Adobe Illustrator Student

Free Adobe Illustrator for Student (Full Version)

Free Adobe Illustrator for Student (Full Version)

If you are an Adobe Illustrator student and you have been wondering if you can get the software for free, then you should worry no more. This article will take you through every necessary step to getting Illustrator free as a student.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the tools under the Creative Cloud that is used in creating sketches, logos, drawings, and typographies. It is mostly used by designers and artists when creating typographies or iconic works. Using this software makes your work stand out and draw the attention of people everywhere. Continue reading as I show you how to get Adobe Illustrator for free as a student.

Features of Adobe Illustrator

Every graphics editor has certain features that make it stand out from the rest. Illustrator is one of the most used editors right now and this is because it provides its users with excellent and outstanding features which makes it a perfect choice for designing. As an Adobe Illustrator Student, below are some of the features you get when you download the software;

  • Path Segment Reshaping Options
  • Color Synchronization
  • Built-In Design Templates and Presets
  • Import and Export of Settings
  • Perspective Drawing Enhancements
  • Custom Design Options
  • Images in Brushes
  • CSS Extractor Tool
  • Dynamic Symbols

What are some of the benefits you enjoy as an Adobe Illustrator Student?

In 2018, Adobe Illustrator was the best vector graphic programs according to several reviews. It is very perfect when creating pixel designs. You can create paths that will be arranged to the nearest pixel grids. When you do this, you produce designs with clear lines and segments. You will have access to millions of videos, graphics, templates, and images. The Creative Cloud application has built-in collections of all these images, templates, and several others.  All that you need to do is download them so that it can be accessed anytime when you are using the software. With this, there would be no limitations when choosing designs for different projects.

Another great benefit for Adobe Illustrator Student is the customization of the pixel snapping feature which will align whatever artwork you are working on its exact pixel boundaries. There are three options available for that and they are; Snap to Pixel “while scaling”, “while drawing”, and “while moving”. As you are drawing and moving paths, Illustrator will align them automatically to the grid. Furthermore, it provides several ready-made presets that can be used to start artworks rather than using templates. It is also very possible to design these presets anyhow you want. Illustrator enables its users to change presets names, orientation and even the number of artboards.

How to get Free Adobe Illustrator for Student

If you are reading this article, then this is the question you want an answer to. It is important to know that you cannot get Adobe Illustrator free as a Student. However, Illustrator offers a 60% discount for students and teachers. That is the only plan you can take advantage of.

Anyways, whether you are an Adobe Illustrator Student or not, you can use the software for seven days free. Once these seven days elapses and you have not canceled your subscription, then you will be charged accordingly. So follow the steps below if you want to use Illustrator free;

  1. First, go to
  2. There are two options for students (Free Trial and Buy Now). You can choose whatever plan you decide to opt for and your first seven days will still be free.
  3. The next window will ask for your email. Type it in and click on continue.
  4. Input your payment method, that is your debit or credit card information and continue.
  5. After your account has been verified, you will get two options. Option one is getting the Illustrator completely free or the Creative Cloud. If you choose the latter, you will have free access to every application on the CC. Click on “Start Free Trial” at the bottom of any plan.
  6. Before you can continue with the process, you will have to fill in your Adobe ID or create a new one if you do not have. Your download should start once you do all this.
  7. Once you have successfully downloaded, proceed to installation.

After your installation, you only have seven days of the free trial as an Adobe Illustrator Student. If you have no intention of going forward with payment after the trial period is over, then it is advisable to cancel your subscription.

Adobe Illustrator student (free)

Plans and Prices of Adobe Illustrator

If you want to purchase Adobe Illustrator, you can either get a monthly or an annual plan for a single Illustrator application or all of CC apps. For the Illustrator program, it is $31.49 every month, $239.99 every year, and $20.9 per month (annually).

However, if you are an Adobe Illustrator Student and you can prove it, then you get a $60% discount for an all application plan. What this means is that you only get a discount if you purchase the CC application instead of single Illustrator software. Rather than paying $52.99, you will pay $19.99 for every monthly payment. Then for the annually own, you will pay $239.88 while others are paying $599.88.

System Requirements for Adobe Illustrator

If you are an Adobe Illustrator student, then you should know that this software can be used on Windows Operating Systems and mac operating systems. Check the minimum requirements for each below;


In other to download the Illustrator, you need Windows 7 or 10 with 64-bit. Additionally, with a minimum 8GB RAM and 2GB hard disk space available. It should also have a 1024 X 768 monitor display with a Multicore Intel processor.


To get the software successfully on a MAC computer without any problems, your screen resolution must be 1024 X 768. Additionally, it can work with version 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15. Availability of 2 GB HD and a RAM of 8GB is also needed.

A stable internet connection is required for successful activation and installation.


Finally, if you are an Adobe Illustrator Student, you now know how you can get the program without paying a dime for it. You can make use of this period to get Illustrator and decide whether it is the best option for you or not.

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