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Adobe Acrobat Pro Free Download for Windows 10, 7 & Mac

In this post, you will find the download link to Adobe Acrobat Pro free. What is Adobe Acrobat? Adobe Acrobat is a total solution for creating, converting, signing and managing your Portable Document Formats (PDF) on your computer.

This software is compatible with your Windows, Mac operating systems and your Android or iOS devices. With this application, you can convert any document from ordinary text into lovely fonts and even edit it in different devices. For instance, you can easily convert any document.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is so powerful that you have the capacity to get information from scanned printouts and compare the scanned with the paper. Also, it has a simple user interface where you can post comments and feedback to Adobe.

Adobe acrobat pro free

Besides, because Adobe Acrobat Pro is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be able to get access to all the latest updates and future releases the instant they are available. Furthermore, to download any product, all you need to do is log on to the Creative Cloud website and select the software you want out of the applications listed there.

But, I must warn that this software is not free. But you can try it for 7 days with your credit card. Also, the Creative Cloud Suite has over 20 apps including Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And you can select a standalone plan at $14.99 per month or the all apps plan at $52.99 per month. Now that you are aware of the power-packed into this software, let us go right away to explore you can get Adobe Acrobat Pro free.

Adobe Acrobat Pro free download for Windows 10 & 7

Adobe Acrobat Pro Features

Here are some of its excellent features that you would love.

  • You can convert Word Excel or PowerPoint to Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Edit Information in Scanned tables.
  • Convert HTML pages into Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • You can print directly into Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Post Review and Comments
  • Fill and Sign your Document
  • You can convert Portable Document Format into Microsoft Office document
  • Pass word your Document and grant permissions for document use
  • Move from your camera to PDF, and more.

System Requirements

Before you buy the Adobe Acrobat Pro application, check the system requirements for your Creative Cloud app. See System requirements | Creative Cloud. Or check Technical requirements here.

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Steps to get Adobe Acrobat Pro free

  1. Go to Adobe Acrobat Pro trial page
  2. So, click on buy now and check the plans and prices and then click on sign in or click create an account if you do not have an account. (Acrobat Pro is preselected as the best value so click on “buy now”).
    Adobe Acrobat Pro free - best value
  3. Next, enter your email address to log in or create a new Adobe account if you are a new user.
  4. So, after entering your Email address click continue, and another page opens asking you to Sign in to continue.
    sign in
  5. So enter your password, and then click on Continue to try Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  6. Select a Payment Method. Adobe accepts Credit, debit card or PayPal. So, enter your credit or debit card details on the Adobe checkout or payment page. After entering your credit card details, click on continue to Verification.
    Acrobat Pro free - continue to payment
  7. At this point, Adobe payment processor will verify your payment card and if it is confirmed then, you will get access to the Creative Cloud Suite to download Adobe Acrobat Pro free to your computer.
  8. Next, choose, Start your free trial at the bottom of the page.
  9. And if you are a new user, you will see a message on the screen asking you to enter a password for your account. Choose “Set your password” and follow the instructions on Adobe’s website to set your new Adobe account password. And you can use it to get all Adobe products in the future.
    Set your password

Downloading Adobe Acrobat Pro free software and installation process

The next thing is to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Pro free software on your computer.

  1. Next, follow the instruction on the screen to install Adobe Acrobat Pro or Open the Creative Cloud Desktop app.
  2. And if you see a dialogue box that asks you to Sign in; sign in with your Adobe ID and password and agree to the Terms of the License.
  3. But, if you did not see a piece of information about the Creative Cloud on the screen, then you can download and install the Creative Cloud app yourself from the Adobe website.
    Adobe Acrobat Pro free -Creative Cloud App
  4. Next, find Adobe Acrobat Pro in the list of products and then click on Download or install beside Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  5. And your Adobe Acrobat Pro app will begin to download immediately.
  6. Now, wait for Adobe Acrobat Pro to complete the installation.
  7. Also, after the Adobe Acrobat Pro app finishes installing it will launch automatically.
  8. But if it did not, go to the Creative Cloud and use the “open button” there to start the Adobe Acrobat Pro app.
    Adobe Acrobat Pro free - Creative Cloud
  9. That is how to download Adobe Acrobat Pro free for Windows 10 and 7.
  10. Note that your free trial starts when you complete the check out verification and it lasts for seven days.
  11. After 7 days, the trial will automatically convert to a paid Creative Cloud membership; unless you cancel the trial before the 7 days expires.
  12. You may cancel the trial before it ends.
  13. To cancel the trial, sign in with your Adobe ID to Manage the subscription. Learn more
  14. Finally, learn more about the CreativeCloud.


In this post, I explained how to get Adobe Acrobat Pro free for Windows 10 and 7. To download it, just enter your payment details to try the software for 7 days as the app is already preselected. And then download it onto your computer by signing into the Creative Cloud suite. You can cancel the trial if you do not want to be billed when the trial ends. I hope this helps you to get the Adobe Acrobat Pro free download easily.


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