10 Business Ideas For University Students in Nigeria

Business ideas for university students in Nigeria are listed here. As a student in the Nigerian University you will agree with me on the concept that it is never easy financially especially for those of us from the Average home where money cannot be doled out at any time or place. There are always impromptu textbooks to buy or test to prepare for overnight, there is never a break for you whose parent will only have little to give you and probably at the end of the Month.

If you do have all of this problems and more, then you will agree with me that you do need a side job to help you keep afloat and still be able to go through the University and live with exceptional grades.

business ideas for university students in Nigeria
10 business Ideas you can do as a student.

10 Business ideas for university students in Nigeria.

Here are 10 beautiful business ideas you can consider doing while in school:

1. Event Planning.

you can sign up under a prestigious event planner within your area and make some money by helping with cooking as well as ushering or open up yours with a team of friends. This business is quite good as you do not need to miss out on school work, since most events will be hosted at weekends, you can make quite a lot of money as well as have a lot more time for your studies.

2. Sewing.

The art of designing and making clothes is quite a great business you can do in school, since you get to choose your hours. you can make clothes and mend clothes, once you have the right training and are quite the expert you will soon be smiling to the bank.


There are a lot of opportunities for you as a student in the tutoring business. You can set up to train your course-mates or teach the younger generation. You can also decide to go as far as teaching the primary and secondary school kids. A good advantage of this type of business is that you do not need a physical facility to carry out your business. You can do it at the home of your clients or sign up online to teach via online tutoring agencies.

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4. Fitness Training.

If you are very good in sports, you can help people loose weight, by setting up an outdoor fitness training outfit, you do not need equipment to do this, there are many fitness exercises that  do not require equipment and an added advantage is that, it is outdoors. You can use the fields around your school to do this and will incur a little or no fee for using this vicinity.

5. Freelancing.

You may have heard about this but are you still very much in the dark? Well, there are many freelancers out there offers to exchange services over the Internet in exchange for a token, you can offer services like content writing services, graphics designing, selling handouts all for the exchange of money.

6. Academic proofreading and paraphrasing.

A lot of us are not good writers and can only do so much, you can offer services such as helping proof read essays, term papers and project works in exchange for a token on websites like Fiverr.

7. Snacks and drinks.

We all love some pastries at some point. Therefore, You can start making delicious chops if you are so great at it. Sell pastries and drinks out on campus and although it might be a little hard at first, it can be a good and awesome way of increasing your funds. This is a lovely business you can do in the university campus in Nigeria.

8. Blogging.

If you do have a lot of knowledge on several topics, you can start a blogging business and the great advantage of starting a blog is that you do not need to have any technical knowledge about website designing so, you can pay someone to design your blog right here and get started towards making a lot more funds and helping stay afloat through out your stay in school. This is quite a great business you can do in school.

9. Hair dressing.

Another great business idea you can do in school is to provide hair making services. This is a lovely business idea for university student like you in this present age. Note that this business is not restricted to the female folk alone. This is because a lot more female are preferring the services of a guy to those of another lady. You do not need to offer to make outrageously time-taking hairstyles. You can start by offerring simple hair extensions.

10. Cleaning Services.

This was one service that made the early days at school a bit more comfortable. You can offer to clean the house of wealthy individuals at weekends for a fee. One great advantage is that it is mostly done at weekends and it can never take the whole of your day except you have more than 3 houses every weekend. This is a very good business you can do in school as it frees up time for your academic work.

Apart from needing more finance for academics, you should consider getting a skill to increase your market capability. In present times, enterpreneurs rock why salary earners sit back and watch. Do take advantage of this opportunities and if practiced properly, you can become a millionaire before living the walls of the University.

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I do hope you found these business ideas for students worthwhile. Do let us know on your thoughts and commendations.

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