Four Ways to Control Outgoing Email in Outlook

4 Ways to Control Outgoing Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is considered the primary choice for email service in many industries. Its popularity is attributed to its security, ease of use and to its integration with multiple business platforms.These benefits make it an undisputable choice.

It’s always good to have extra tools like Outlook that helps us in making life easier to handle emails, because we all know how much emails can complicate things for us.It needs to be read and re-read before you proceed.
Try to imagine you’re sending an important email to your partner about making a big business decision where it’s crucial that nothing goes wrong with the details, but alas! You make such foolish mistakes in your message that despite all of your efforts, you cannot salvage it since Outlook decided to strike! Sending an unverified email could prove to be a big misstep when working on the job, and in rare cases, it could even spell disaster.

There are hundreds of reasons why someone might not send an email immediately, many of which arise while they’re constructing their message in the first place or as they’re choosing who specifically should get to see its contents.

  • When sending emails especially to someone you disagree with or someone important, it’s a good idea to think twice before pressing the send button. To avoid last-minute mistakes (it happens to us all), make sure you take some time first to proofread it and make sure that everything was done perfectly.
  • When communicating through emails, it’s possible that you’ll miss some details from the previous conversation. When asking questions and replying to people, it’s best to reply to your own emails instead of forwarding or copying the same message to a different person. That way, you’ll ensure continuity when you’re pursing discussions with important people.
  • As emotions run high, people tend to say things they might not necessarily mean or have fully processed. It is important not to react but instead allow time to let the words soak in. If you need some time apart for you both to get perspective on your respective positions you may find that the conversation is far more productive when you get back together.

Send Outgoing Emails in Outlook

In this article, I will describe several ways in which you can employ the power of your email to be more effective. First, let’s discuss setting up a delay for outgoing emails. I have listed  Four of them below.

  1. To begin, you’re going to want to click on the “File” tab located along the top of your screen. From there, you’ll then want to go down to “Options”. From there, use the drop down menu and select the “Send/Receive” option. Once in that window, you’ll want to make sure those three boxes are unchecked: “Automatically repond when people receive a new message from me”, “Automatically send a follow-up reply when someone responds to me”, and “Send emails immediately”.
  2. Instant delivery of emails is a terrific feature for your workplace. However, it can be troublesome when you are sending important emails and need to review them before reaching their destination. Delay outgoing email in Outlook may help if quick delivery is not your priority. Let’s configure Outbox Delivery Delay so that you can simultaneously review all the messages before they get sent.

  3. If delaying all emails/messages isn’t your thing, try delaying just a select few. Set specific times throughout the week to send emails. Perhaps once at the beginning, once at the middle and once at the end of each day. You can also delay once or twice at random intervals during the week with your clerkship or reminders about test schedules etc 
  4. Outlook provides you with a nice little option when you exit out of your Outbox. You’ll notice that in addition to the “send” button, the “send later” button can also be accessed just below it. What this option does is ask if you want to send the message at a later time once you open Outlook again. The choice is yours!Do you want to read more about Marketing? read here

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