Wise registry cleaner windows 10 free download

We are sharing in this post, the Wise registry cleaner for windows 10. So, if your computer has been running sluggishly and you have been thinking of what to do to restore its speed, then you can use Wise free software to improve its performance. Wise Registry Cleaner has both free and Pro versions. But the Free Registry Cleaner will optimize, clean registry junks, repair Windows errors, and make sure your PC performs at its peak installed capacity. Besides you need to remove residual registry entries that are created automatically each time you install new software. As time ticks away the Windows registry will have obsolete invalid data that accumulates and slows it down, hindering your computer performance and causing other problems. The Wise Registry Cleaner user interface is a simple but beautiful user interface, so anyone can use it to clean their Windows registry periodically.

Wise registry cleaner for windows 10

And if you use the Wise Registry Cleaner, it will first back up the registry it is about to remove automatically, and then removes it. This will enable you to restore the registry to its former state if a program fails to work well after cleaning. Wise Registry Cleaner not only updates your windows registry automatically, but you can also do it personally. In addition, it optimizes all items including your solid-state drive (SSD). Furthermore, the Wise registry cleaner not only works for Windows 10, but it is also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 for both the 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Now that we have discovered how important a registry cleaner is, allow me to show the steps you need to take to get the Wise registry cleaner for windows 10 right away.

Wise registry cleaner windows 10 free download

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Steps you need to take to get the Wise registry cleaner for windows 10

  1. Go to the Wise cleaner website at https://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  2. And click on Free Download beside the Wise registry cleaner. (Also you have the portable version)
  3. With that action, the Binary File for Windows operating system will show up on your screen.
  4. So click on Save File to save it on your Download folder
  5. So, now you have the download of the Wise registry software
  6. After downloading software the next thing is to run it and start using it.
  7. Just double-click on the file you have saved on your computer to start the installation process.
  8. And allow the software to run and follow on the screen instructions if any.
  9. And you can use the free copy of the software.
  10. That is how to download Wise registry cleaner for windows 10
  11. Start using software and upgrade to the premium version any time to enjoy the 60-day money-back Guarantee.

Features of Wise Registry Software

  • it has a Multi-user Cleaning system  (Pro version)
  • Use software to Fix Registry Problems and Boost Your PC Performance
  • And it comes with a practical Backup and Restores Feature
  • You can schedule Automatic Registry Cleaning
  • The system Tune-up Optimizes System Settings for Better Performance
  • Advanced Users can customize the Cleanup Options.


In the article, we explored how to get the Wise registry cleaner for windows 10. It is easy. All you need to do is visit the Wise cleaner website and head for the download section and then search for the Wise registry cleaner among the list of products. And click on Free download and the software will show up on your screen. Next, you have to save it and run it to start using it to clean and keep your registry in top shape.


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