Access Bank Transfer Code to other banks

Access Bank Transfer Code On Mobile Phone – How to use

The Access Bank Transfer Code to other banks enables you to transfer your money from a customer in Access Bank or to another bank easily with a mobile phone. In this post, we will show you the various ways on how to transfer money from Access Bank to other banks in Nigeria including the money transfer code for Access BankAccess Bank

No longer do you need to visit your bank to perform all your banking transactions such as to transfer money from Access Bank to other banks. You can now do so at the comfort of your home. You don’t also need to visit the ATM and suffer both weather conditions and other environmental conditions each time you need to make any transactions on your account like trying to transfer money.

A lot of banks in Nigeria now offer different avenues and ways to do all your banking transactions with much ease and convenience.

Access Bank is not left out. You can now transfer and receive money to your bank and to other banks from your Access Bank account at your own comfort.

Do you wish to learn how to use the Access Bank transfer code? Do read on. I will show you different ways in which you can send money from Access bank to other banks without leaving your house or office.

This new convenient way of transferring money to other banks and even to your own bank is by using the USSD code (*901# service).

Access Bank transfer code

Access Bank Transfer Code (This is how to get started).

You will require only but a mobile phone (internet is not necessary) that is linked to your  Access bank account.

  • On your mobile phone (the phone registered to the account), dial *901#
  • A prompt will appear on your screen, select 8 (Next)
  • Then select 5 which simply means to Create Pin
  • Enter the last four digits of your Access bank ATM card (the numbers on the top of your card)
  • Enter your desired code (preferably a six digit code)
  • It’s straightforward, isn’t it?

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Transferring funds using the Access Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *901#  on your phone
  • Select 2 (transfer Funds)
  • Select 1 to transfer to another access bank or 2 to transfer to other banks
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter the account number and Send.

Or more directly:

  1. To transfer to another Access Bank account: Dial *901*1*Amount*Nuban number#
  2. To transfer to other banks: Dial *901*2* Amount* Nuban account number#

Note: Access Bank transfer limit of sending money through this method is N20,000 and the charge on transferring to other bank accounts is N84.

Other things you can do with your Access bank USSD Code service

  • You can buy airtime with ease
  • Balance Inquiry is so much easier
  • You can even open an account with this service
  • its all very easy, Just dial *901# and follow the instructions on your screen

Other ways to send money from your Access bank account to other banks

There are other ways you can use to send money to other banks from your bank account aside from the Access Bank transfer code. The difference is that it requires the use of the internet.

  • By Access Bank Mobile app

Access bank mobile app

You can transfer money from your Access Bank account through the Access Bank mobile app. All you need do is download and install it from your mobile app store and start using. The link above will help you learn more about the Access Bank Mobile App.

  • By Using Access bank Internet Platform

You can also use the Access bank internet platform to send and receive money to your bank and to other bank accounts. All you need do is to visit their website to get started.

Banking has become much easier, why not seize these opportunity to increase your banking experience positively by starting to transfer money from Access Bank account that you owned today. You may also want to learn more about internet banking platforms in Nigeria to really know how it works generally. If you have any more questions, please place a comment below.

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