10 Best Instagram Analytics tools And Apps

Do you need more followers or like to know who unfollowed you or to find out how your business is doing on Instagram, then you need Instagram followers tracker. When you think of the best Instagram analytics tools and applications, that you can use to measure your Instagram business, what readily comes to mind are the apps we are going to show you in this post. Among Instagram followers trackers, these apps stand out because they help you to track engagement of your hashtags and posts, and show you Unfollowers and increase of followers.

Instagram followers tracker

In addition, they help you to identify industry influencers that you can work with to give you that exact analysis of your Instagram business. Above all this, you don’t have to pay to use them because they are free.

So, let us give you the 10 best Instagram followers tracker apps that you can get to mesasure your business immediately without wasting time.

The Best Free Instagram Analytics App 2018 And Beyond

What is Analytics

Analytics come in handy when you need to know facts and figures about who is following you or unfollowing you, who liked your post, hashtags and other metrics that you wish to track to help you grow your business on social media, offline and online. Lets us list the 10 best Instagram analytics right now.

1.    Squarelovin

 Instagram followers tracker- Squarelovin

This tool gives you an analysis so that you know the best time of the day to post.  It also generates reports titled “worst time to post” Furtehermore, it shows you how the results you get can change when you use other performance indicators to measure your posts’ effectiveness.

This application helps you to get a concise report of how you are doing in Social media at any point in time. Therefore, if you are looking for a good Instagram followers tracker, you can try this tool.

2. Union Metrics

nion metrics

Compared to other tools it is easy to use though it does not give deep-rooted insights into your Instagram business. This Instagram followers tracker tool helps you to measure what type of content you should post, and when you should post them. It also measure whether you should post more often and which hashtags, are more effective so that you use them more often.

Furthermore, it puts together who your best followers are so that you can focus on giving them more engaging posts.

3. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights, come ready-made the Instagram followers tracker that you can trust to help you grow your Instagram account.

With this application, you can see the performance of your business in a snapshot. You will also know the basic things like, how many people see your page, and out of these number how many stayed or converted.

In addition, you are able to get information about your Instagram stories, how many clicked your website. Furthermore, you are able to get refined information about your followers such as where they live, the time of the day you cannot reach them, whether male or female, etc.

4. Websta

You can use Websta to manage multiple accounts. Also, this app allows you to make up to 3 custom feeds. One for posting, another for relating with your followers, and the last one for responding to followers’ comments. Finally, this Instagram followers tracker gives you your posts, and followers engagement reports for the three accounts for free.

5. Simply Measured



Simply measured is a detailed free Instagram followers tracker that gives you reports about how committed your followers are to your posts.  Also, it creates the reports by using the total number of committed followers you have and dividing it by total followers, to give you the real number of committed followers.

You can also relate this result to past posts to compare what you have achieved on Instagram over a specific time frame.

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6. Socialbakers

Social bakers give you free pictures that divide results of your posts into different headings such as likes, hashtags, and posts that more people like, etc. Furthermore, it gives you a one-year report of your post in different categories in a simple chart. It is an Instagram followers tracker that focuses on giving you reports that appeal to your visual senses.

7. Iconosquare

This tool is not new on the scene. This Instagram followers tracker was called Statigram in the past. Its followers’ charts, gives you the results of your photos, your followers liked so much and sum up your basic likes and comments. In addition, you can put the results of all your social media channels together and, match it against the best in Social Media to arrive at an improved or poor engagement result.

8. Pixlee

Gives thorough daily information about the increase of your followers, how popular your hashtags are, how engaging your posts are, likes and shares, etc.  In addition, you get your Instagram page’s performance report every week for free. This report enables you to plan who among your niche markets influencers you can work with to grow your business.

9. Crowdfire

This app was known as “JustUnfollow” in the past. You can use this application to separate active followers from Unfollowers.  Furthermore, you can use this Instagram followers tracker to search for possible new followers by finding individuals who share similar interests with your present followers and, like your hashtags and contents.

10. InstaFollow


You can use this application to find out what type of content engages your followers more. Also, to get which ones drive them away. This Instagram followers tracker will guide you to give them more of what they want. This application helps you to manage your new followers and those that unfollowed you. Similarly, it gives a report on individuals or businesses you follow that do not follow you on Instagram.


So, if you use an Instagram followers tracker, make sure you combine some of these applications. Doing so, will help you to get thorough information to improve your engagement with followers on Instagram. It will also enable you craft valuable content that will make you irreplaceable. For example, you can use a follower tool to help you develop the best plan to engage your audience. Also, you should use anther app to show you how your content is performing in the market. This help you to adjust your measuring statistics if they are not doing well. Finally, be alert. Check how your Instagram business performs every week.

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