10 Best Headphones for a Metal Detector on Amazon

The most important accessories of a metal detector are good sets of headphones. When you use a headphone while metal detecting, you can eliminate external background noises surrounding you and listen only to the tones your targets are making. If you want to concentrate solely on your metal detecting, the less background noise you are exposed to, the better. Without a metal detector, you will not be able to detect any target. It allows concentration when hunting. You will be able to hear faint signals and it will help your discovery. There are certain features and functionality you need to look out for if you are in the market for metal detecting headphones. Since there are so many on the market, it might be confusing. This post is going to list the top 10 best metal detectors headphones.

How much does a metal detector cost on average

If you are a beginner in metal detecting, you might be wondering how much a typical metal detector costs. The prices of every metal detector differ and this is due to their various specifications. There are some detectors that are very affordable and are from $200 to $500. Their process varies due to their maker and functions. If you are just choosing a metal detector as a hobby, then it will be advisable to invest in one until you become an expert.

Other types of detector are a little on the average side costing about $400 to $600. They are useful in detecting different types of metal. Then there are those that cost $600 and higher. They are usually high costs detectors that are used by professionals. They can be used to several metals and even gold.

10 best metal detector headphones on Amazon

Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones

This is one of the best headphones you can ever use with a bounty hunter metal detector. However, it is not compatible with Bounty Hunter Junior. It utilizes a ¼” stereo plug and can extend the battery life of your metal detector. It is built with a pad which makes it comfortable to use. Bounty Hunter is one of the best headphones on the market.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Universal Wired Metal Detector Headphones

This is a lawn metal detecting headphones with adjustable volume control, 3.5mm standard headphone jack, and a sound insulation padding. It is very comfortable to use and also serves as a noise cancellation tool when metal detecting. With it, you can be sure of getting rid of external noises and focusing precisely on your target.

It is about $15.13. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett Metal Detectors MS-2 Headphones

This is another headphone for metal detection. It is a 1/4” right angle stereo phone plug with a frequency response of 30-18,000 Hz. It is built with a headband and ear cushion that makes it very comfortable. In addition to that, you can adjust the volume and signal level to suit the hearing of a particular user and enhance weak signals.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Binaural Headphone HEAD-PL

The bounty hunter headphone is built in such a way that it will eliminate every distraction when hunting for treasures. It is also a very good choice if you are on the market looking for a headphone.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones

This is a headphone for metal detecting that was built by Garrett. They are known for producing some of the best metal detectors and pinpointers. This headphone is designed beautifully and has in-line volume for metal detectors.

It is about $22.93. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett Submersible Headphones

This is another headphone built and designed by Garrett. It is submersible into water and very comfortable to use. With these headphones, you will only focus on your precise target.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

OneOdio Adapter Free Closed Headphone

With the OneOdio headphone, you can enjoy the clear sound and supreme comfort. It is built with a padded ear cushion that monitors noise isolation and comfort. The headphone headband can be stretched and adjusted to the user’s requirements. In addition, it works perfectly with an iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android. It has a long life span.

It is about $29.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.


This headphone for metal detection has an ultra-wide frequency response. In addition to that, it has a high dynamic range and a high-resolution capsule.

It is about $14.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Koss UR20 Headphones

This is a headphone for metal detection that has a flexible sling headband. Koss flexible headband allows for single-sided listening and high durability. It has a frequency response of 18 kHz to 24 kHz.  You can use it at home thanks to its 1/8” and ¼” stereo plugs.

It is about $16.87. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Treasure Wise Metal Detecting Headphones

This is another metal detector headphone that is quite comfortable for you. It has a ¼” angled plug, stereo, 2 rotary volume controls, and 6 ft coiled lead.

It is about $27.95. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Metal detecting beginners Guide

If you are just starting metal detecting, then there are certain steps you need to take to make it easier for you. First, you need to get the basic kit that will make it easier for you. Some of the things you will need include; Conducive clothes, boots, trowel/shovel, batteries (if required), insecticides, water, mobile phone, metal detector, pinpointer, and headphones. You need to decide on your budget. It is important to also consider the type of metal detector you will be getting based on your hunting ground. If you will be seeking for treasure on a beach, then you might have to get a submersible metal detector.

Before you embark on the metal detecting, you will have to find out if there are rules and regulations guiding your hunting ground. There are certain places where it is illegal to use metal detecting. You need to follow the code of conduct guiding the place to avoid getting in trouble.

Furthermore, you should take a bag to keep your findings. Once you have done all that is written above, you are ready to go treasure hunting.


Although there are lots of accessories you can get with a metal detector, the most important one is a good set of headphone. It makes it easier to hunt your treasures without external interference. In summary, you can choose the one you would like out of all the ones mentioned in this post.

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