smart business ideas with low investment

10 Smart Business Ideas With Low Investment

If you are looking for smart business ideas to start with low investment, 10 of the best business has been discussed in this post. Young entrepreneurs are on the lookout for the best business ideas to make money without investing much. If that’s what you yarn for, then read this guide to the letter.

10 smart business ideas with low investment

When considering developing a new concept whether as a newbie entrepreneur or an established business owner, you may most likely be considering other smart business ideas that are far more feasible. The First question, obviously will be what especially appeals to you? What you can build passionately and what you can be determined to make sacrifices to achieve.

When done! You may likely be looking for easier channels that will help you narrow the search down. Well, not to worry, here are some hot new business ideas that might just be what you were searching for.

10 Smart Business Ideas With Low Investment for Young Entrepreneurs.

1. Coaching programs: As an expert in any area in the industry, you can make a few extra bucks by selling your secrets and strategies. Information Technology has really made this type of business easier to do. You can make money by rendering your coaching services over many different online platforms like or in person. You do not need to be versatile in many numerous skills, all you need may be that one skill that is much in need around your location and then you can build it from that moment.

2. Social Media Management: The Social Media is an incredible platform in today’s world and without the proper management and use of this sites, most new businesses will never see beyond startup. This is because one great aspect that can be afforded to this business by the Social Media is an avenue for marketing.

If you have the right skills in this online business, you can make huge money by helping such businesses reach their target clients.

3. SEO and Web Development: Web development has taken quite the boom in recent years and many people are relying more and more on web development for the creation of user-friendly formidable websites. This is because of the rather confusing world of algorithms proffered by this Web development and SEO Business.

As an expert at this business, you can make a lump sum of money doing this incredible job from whatever location you dwell in. Whether as an SEO specialist or Web developer, you can even build your own sites and make more money passively.

4. Data Scientist: Among the greatest and highest paying jobs, is the field of  Data Science. You can make quite a niche for yourself, but you will require expert knowledgeable in this field to pull through this.  With time, you are sure to make quite a high payout either as a freelance Data Scientist or as an employee or whatever other purpose suits you best.

5. Stock Exchange: The Stock Exchange business is a challenging area that needs a great deal of knowledge. With technology, you can become a stock trader within the comforts of your home and earn more wealth in no time.

If you are a newbie to the principles of finance, you will require a great deal of learning all aspects of the Stock markets, and then you can begin getting familiarized with the system by staking with little funds until you have built quite a secured position for your self. Then you can begin amassing high profits through larger stakes.

6. Consultancy: As an entrepreneur with many knowledge gained so far from your business of interest, you can become a freelance consultant for companies who wish to gain more from your area of expertise. This skills may range from the right sales strategies, human resource management and so much more. This business will require two main things on your part, ensure that you get the proper license (if necessary) and maintain a professional decorum throughout every business affair, online and offline.

7. Vacation Rental Business: This is another smart business idea for any entrepreneur who lives in an area that has more and much more to gain from tourism. You can easily manage homes from property owners and transform it into a money-making business avenue. In this way, you help property owners deal with incoming guests and all the policies and every aspect that need a to be taken care off. Advertisement for such can be done using sites such as Airbnb or HomeAway. All you need is to secure some reliability, build an interactive portfolio and soon you can be making up to 40% of gross rental rates from this business idea.

8. Educational Content Services: Using many online tutoring agencies such as Udemy, Coursera and, you can hit it right away by making educational contents and instructional materials to help others learn from you. You can also build your own membership-based course platform and soon you will be having quite the financial freedom that suits you.

Offer courses on Udemy

9. Ad Management Consultancy: Many companies do not really understand how to convert adverts into money. Just by simply placing ads on Facebook, Google and YouTube may not easily turn to profit. Therefore, there is a  need for an expert.

If you can take time to learn all there is to know about how Ads work on all platforms and the best strategies, you can help these companies reach the right audience by selling your skills.

10. Phone Repair services: Technology has brought us the fine handheld devices that make life so much easier. But sometimes, they do develop some faults. If you are quite good at fixing mobile phones, you can make quite some cash by helping people fix their smart devices. In addition, with companies such as iFixIt, you can easily order the components needed for this repairs. All you need is the right skills and yes, you can make it.


There are many more smart business ideas out there that are definitely not on this least but may turn out to be more feasible than this list, feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.

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