google Docs/Dropbox support. The AndroMoney is a free application and works well on the Web, as well as other smart-devices. Platform to download: Web, iOS and Android.


4. PocketGuard App:


The PocketGuard application is a great application that allows you to keep track of your account as well as it gets budget management tools. It allows you to have complete control of your finances as it displays how much you have in your account as well as gives you the specified figure of how much you can spend in a day.

The application allows you to connect bank and card accounts as well as sorts your purchases, subscriptions and bill payments. In addition, this application is also free. You can download for: iOS devices and Android.

5. Walnut Money Manager:

Walnut Money Manager
Expenses tracking app.

The Walnut Money Manager app is another great expense tracker app. It helps to keep tracked spendings, pay bills and even use this app as a way of sending funds to your loved ones.

In addition, this application has a social feature that lets you create groups in such a way that you can discuss expenses, bills and settlements.

The Walnut Money Manager app also tracks credit cards, spit money among loved ones, track overall expenses, find the nearest ATMS that have cash, supports more than 40 banks and cards (In India only), movie bookings and so on. The Walnut Expenses app is also available as a free application. Platform to download: for Android only.

6. HomeBudget  Expenses tracking app:

10 Best Expense tracking apps

The home Budget app is a great expenses management app that supports family expenses and family sharing. It also allows its users to manage income and expenses in multiple devices as well as create a budget, manage income amounts and categorize expenses.

The home Budget expense tracker app allows overall tracking of all expenses in form of charts, infographics and in the way of purchase lists. This application is available at the cost of $4.99 for its use. Platform to download: For Android and iOS.

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7. Wally:


Wally is a  free and awesome expense tracker app that allows you to keep track of all financial information. This application can be used as a great saving tool as its users can save and keep track of all incomes with this application as well as create and view expenses. This is done using its unique Social and location tools as well as providing comprehensive infographics of every expense. Platform to download tool: iOS and Android.

8. Wallet:


The Wallet application is a free management and budget tool that gives an all-round access to budgeting tool. It also supports multiple currencies. You can easily enter all expenses manually as well as keep track of expenses made electronically. The Application allows for automatic bank syncing to your balance as well as every expense. Despite the fact that this application is a free app, It also gives premium features at the amount $14.99. Platform to download tool: iOS and Android.

9. DollaBird:


The DollarBird application is a great expense tracking tool that allows you to add expenses, edit expenses as well as keep track of incomes in the past and futures in a calendar style view. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can categorize entries and view expenses.

The Dollarbird apps is indeed an awesome expense tracker app that also comes with a handy infographics that can be used on your smart devices as well as the Web. The Dollarbird app can be purchased if you need all the features or you download it for free. Platform to download tool: iOS and Android.

10. Wela:

Wela expense tracker app
Wela expense tracker app

The Wela app is another great application that can be used for tracking expenses. This personal finance app that allows an all-around coverage of all your finances including bank synchronization with all your accounts. Using the Wela’s AI feature, you can have a critical analysis of your finances and evaluate your financial position. You can also view your investments as well as have the overview of your net worth via this app.

The AI feature also serves as an assistant giving you tips and tricks to strategies on goals, finance and savings. This application is free but you should know that in order to have the premium features of this apps you have to set up a Wela Strategies Investment account. Platform to download: Available for iOS devices only.

11. Mint Personal Finance App:

Mint Personal Finance App

The Mint Personal Finance App allows accurate coverage of tracking all your income as well as expenses. This free application is a great personal budgeting tool that also synchronizes with your bank and card details giving up to date outlook of your financial state. The Mint app has very great awesome features with a great user interface that gives easy to use budgeting skill. Platform to download: Android and IOS.

Finances can be well managed to give way to a better lifestyle. You can use any of these applications to better track your Expenses and adapt better saving habits.

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