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6 Golden Rules of Achieving your Goals

6 Golden Rules of Achieving your Goals
Written by Abaraham Cherian

Goals are an intricate part of our existence, every one of us want to achieve something, big or small, short or long term. We all dream to accomplish every bit of our goals smoothly and effectively but only a few of us ever make it to the finish line.

Achieving every goal determines understanding the rules of success;it is never easy to achieve goals at all, but we need to because we have an unquenchable thirst for better things.

Therefore, understanding this rudiments are extremely important, Why, Because our problems with accomplishing our goals are  having the right understanding of the right approach, therefore we are going to discuss this approach towards achieving your goals.

Six Golden Rules of Achieving your goals

1.Set Goals that make you Motivated

Every goal you set in life should instantly motivate you, that means they should be important to you so much that you have complete interest in the outcome. Having the right motivation will make you climb through hurdles, walk through walls to achieve that goal. Set goals that have high priorities to you because achieving goals require complete commitment, it determines a sense of urgency that will ensure you keep the drive towards making it a success.

2. Make SMART Goals

The term “smart” goals means  so much that if places appropriately in your game plan, every goal will be success. SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound

Specific Goal

Every simple goal should have clarity, it should be completely defined and explainable to every eye. Making generalized goals give room for failure as well as make no direction. Make every goal stand out in a very concise and precise manner so you know exactly where it ends up.

Measurable Goal

Every goal should be measured, include precise amounts,dates and everything measured. For instance, if you wish to make more savings, you can decide to reduce your expenses, to do so, you can decide to measure out this reduction. Let’s say, you decide to make a 2% reduction of expenses in a months time, plan towards this. Then, next month, plan towards making another 2 reduction until you have achieved a perfect savings habit and record.

Attainable Goals

Let every goal be completely possible, never make unrealistic rules. There is never any hope of achieving such, so do not set yourself up for heartbreak. Instead if you do have a big dream, start with small and little goals and one day that feat will be achievable.

Relevant Goals

Every goal should be attuned to your life and career, it should define who you are. Making such goals ensures you stay on track, keep focus and stay determined towards sing its end. Never set inconsistent goals that do not add even a bit to your overall image.

Time Bound Goals

Your goals should be set to a specific timeline, it must have a deadline. This is extremely important. Never make generalized goals that have to true definition as well as deadline. This increases your tendencies to let fear cloud your judgement as well as procrastinate. Making goals that have a deadline increase your determination and makes you eager to see the future in little time.

4. Make a Structured Plan

Every goal should be outlined, in steps towards the possible outcome. By writing each goal in steps, you can tick off every approach made towards is accomplishment. This rule should be take seriously especially for long term goals that are every demanding. Never make such goals with a vague concept that exists in the deep recesses of your mind. Outline them concretely so it remains your focal point.

5. Incorporate technological apps

This is my personal rule, the big question behind this rule is: if you own a smartphone or tablet or laptop, review your applications, and ask yourself, how many are dedicated to making me achieve my goals?

More specifically, how many are:

  • Business apps
  • Expense tracking apps’
  • Educational apps
  • and so on.

We often have more movies, game centers and music box than great utility applications. set to making remedy this fact.

6. Stick with Goal Oriented Peer groups

We often undermine the power of peer groups,Well, it is important that your immediate friends are built and designed in the way you are. This is an important  rule as a student, Business person and any other aspect of life. You need a team to function because as humans , we are ultimately social being and so if your personal team doesn’t understand the importance of achieving set of individual goals, you should seek towards achieving that as your first set of goals.

6. Adhere to your Goals

it is highly important that you understand that setting your goals goes beyond creating it and righting it down. To begin your goals, simply get on with it. One way to ensure that every time allotted for every goal should begin with a timer, this ensures there is no time for lapses as will as helps you keep a review on each goal accomplished.

Every goal is important to your existence, it defines your belief, your culture and your everything. Make sure you enjoy every moment as well as celebrate every success.

For more help and information, do place a comment below, lets talk about it.  If you are interested in reading Effects of social media feel free go here  , Image source

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