How To Get Adobe Illustrator Serial Number

Adobe Illustrator Serial number (Feature)
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How To Get Adobe Illustrator Serial Number

Adobe Illustrator is graphic editing software that alters the elements of vector images. We have shown you how to download Adobe Illustrator for free. You also have the features that accompany the different price ranges, if you wish to buy or subscribe, at your reach. Let’s delve into something else, and that is Adobe Illustrator serial number.

What is A Serial Number?

Generally, serial numbers are unique combinations of numbers attached to a product. Be it hardware or software, they have serial numbers. Adobe Illustrator has its serial number, it helps the producers identify a unit of their product with a particular user. It sounds strange but that is the way serial numbers work. Once a serial number is assigned to a particular user, it cannot be used by another individual. Therefore, Adobe Illustrator Serial number is non-transferrable from user to user. Do not confuse the Product key with serial number. On the other hand, numerous users can use the product key because its attachment is to the product, not the users. A serial number is specific to users because it is validating that users use the product he has purchased.

How Do I Get Adobe Illustrator Serial Number?

To get Adobe Illustrator serial number is no hassle whatsoever. There are many means to acquire it, some of those means legitimate, others, quite risky. Whatever your choice, you will get the serial number you desire. Now, we will check out all the options available for you as a user to get Adobe Illustrator serial number.

Key Generators

This is one of the popular means of getting serial keys online. Key generators are computer programs. Key generators are used to manufacture license or serial keys for other programs. The license key they generate is legal if it is authorized by software producers. It is illegal on the other hand if copyright infringement is encouraged and authorization is bypassed. In reality, most Key generators are illegal and are of very great risk to users dependent on them. I know what your question is and I will answer it right now. Yes, you can get Adobe Illustrator serial number through keygens, but it is not advisable. You will be supporting theft and piracy of Adobe’s product.

Files and personal details contained in your PC are also at risk of exposure or even corruption, rendering them useless.

From Purchase

Did you buy your software from a physical store, an online store (delivered to you physically)? Or even if you buy it as a downloadable file, it comes with two codes from Adobe. The codes are the redemption code and the validation code (also called serial number). Below, we will consider how you can locate your codes depending on how you purchased your software.

  1. From Adobe

  • Go to your orders
  • In the Order History page, click your Order number located in the Order column

how to get adobe illustrator serial number 1

  • Click download and serial numbers in the Order number page

how to get adobe illustrator serial number 2

  • The page displays your serial number.

how to get adobe illustrator serial number 2


  1. From a reseller and your product came in a prepaid card
  • Scratch off the foil at the back of your card, your redemption code is beneath it.
  1. From a reseller in a physical store and your product came in a product box

  • The serial number will either be on the product box or on the disc sleeve. Your redemption code, however, will be on an insert card that is inside the box.
  1. From a reseller and your product came in an email

  • Your redemption code and/or your serial number will be in the email.

Take note. If all you have is a redemption code, it is what you will use to get your serial number.

NOTE: The steps stated above applies to versions of Adobe Illustrator made before the Creative Cloud

  1. Adobe Illustrator in the Creative Cloud (CC) version requires no serial number. With your Adobe ID assigned to you when you downloaded the trial version, sign in to your Adobe account, and you’re good to go.

Why Should I Get My Serial Number From Adobe?

As we have agreed earlier, the safest way to get your Adobe Illustrator serial number is from the authorized source. To the best of our knowledge, Adobe has not transferred or shared its validation responsibility to a third party. Adobe has a reputation to protect; they, therefore, protect your personal data. Conversely, other sources’ interest is in getting downloads, regardless of what happens to your files and data. There is less risk of corrupting your files when you purchase from Adobe itself.

Finally, everything that is free isn’t always the best. you have been shown every way you can possibly get the serial key you’ve been searching for, make a wise decision. Pay for products, Adobe illustrator serial number inclusive, and get value for your money!

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