9 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Video Converter

Video converter is a transcoding application that can change the file format, resolutions, bit rate, frame rate, and colour space. There are a decoder and encoder in every video converter app. The decoder will decrypt the original videos while the encoder will encode the released data into a destination format. During the conversion process, some data may become loss which results in the reduction of the video size. The small amount of data loss is usually not noticeable by human eyes. The following are 9 questions to ask when you are shopping for a video converter. 

What Formats does Converter support?

Before downloading a video converter, check if it supports conversion to the format that you want to convert your video file. Most converters will let you convert to MP4. Even better if you can find a converter that let you output to MP4 for different types of devices such as Android, iOS and PC. In Movavi Video Converter, it will organize the formats under the brand name of the mobile phone such as Samsung, Sony, Windows Phone, and iPhone. These mobile presets prevents you from having to manually set the resolution and aspect ratio for your mobile phone. You also don’t have to worry about the output quality as the mobile preset formats are optimized for viewing in good quality on the mobile phone.

Can the Converter Open Your Video Format?

Aside from the output, you should consider the input formats that it can recognize. For example, if you want to convert VOB to MP4, make sure the software can open VOB videos. You can often find this information on the product page.

What Types of Codecs Does the Converter Support?

In addition, you should identify what types of codecs the software supports. If you want to output your video to HD, you will need a converter that supports the H.264 codec. H.264 is a lossless codec and video converted with this codec will have good quality. The downside of H.264 is that the converted video file will take up a large amount of hard disk space. Another lossless codec is HEVC. HEVC is better than H.265 because it takes lesser bandwidth to upload and can compress the video file to a smaller size. The converter may also support other types of lossy codecs like DivX, and MPEG4.

Does the Converter Allows Batch Conversion?

If you have a lot of files to convert, choose a converter program that let you convert the videos in batches. This feature is useful if you want to convert the video into a single video format. It will prevent you from having to spend time to open one video file at a time to convert it.

Does the Converter Support Automatic File Renaming?

The software should have the ability to automatically rename the video files it converts. It should give you several options such as overwrite existing files, rename files alongside with the original files in the same folder, or save the renamed files into a new folder. Most video converter software automatically will open the destination folder when the conversion is completed.

Does the Converter Have a Built-in Video Editor?

You should look for a converter that can give you the ability to make basic edits to fix some flaws in the video. For example, the built-in tool should incorporate a trimming tool for trimming unnecessary footage. The trimming tool is also useful for extracting a certain part of the video that is useful to post on the social networking site. It should also give you access to other editing tools like rotate, crop, and adjustments. Most of the editing tools are easy to use for example dragging a slider to adjust the saturation/contrast, sharpness, and etc.

Does the Converter Supports Acceleration Technology?

The speed of the conversion is another thing to consider when selecting a video converter. To have a fast conversion, you should select a video converter that is equipped with an acceleration technology. Even a difference of a few seconds’ counts in helping you saving time, especially when you need to convert a large batch of video files.

Does It Have a Friendly User Interface?

The software should have a user-friendly interface so that you can guess where to find the feature you need. Ideally, it should have a large drag and drop surface that allows you to conveniently drop your files and folders. The buttons should be large so that you can easily find the button you need.

Does the Converter Provides Trial?

A quality video converter will give you some time to try the software and see if it fits your need. You can download the trial version at the official site to see what the program actually look like. You can make the decision to buy it if you like the software after trying it.

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