5 Most Rewarding Online Schools for Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Learning should not be limited to the confines of a school building. Children should be able to learn in the comfort of their home. Since learning is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life, it should not have to stop because they are unable to go to school. There has to be a virtual learning where educators and students can communicate irrespective of how far apart they are.

The Covid-19 pandemic introduced online learning methods to students. Since school were closed down everywhere, students could not go to school for any purpose. There should be no reason why students in either secondary or primary schools should be restricted from learning. To make sure your ward education does not stop learning because of certain restrictions, this post is going to mention the 5 rewarding online schools for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

5 most rewarding online schools for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria

There are lots of online education website in Nigeria available for students to learn. It might be confusing to choose one that will satisfy the needs of your child. This is due to the fact that you need to ensure your child is getting the best education from capable tutors online. We have decided to mention the top 5 rewarding online schools in Nigeria for your kids. These schools offer great services and have capable teachers that will help your children learn in their capacity. When you choose any of them, you can be certain your child will be up to date with the curriculum.


Gradely is an online educational website for both primary and secondary school students in Nigeria. They offer tutorials to thousands of Nigerian parents from anywhere in the country. There is also availability of free access to resources to support students from home. They also offer a month free live tutoring for students that are lagging behind academically.

Gradely offers services to all secondary school students and then students from primary 4 to 6. The site uses artificial intelligence to analyze the strength and weaknesses of your child academically and then recommend tutoring, questions, and videos based on that. It is by far one of the most rewarding online schools in Nigeria at the moment. To register your child, you can visit Gradely.ng.


This is one of the biggest tutorial website in Nigeria with millions of users. It is available for you irrespective of which part of Nigeria you are. They have thousands of tutors whom specialize in different subjects. Superprof is a website mainly for secondary school students in Nigeria. You can get access to a tutor of your choice to assist your child in learning. They can help improve their grades, teach them foreign languages and even practice musical skills.

What you have to do to get started is to visit the official website, Superprof.ng, Then you can use their search engine to seek for any tutor in your area. Then you can choose the type of learning you want. It can either be an online or offline learning. The  site lets you select services according to your budget range.


This is another rewarding online schools for secondary schools in Nigeria. They provide solutions for schools to be able to get in touch with their students anywhere in Nigeria. Flexisaf provides remote learning for students. They also have various tools that allow students and teachers to share notes, schedule, and conduct classes even though they are miles apart. There are also available tools to write quizzes and conduct tests to be able to test performance of each students.

To get started, all you have to do is register at Flexisaf.com. Once you do this, your child will have access to various online learning materials. Then they will also be able to collaborate and hold live classes.


This is also another online school for your children. It is quite famous in Nigeria and being used by millions of parents. Tuteria connects parents with professionals tutors that will impact knowledge to their children the right way. Their tutors are experienced, screened and professionals. They offer subjects to students in almost all subjects. In addition to educational, you children can learn other life and music skills on this website. With Tuteria, your children can improve their performances and get help in their assignments. As a parent, you can set a tutoring goal for your child and you get paired with the tutor that can help you achieve that goal much faster. You can visit their official, website Tuteria.com for more information.


FlexTutor is an online learning tutor for students in Nigeria. Any students can sign up and get direct access to videos, exams, textbooks, past questions, and assignments. This site is built for all students as it is useful to primary, secondary, and tertiary students. Furthermore, FlexTutor has an application that consist 3000 textbooks, video animations and lessons, self-assessment tests, and past questions/answers.

You can register by going to their website FlexTutor.net. With this platform, your students can study smartly and succeed.


In summary, this post mentioned some of the most rewarding online schools for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. Rather than letting your child stay at home doing nothing, you can register them on any of this platform to keep learning from home. Online learning is the only and best alternative for children. It keeps them engaged and introduces new knowledge to them.

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