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10 Free Money Generating Apps For Android And iPhone

You can really make money with the free apps listed on this post. If you have been looking for free money apps that really pay, then check this list to find out.

Do you wish to learn about ways you can make easy money while using your smartphone? Yes, you can. Do read on to find out more.

We have a lot of activity on our mobile phones but most of the time we do not really use our smartphones to its full potential. And that’s because we do not know about the apps and features that will make life a lot more flexible.

There are many different mobile applications that do exist that can be used in making a passive income. In this article, I will be showing about 10 of the best apps that make you money in a very little time.

Best Free Money Generating Apps Available on PlayStore And iOS Store.

1. Swagbucks:

Best Free Money Making apps

Swagbucks is a favourite money making app to everyone. You can make some extra bucks using your spare hours on your smartphone by simply taking surveys about favourite Movies and so much more. The Swagbucks app is so easy to use and you can sign up via this platform. Swagbucks has well over 18 million members and has paid well over $150 million in free shopping gift cards to its members for using this application. To download the Swagbucks app: (For Android users) or (For iOS users).

2. CashPirate:

CashPirate Money making app

Another great app for making money is the CashPirate. All you have to do to earn money through this app is trying out free products, watch videos, download apps and then refer your friends. For every referral, you will earn 10% of the referrals from your friends. This is given in terms of Coins and when you have earned up to 2500 coins, you can use your PayPal account to withdraw accumulated earnings when it reaches the threshold. To download this app: (For Android users).

3. Google Opinions Rewards:

Google Opinions Rewards money generating app

Google Opinion Rewards app is free money apps but it doesn’t pay you any cash. Nevertheless, you will earn rewards for your opinion in terms of Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines and movies in the Play Store. To sign up on this platform, you can do so via Money Connexion. Every week you will be sent surveys and rewards that can be such around 25 cents to $1 or more. Here’s where to download the Google opinion app: (For Android) or (For iOS).

4. Ibotta:

The Ibotta app allows you to save cash on every purchase. It is a money making apps which allows getting cash on every purchase you make via this apps. Each time you shop, wish to travel, have a need for a restaurant or wish to make any other transactions, the first thing to do is to check Ibotta. Using this app allows you make some savings on every purchase you make.

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Ibotta makes this work by working with many different brands that offer promotional codes, coupons, discounts and promo codes. To download the Ibotta app: (Using Android) or (Using IOS).

5. Rewardable:

Best free Money making apps

The Rewardable app allows you to make real cash. It is an effective free money app for iPhone and Android but users must live in the USA. All you have to do to earn money on this mobile app is simply answer some survey questions about different stores. You may earn from $5 to $20, which you will be payable through PayPal. It is both available to (Android phone users) and (iPhone users).

6. Gigwalk:

Gigwalk highest paying apps

The Gigwalk application is one of the best apps to make money fast. It is available for use in the United States and Canada. All you have to do via this application is take some assignments ranging from photos of different places, handing out fliers or doing what we call mystery shopper. With this money-making app, you can make cash from $5 to $20. Here’s where to download this app: (iOS device) and for (Android device).

7. CheckPoints:

CheckPoints money-making app

The Checkpoints is another highest paying app does not pay cash really, but you can earn points that can be used to earn gadgets, gift cards and many more things. All you have to do is play games, watch videos and take surveys before you start earning. Here’s where to download the CheckPoints app: (Android users) and (iOS users).

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8. App Trailers:

App Trailers free money apps

The App Trailers is an awesome way of making money. All you need do is take a survey about new apps by simply telling others about how good or bad it is. Download this app to your: (iOS devices) and (Android device).

9. Survey On the Go:

Survey On the Go

The Survey on the Go app allows you to participate in surveys on what you think about entertainment providers such as the Top Fortune 500 Companies. Every honest opinion you made, the Surveys On The Go pays you some cash. You get to rate movies, take reviews on products, TV shows and everything on your shopping experiences. You will get paid via the U.S Paypal account, that means you can only use this account in the USA. Download this app from (Android PlayStore) or (iOS store).

10. TaskBucks:

Best free money making apps

The TaskBucks app is a great online survey tool that you can make money effectively by using it. This application uses the same technology as the Swagbucks but it only works in India and areas around India. This money making app is very easy to use. All you have to do to earn with these free money apps is make surveys, give reviews about products, writing experiences and complete many other tasks. Payment is made via the Paytm account which can be used in shopping online or recharge your phone. This app works only on Android, to download, go to PlayStore.

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When you do need some extra bucks, you can use any of this apps to earn some real cash or shopping vouchers, discounts and so much more.

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