AbiWord Download (Free) for Windows and Mac

AbiWord Download (feature)
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AbiWord is a software that was developed by a group of individuals all over the world to handle several word processing tasks. It is possible to download AbiWord without paying a dime. This software can be used for various word processing projects ranging from personal to work. In addition to this, AbiWord can run on several operating systems like Windows or Mac. This is one of the reasons it has lots of users all over the world.

It is a component of an open-source project which is called AbiSource. The project’s main aim is to develop a cross-platform office suite. AbiWord delivers almost the same features as Microsoft Word.

Features of AbiWord

Some of the features this application has are:

  • Document Layout Options (Advanced)
  • Mail Merge
  • Multi-platform
  • Extensible Plug-in System
  • Interoperability
  • Internalization

Benefits of Free AbiWord Download

AbiWord is a very unique tool that can run effectively on any operating system. It is a word processing program in which you can work on Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris, QNX, or FreeBSD without spending much time on porting. Once it runs on a particular operating system, it makes use of the system functionalities. In addition to this, it can handle any type of document and can be used to create HTML web pages and Rich Text Format documents. This enables the software to allow collaboration among team members.

Furthermore, it can be used in creating professional-looking and customized layouts. When you get AbiWord download free, it makes it easier to customize your documents by adding tables, footnotes, bullets, and other styles. This makes your document better to look at. It also has multilingual support which means that the software is capable of supporting multiple languages. You can check your documents or text using international dictionaries as this software also has a built-in spell checker.

Finally, you can create several form letters without any hassle due to its mail merge capabilities. It is also possible to import documents, images, and summarize texts with its plug-ins.

System Requirements of AbiWord

Before the successful installation of any software on your system, there are certain conditions your system needs to meet. In order to be able to use AbiWord after installing, make sure your system has the following requirements;


  • Windows 95b or better
  • RAM of 16MB
  • 486dx


  • Version 10.2 or later
  • 16MB of RAM
  • G3 or any better processor

Free AbiWord Download (Steps Required)

If you are reading this, then you want to get AbiWord download for free. In order to successfully achieve that, follow the steps below;

  1. The first thing to do is to click on this download link
  2. Right-click on “INSTALL”. After this, you will see your file downloading on the left side of your screen. It might take a few minutes before it finishes downloading.
  3. Once the downloading completes, click twice on it and open
  4. You can now install it on your system.
  5. After the installation completes, it should open automatically. However, if it does not, you can go to your download folder.
  6. Now that you have successfully installed your word processor, you can start creating documents.

AbiWord Pricing and Plans

One great thing about AbiWord is that you can download it for free. It can be used for business or personal reasons and its without paying a dime. You will be able to create, edit, and customize your documents with this powerful tool.


Finally, if you follow the steps above, then you should be able to get your AbiWord download for free. It is one of the best processors out there with wonderful features.  It is good for small/medium businesses, large enterprises, and also freelancers.

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