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To begin, each time we consider creating and editing an image as a student, the first question that comes to mind is how to get Adobe Photoshop that a student can use conveniently. Photoshop is not a kind of graphic software we hardly remember. Besides, it is so common that it comes first in our priority when in need of a design.

Furthermore, this article will enable the hypothetical Adobe Photoshop student develop a sudden interest in Photoshop. I will be sharing with you in brief one of the packages provided by Adobe to better the lives of students. Consequently, this will provide an Adobe Photoshop student, and learners a perfect understanding.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Adobe Photoshop Student

Adobe Photoshop student CC

Adobe Creative Cloud is said to be a set of services and applications introduced from Adobe itself. It provides subscribers access to a collection of some software used for graphic design, web development, photography, alongside other optional cloud services. Adobe Creative Cloud comes with a tool that empowers an Adobe Photoshop student to think creatively and communicate expressively. It makes student, in particular, to think outside the box. Hereby, turning their classroom ideas into college and career opportunities.

Benefits for an Adobe Photoshop student using Adobe CC

Every Adobe Photoshop student may be wondering about the usefulness of Creative Cloud especially when it still appears new to them.

  1. Firstly, it is important to note that a monthly or annual subscription service is delivered over the internet. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are special pricing offers for students in particular.
  2. Also, the software is downloaded from the internet from CC and installed directly on a local system inasmuch as your subscription remains valid.
  3. Moreover, it comes with multiple languages and regular online updates for an Adobe Photoshop student.
  4. It comes with some cutting-edge tools to make Adobe Photoshop student creative plus 100GB of cloud storage.

Some of the tools available on Adobe CC for Adobe Photoshop student

1. Video capture tool

Adobe Photoshop student video capture

Certainly, it’s important to note that it has never been simpler to use video from camcorders, VTRs, webcams and other HD or HDV sources in creative projects. Also, it may be on digital or analog devices. Hence, an Adobe Photoshop student can still use this to take advantage of power control, capture, and digitization features. This is to transform your clips into formats easily managed by desktop and mobile apps. Also, the Adobe Photoshop student can digitize footage on tape. He can as well digitize video capture on camcorders or deck or recorded webcam clips. Your video projects are only limited by your imagination.

Features of Adobe CC Video Capture tool

  1. Built-in camera: Certainly, Adobe Photoshop student can capture pro and quality photos and videos from right within the app which includes built-in camera functionality.
  2. Set resolution and grid lines: The grid lines enables you to shoot better video and photos, and set resolution which ensures your video comes in as high quality as the final output.
  3. Ultimate control: You can capture and add new videos or images without leaving the app, whether you plan to begin a new project or edit an existing one.
  4. Available cross-device: You can edit on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC and also sync your edits; this enables you to have access to your latest versions.
  5. Share to social: You can share directly to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Also, you can even publish to multiple sites at once.

    Features of Adobe CC Premiere Pro Video Capture tool


    Adobe Premiere Pro

With Premiere Pro Video Capture tool, Adobe Photoshop student can do more with captured footage which includes the following:

  1. Set preference, format and tracks: You can select audio and video tracks to be recorded. You can as well select where files will be saved. Also, you can choose codecs or stick with presets.
  2. Native editing capture: You can work on footage in any format, starting with 8k to virtual reality to smartphone. More so, the Adobe Photoshop student gets to experience the industry’s broadest native media support and powerful proxy workflows.
  3. Import and log: Additionally, you can also begin the capture and select I and out points or automatic logging using scene detection. Most definitely, comprehensive device controls guarantee smooth operation.
  4. Save option: Also, you have the opportunity to store your clips to disk in the format of your choice. It can also be used in your project.
  5. Record voiceovers and other audio: Again, you can capture sound from a digital or analog device. You will be able to mix in tracks of music, narration and sound effects.
  6. Work with lightweight proxies: You have the advantage of editing large formats more easily with lightweight proxies. Also, working with 4K, 8K, and other large formats is faster and easier.
  7. Integrate with social media: Finally, you can get video content onto your platform of choice more quickly. Also, you can publish it directly to social media with a simple click.

2. Online Photo Editing Tools


Adobe Photoshop student online photo

Again, this tool appears to be the best tool any Adobe Photoshop student would want to try for online photo editing because it helps harness the power of the cloud to make advanced picture adjustments wherever you are. Also, you can manipulate color, tone and exposure. You can as well as retouch, de-blur and fix perspective. In addition, you can even move or remove content for the perfect look. Lastly, Adobe Photoshop student will be able to take his workflow from the desktop to the cloud; you will be able to create wherever inspiration strikes.

Features Online Photo Editing Tools with Lightroom

  1. Add Pictures: It is possible to import photos from your camera, tablet, phone or online albums. Creative Cloud integration just means you can access all your shots whenever you need them.
  2. Back up: With this amazing feature, the hypothetical Adobe Photoshop student can never worry about losing his photos or edits. There are backups to the cloud one can take advantage of and this is available in full resolution. Lightroom preserves your original copies.
  3. Editing: The Edit workspace delivers dozens of one-click presets and some other automatic controls Adobe Photoshop student can employ to enhance your photos or fine-tune with sliders to make your photos pop.
  4. Share: It is possible to let your audience see the results. Also, you can share your pictures online on the platform of your choice, and add them to your online portfolio. In fact, you can save them for offline use.
  5. Dehaze tool: Seriously, this a uniquely powerful tool you can use to rescue images marred by adverse lighting and atmospheric conditions.
  6. Image geometry adjustments: In addition, you can use the geometry tools to straighten tilted horizons, make walls vertical and get the perfect perspective.
  7. Clarity and Vibrancy tools: Lastly, this is an exciting tool any Adobe Photoshop student doesn’t want to miss because it of course brings out the details and gets just the right color effects.

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