5 Best Article Rewriter Apps to Make your Content Unique on Mobile

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Are you looking for the best application to rewrite your article and make it unique from the first one?

There are hundreds of applications that are launched till now, and people are getting benefits from them.

But a question that arises in the mind of readers is that “Is it right to rephrase someone’s article in your words?”.

Rewriting is legal as you are using your text in writing any content. The only thing you are taking from others is their ideas.

After that, you are rewriting it and applying your efforts to make it different from the author’s content.

But what if you are short of time? You have to rephrase the content in less time, and you don’t even have your laptop with you.

Yes, you are thinking right. You can use a rewriting application on your mobile phone and make your task easy and accurate.

How applications are different from online tools

Rewriter applications are not different from online paraphrasing tools, as both have the same work. However, these applications help to make your task easy.

If a person has no laptop, these applications can be helpful there to help him in redrafting the content.

Best 5 article rewriting applications

There are so many mobile applications launched for rewriting, and it is difficult for a user to select the best of them.

Here we will provide you a list of the best rewriting tools that can be helpful for the users to make their content unique.

  • Article rewriter by prepostseo
  • Article rewriter by SIYP
  • Spin writer GOLD
  • Spinner text by developer inb
  • Article rewriter by Brox Team

These are the best article rewriter applications that can give you a swift response and make your content unique.

Let’s dive deep and discuss the features of these applications that place them on top of the list.

  1. Article rewriter by prepostseo


It is one of the best applications compatible with every phone and can workflow fast.

Users can enjoy all the features of this application for free and make their content unique on their mobile phones.

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Let’s talk about the features of this application that place it on the top of the table.

  • Advanced algorithm

The algorithm used in this application works at an advanced level and reads every line in a given document.

After that, it rewrites the content and makes all possible changes that can help to make it different.

  • Upload documents

It can be difficult for a user to copy text from mobile folders and paste it into an application.

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So, one can upload files straight away in the box, and it will directly make changes in it to make it unique.

  • Download reports

After using this application and getting results, it allows the users to download their reports.

This can be easy for all users instead of copying new data and pasting it in other applications to make a file.

  • Free to use

Users can get all the basic and advanced features of this rewriter application are free.

There are no charges to use this tool, and all of you can get your results free without any delay.

  1. Article rewriter by SIYP


It is another free article rewriter application that makes the content 100% unique and understanding.

This application changes the word synonyms and makes them different from the original one without changing the central theme.

Let me tell you the advanced features of this tool that help stand in the list of best tool applications.

  • Multiple modes

This mobile application provides multiple modes to the user. One can change the lines according to need.

Users can make standard changes in it by just changing some words in it. Moreover, in advanced features, it can provide creative content to the user.

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  • Multitasking 

Users can upload more than one file at a time. This tool will maintain its speed and rewrite all the articles instantly.

So, one can take multitasks from it and make his workflow more efficient.

  • Plagiarism free content

If someone is rewriting the content, he will ultimately demand unique lines with no plagiarism in them.

This tool will provide users with zero plagiarism and make their content different from the original one.

  • Safe to use

Privacy of users is a priority of this mobile application. So, a user should feel secure while using this application.

It keeps data secure and doesn’t share it with any other party. Even it doesn’t save data in its database that make it more reliable.

  1. Spin rewriter GOLD

Spin writer GOLD application provides full opportunity to users to take advantage of its ENL semantic technology.

This tool spins a writer’s data and uses advanced expertise to differentiate it from an older one.

Here we will discuss the top features of these applications and tell the users what makes this tool stay at the top of the list.

  • Simple interphase

A user always looks for such interphase that is catchy and easy to understand. This application provides easy interphase to its users.

One can use this tool without any difficulty and get his required tasks.

  • Fast and accurate

There is no need to wait for getting results as the working of this tool is very fast, and users can get unique content in no time. 

Provided results are accurate, and one can use them anywhere and get good ratings on them.

  • Different confidence levels

Users can change words at different levels as it provides low, medium, and high confidence levels.

One can change lines according to this scale and make his content more attractive.

  1. Spinner text by developer inb 

The main thing about this tool is that it provides a result that can help get good rankings on google.

One can generate competitive content from this tool and publish it anywhere as the provided result will have no issue.

The top features of this application are

  • SEO-friendly results

This tool provides unique and understandable content that makes it SEO-friendly and helps get rankings on google.

Users can make their content exclusive by using this tool and getting different results from the original text.

  • Easy to learn

One can understand this tool quickly and get to know how to receive instant results from this application.

Interphase of this tool is very easy to learn, and anyone can rewrite his content using this tool.

  • Support word docs and PDF files

If a person wants to rewrite his article without copying text, he can also do it. This application provides a facility to users.

One can directly upload documents there and get unique content in a short time.

  1. Article rewriter by Brox team

This rewriting tool is full of features, and users can enjoy this tool’s safety and accuracy.

The only thing that brings it below is that it’s a paid application. So, users have to buy all of its features.

Let’s talk about the top features of this tool that rank it among the best tools.

  • Fast suggestions

It provides fast and accurate suggestions to the users to make their workflow fast and efficient.

One can get numerous ideas on a single line and change them according to requirements.

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  • Work offline

After paying money, the user has the right to get some extra feature that is not provided by every tool.

So, this tool provides an extra trait to its users that they can use it offline. So, even if you don’t have the internet on your mobile phone, you can take results from this application.

  • Up to 30000 characters in a single frame

It is a considerable attribute that makes the user’s task more manageable. One can upload up to 30000 characters in a single frame and get instant results.

  • Underline changes in different colors

Users can see the changes made in their text. This rewriter changes the color of the new text.

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Final lines

Other than online article rewriters, these applications are straightforward to use and can make your task more convenient.

The applications mentioned above are the best rewriter for mobile. You can make your plan smoother and more manageable.

Try these tools once on your mobile devices, and you will never have to go on any other website for rewriting the content.

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