7 Best Underwater Metal Detector Under 200

One of the most fun and exciting experience is going metal detecting underwater. If you want to do this, the first thing you need to do is get an underwater metal detector. There are lots of treasures underwater waiting to be discovered. You might just be the one to uncover the next big thing. You can get either a VLF or pulse induction metal detector.

When going metal detecting underwater, you need to get a detector that can be submerged underwater. Anything other than that will damage the metal detector. This is because detectors usually have a circuit that will function terribly when exposed to water.  Even after getting one that can be submerged, you need to know its capacity. This means how deep it can go underwater. Even though there are hundreds of waterproof metal detectors, they do not have the same capabilities.

If you are going to be hunting deep in wet sand, then you might consider a pulse induction water detector. However, if you will be hunting in shallow water, VLF is the best choice for you. Since there are lots of underwater metal detectors, we have simplified that problem and chosen the 7 best ones at the moment judging from reviews and ratings.

7 Best underwater metal detector under 200

Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett All Terrain Pro is the best choice for you if you are looking to go treasure hunting on the beach. It is an all-purpose detector that can be used on the land and underwater. While using it underwater, it can be submerged to a depth of 10 feet. With this device, you can hunt for metallic items like relics, coins, and even gold nuggets.

The AT Pro is a VLF detector and has a frequency of 15 kHz. It is built with a submersible coil of 8.5 X 11” PROformance DD.  Even if a treasure is hidden deep underneath the ocean floor, the AT Pro will find it. In addition to that, it also has a pinpointer that will locate the exact location of your targets. You do not need to dig aimlessly to locate it. This detector also comes with a manual ground balance feature that will filter out noises from false signals in mineralized water.  With it, you will not waste time chasing junks.

Some of its other features ate audio feedback, notch discrimination, target depth indicator, custom search modes, and electronic pinpointer. The pinpointer is orange in color and you can use it to point out the precise location of objects. The detector is lightweight weighing about 3.03lbs, so it is easy to carry around. However, one setback the AT Pro has is that its headphones are not completely waterproof and it is not a pulse induction detector.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher CZ21-8 Metal detector

The Garrett and Fisher are the two top competitors in metal detecting. Fisher CZ21-8 is a detector that can be submerged to a depth of 250 feet. What this means is that you can use this detector to find anything in the ocean. If you are a beginner and you want to try your hands on finding treasure underwater, then this might be what you need. It is very easy to control and makes metal detectable easily.

It is built with audio that will help you to find any signal in the water. You can use it either for freshwater or saltwater. This detector has seven different discriminations which can be used to look for different metals underwater. It is possible to choose an all-metal mode which will look further and deeper fro metals.  The no discrimination feature is also present and it also has a pinpointer button. It is a Pulse Induction detector with a frequency of 5 to 15 kHz. Although it is a great detector, it is not easy to carry around weighing about 5.3lbs.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett Sea Hunter MKII

Another top pick is another Garrett detector. The Sea Hunter MKII is a pulse induction detector which can be used for diving. It can be submerged underwater to a depth of 200 feet and it also comes with submersible headphones. So, you can always listen to signals even while underwater. This device is highly sensitive.

One of the features it has over other detectors is that its Discrete Trash Elimination feature. What this simply means is that it eliminates junks. The Sea Hunter detects valuable targets and helps users by getting rid of the extra time they use digging for trash. Some of its other features include search mode, audio threshold, and so on. It can serve diving purposes and hunt for jewels on the beach. However, the drawback is that it has no pinpointer and this will make it more difficult to get the precise location of objects.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Tesoro Sand Shark

This is also one of the best underwater metal detectors. Just like the Sea Hunter MkII, it can be submerged underwater in a depth of up to 200 feet. The Tesoro Sand Shark is a pulse induction metal detector. It will work perfectly well in saltwater and wet sand environment. It comes with a pretty decent battery and a compartment where you can keep a backup battery.

Unlike other metal detectors, the Tesoro Sand Shark has a dial for depth which is not usually found in pulse induction metals. This means that the pulse width can be adjusted and you can change the depths by 50%. Some of its other features are audio frequency, and 2 operating modes. It is a very sensitive metal detector and can be used in beaches or while diving.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut Metal Detector

This is a VLF metal detector from Fisher. It operates at a depth of 250 feet because of its 2.4 frequency. One great thing about it is that it can last for up to 75 hours once it is fully charged. You can use it to hunt for treasures underwater (freshwater and saltwater) for a really long time.

Some of its other features ate belt mount, sensitivity adjustment, and waterproof headphones. However, one set back is that it will get may signal interference. Because of the mineralization in salty water, you tend to get lots of false signals. This problem can however be controlled with its ground balance (manual), and trash discrimination mode.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett ATX Metal detector

This is a pulse induction metal detector that can work perfectly well in saltwater. It is designed with great functionality. It is sensitive and can detect tiny targets due to its search coil that is 10” X 12”. The ATX detector also has a LED screen that displays the detector settings and the signal of your target.

The ATX has various features such as volume adjustments, auto function, iron check feature, discrimination, and so on. It is powered by 8 AA batteries. You can only submerge it into water up to 10 feet. If you are going diving, this is not the right device for you. Finally, it is not easy to carry around weighing about 5.5 pounds.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

White Surfmaster DF

Lastly, we have the White Surfmaster metal detector. It is a good choice to use when diving. It can be submerged into water for up to 100 feet. White Surfmaster is easy to use because it will not sink or float in water. Its search coil is about 12 inches which makes it a good choice for hinting gold and any other metal.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.


In summary, metal hunting underwater can be highly rewarding and fun. The most important thing is that you are equipped with the right equipment. Before you take your detector hunting underwater, you have to read the manuals thoroughly. Some of the things you should also consider are whether you are hunting in saltwater or freshwater.

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