8 Uses of Information Technology

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Here, you will find 8 powerful uses of information technology in various fields like in business, e-commerce, education and in our daily lives… Information Technology comprises of a collection of systematized computer-based tools which are used to achieve the information, data analysis and data processing aspects of any firm or individual.

uses of information technology in business
Some of the information technology tools include laptop and desktop computers, a different array of software, servers routers, modems, etc.

It is very glaring that the advent of information technology has brought massive changes to the lives of many. Yes! This is quite true. Imagine what would happen if internet services suddenly stop to work. This would be quite devastating. So many people would be rendered jobless while many companies would be very frustrated. In fact, everything would be in a standstill.
This is not only applicable to the companies but also the individuals, small and large scale businesses, churches, patients, hospitals, and every section that you could think of. Information technology is important in virtually all aspects of our lives. Everyone now uses information technology to make things easier.

This highlights the massive importance of the information technological advancements in the world.

Today, the world is a global community and everything can be achieved with just a simple click. People can now run their businesses from their bedroom, buying and selling, research, fashion, businesses can easily store, retrieve and organize their customers’ data, in fact, the list is endless.

The world is now a home of massive possibility due to the gradual expansion and increased coverage of information and communication technology.

Uses of Information Technology – In Various Fields.

In this post, we shall highlight the major uses of information technology in diverse areas of the society such as education, business, entertainment, politics, medicine, etc.

Flexible working condition.

Working with computer
The advent of information technology has created a more flexible working experience for people that work with computers and data. For instance, remote access to computers can allow people to retrieve and use computers even when they are far away from it. This has a massive effect on improving productivity and efficiency. People can work even when they are not in their office. Work is now very mobile and efficiency is increased.

Job creation.

Without being hyperbolic, information and communication technology currently ranks as the area with the highest number of available job opportunities and it employs the highest number of workforce.

Anyone with the required skill can simply hop in and start gaining his own share of the ever-increasing information technology market. There are millions of opportunities for computer programmers, website designers, system analysts and testers, software and hardware developers, bloggers, online freelancers, graphics designers, etc. This is actually the major uses of information technology. Virtually every organization now needs the services of skilled information and technology experts.

Info-Tech in education.

Information technology has revolutionized the education sector. Today, many schools and colleges have adopted the electronics method of learning. Learning has now been made easy and schools, colleges and universities have adopted modern information gadgets in delivering their lectures. Indeed one of the major uses of information technology is that learning has been made easy. The e-learning, online classes and distant internet schooling has helped to reduce the stress and has made education more accessible. The internet has assisted so many students and researchers in their research work by providing massive research materials and data. Assignments, projects and every other academic work can now be done with ease due to the information technological advancement.

Infotech in the health sector.

The computer is very important in the health sector. It has assisted massively in the improvement of health care for patients all over the world. The health information system has now helped hospitals to store, process and retrieve the data of patients and staff. This has assisted in the provision of effective health care.

Now, there is no need for patients to queue up in the Hospital in order to fill manual forms for their health history rather, their data can now be accessed and retrieved with just a simple click.

In addition to this, patients all over the world now have access to telemedical services and virtual health care applications on the internet. They can contact and chat with doctors online and the doctor can give them the needed medical advice.


This is another major use of information technology. The world has been made small. Everything can now be achieved in a blink via the internet. The speed of communication is very high and the barriers of distance have been defeated. People can now interact with friends and colleagues. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms provide the avenue for people to meet and make friends online and take people of different races and colour closer to each other.

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Positive economic impact.

use of technology in business

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Another use of information technology is that it has assisted in boosting the economy. Businesses are more efficient, the globalization has made buying and selling easy. Companies can now connect with their customers at various places across the world. They can link up and share ideas with their contemporaries. Virtually every business is now on the internet and they have access to a larger market with more potential customers.

Information technology has also boosted the world’s foreign exchange. Forex business has so much been aided by the internet and this resulted in a massive positive impact in the economy.

Ease in News broadcasting.

Journalism has been revolutionized the methods of news and communication. The CNN, BBC would not have become a household name without the advent of information technology. Today, the internet has aided in improving the speed of information and news release. News stories can now be broadcast worldwide within seconds. The efficiency, the speed and workability in journalism have been boosted by information and technology.

A boost in entertainment.

Here’s one of the uses of information technology. Availability of internet, laptops, smartphones and several other mobile devices have provided room for people to gain access to the world of entertainment. Music audios and music videos can now be accessed easily via the internet. In fact, musical audio and videos are now displayed first on the internet.

Downloading of these Musical files are very simple. This is also applicable in other entertainment areas like movies, TV reality shows and games which can easily be accessed, viewed and downloaded from the internet.

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