11 Best Shoes for Inverted Triangle Body Shape on Amazon


There is no way you will dress up as a woman and go out without matching shoes. Shoes are just as important as the dress you wear and they need to be selected with as much care. Shoes are necessary accessories that we need to complement our dressings with. Before buying any shoe, you need to consider your style, outfit, and occasion you would love to rock it to. Another thing to consider is your body type. As strange as this might seem, shoes can complement your body type just as clothes. They can help you complement or hide whatever you want to in your body.

If you are reading this, then you no doubt have an inverted triangle body shape. However, if you do not know what that it, it is simply a body shape with a bigger upper part and small lower part. People with this type of shape usually have a wide shoulders and narrow hips. They usually have nice shaped legs. It is a desirable body shape and you can confidently move around as long as you wear the appropriate clothing and accessories.

Guide on buying shoes for inverted triangle body shape

Every woman’s aim when dressing is to be able to move comfortably. Wearing the right kind of shoes will provide the balance and confidence you need to stride down the street. The shoes you wear need to meet the standards of your body for your dressing to look great. Choosing the wrong type of shoes can affect the overall appearance of your body and dressing.

For women with an inverted body type, you need to wear shoes that will draw attention to your legs. Since your shoulders are too wide, the last thing you want is to draw attention to it. You need to dress to show off your great legs by wearing bold flats and nice heels. You can rock almost any kind of shoes. What you need to go for are shoes with attractive colors like green, red, blue, yellow, and much more.  Wearing attractive shoes will flatter your figure and help your body shape.

You also need to consider how you walk you should be able to rock whatever shoes you go for confidently. Do not wear heels that are too high if you would not be able to walk comfortably in them. Also consider the shape of your toes before choosing pair of shoes. Before buying any shoe, you should try them out first and make a conscious decision based on your body and comfort.

11 best shoes for inverted triangle body shape Amazon

The best shoes you can choose as a woman with inverted triangle body shape are either ballet flats or chunky heels. These type of shoes will complement your slim legs and give your body balance. When choosing chunky shoes, you should consider ones with straps. However, you can go for pointy heels if you have athletic legs and if you feel comfortable wearing them.

Yolkomo Women’s Clear Strap Gladiator Rhinestones Ankle Strap Sandals

This is a great strap sandal for women with inverted body shape. It is comfortable with its rubber sole and made with lace materials. This shoe is high enough to elongate your slim legs and put them on display. The best thing is you can wear them to any occasion. You can wear it to weddings, church, prom, evening outings, parties, and so on. With its adjustable buckle, you can adjust them to fit your ankle.

It is about $42.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Shoe Land Charming2 Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Heel Dress Sandals

This show has a beautiful and great design. It is a classic style heels and a great choice for women with inverted triangle body shape. The shoe has a slim strap that will hug your ankle and give you great support as you walk. It is a red color and will definitely draw attention to your lower body.

Bottom of Form

It is about $10.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Ballet Flats Shoes Comfortable Walking Shoes Slip On Loafers

This ballet shoe comes in different color. It has a knit design that will keep your feet protected and dry all day. The shoe also reduces the pain and pressure you might get while standing for a long time. It is lightweight and you can wear it comfortably. If you pair it with a great dress, you are good to go.

It is about $26.99. You can purchase it  here on Amazon.

Chinese Laundry Women’s Yippy Heeled Sandal

This is yet another great sandal for those with the inverted triangle body type. It is a chunky block heel with synthetic sole and 3” heel. Furthermore, it has a slingback buckle and you can wear it comfortably.

It is about $37.91. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Stunner Women Cute Slip-On Ballet Shoes Soft Solid Classic Pointed Toe Flats

This synthetic shoe has a great fabric sole. It is a plain and unique slip-on that can be worn conveniently. Stunner ballet slip can be worn for work, parties, school, and many more. It comes in different colors and the bright colored ones seem like a great choice for women with inverted triangle body shape.

It is about $5.66. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Twisted Lindsay Women’s Flats with Ankle Strap | Cutout Flats for Women

This ankle strap shoe is another great choice of shoe to choose from. If you love flats, then you should go for it. It can be worn smoothly and highly suitable for women with the inverted triangle body shape.

It is about $9.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Agape POST-35 Platform Chunky Heel Sandal

This red shoe is another great chunky sandal that will help balance your lower body to the upper. It is a slingback sandal that has an easily adjustable side buckle. The heel is about 3.5 inch high and it has a cushioned insole.

It is about $34.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Herstyle Carita Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Platform Wedge Sandals

Top of Form

This is a lightweight shoe that helps to boost your height and complement your legs. It is lightweight and has a cushioned insole for support and comfort. This is another great shoe for women with inverted triangle body shape.

It is about $12.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

MERUMOTE Women’s High Heels Platform Shoes Peep Toe Slingbacks Pumps

If you have an inverted triangle body shape and love heels, then this is a great choice for you. It has a sexy peep toe and elastic sling backs that gives it an overall classy look. The heel is 5.9 inch and you must be able to strut comfortably in heels to try these shoes on. It comes in various bright colors and you can choose one that will match your dressing.

It is about $49.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Women’s Closed Toe Ballet Flats

It is about $6.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Huiyuzhi Womens Lace Up High Heeled Sandals Chunky Block Ankle Strap Pumps

This chunky strap sandals only comes in red color. It is high and measures about 3 inches. It is a lace up crisscross block heel sandal that will complement slim legs. This heel is suitable for work, party, club, casual, and more occasions.

It is about $29.98. You can purchase it here on Amazon.


In summary, it does not matter whether you have an inverted triangle body shape or not, what matters is your comfort. Always ensure you are comfortable in any type of shoes you decide to wear. You can try them on first and decide for yourself.

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