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How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free

Firstly, Adobe Premiere Pro is responsible for the editing work done on that movie you love which you can get for free. Is it Avatar or Superman Returns? Act of Valor or Terminator: Dark Fate? You name twenty movies and I can assure you 40% of them were edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. It is so good that the movie and video industry has adopted it. Before we go on to see how amazing this software is, let’s get familiar with it.

What You Should Know About Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video-editing app and as the name implies, it is software that professionals in video editing use to make those breathtaking effects we see in movies and skits. Also, Adobe Systems is the producer of this app and it is a timeline-based app as well. Notably, Adobe Premiere Pro’s release started in 2003 to date. Have I mentioned that it is the world’s leading video editing software? Okay, I just had to drum that beat louder. Therefore, let us see why it’s so spectacular.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

Here are some stand-out features of this Adobe product. Kindly consider them with apt attention.

Expansive Import Options

Regardless of what device shot your video, transfer the video into your project without any hassle. It accepts videos recorded in any format. Gladly, this is an advantage over some software in the same category as it removes the stress of camera or recording device choice. Interestingly, the latest version of Premiere Pro has improved format support. Also, some of them have Improved Apple ProRes HDR support, Encode Apple ProRes MXF Op1a, Import of Canon EOS C500 Mark II footage.

For more on this, pay Adobe Premiere Pro at its web address.

Trimming Precision

The trim tool in the Adobe Premiere Pro will help you extend or shorten clips. Also, this tool makes Multicam sequences an easy thing to do.

Audio enhancement

Firstly, some reviews have said Adobe Premiere Pro does no good to audio quality in videos. Well, it’s a video-editing software. However, Adobe increased the audio range the software is capable of handling from +6 dB to +15dB. What more improvement could there be? That’s not all. The Loudness radar effect is used to edit sounds to meet broadcast standards is improved as well.


Here, new keyboard shortcuts that make work easier are now available. Also, the familiar Ctrl+Shifuts work, and other commands are now what editors can work with. Hence, these shortcuts work for adding texts, reordering layers, selecting layers, and so on.

To Get Adobe Premiere Pro…

Similarly, this accolade gathering software is available on very many sources. Hence, you will find these sources on the internet but a piece of advice; be careful. This is because as true as it is that comes down to your choice to download this app from where I recommend, be mindful of the alternatives you will see elsewhere.

Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro is available for download on the official website of Adobe Systems. Also, the app is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package and you can purchase it as a single software as well.

More so, it is important that you know that there are two options legally to obtain this software. The free version and the paid version.  The paid version as I said earlier is available as part of the creative cloud where you have all the other adobe systems apps such as Illustrator, After Effects, Audible, and the likes for a better experience. It is priced at $52.99 per month. Therefore, to acquire Adobe Premiere pro alone, it costs $20.99.

Note that the above price packages are for individual users.

However, for businesses, you are allowed to choose a plan that fits your need. Your purchase won’t only time-bound as it is for individuals. Instead, you pay per license per month. However, the best value in all the packages offered is getting all apps in Adobe Creative Cloud for $79.99.

However, for the free version of Adobe Premiere Pro, there is no distinction between individuals and businesses. Just download the app and start your free trial. However, it is important to note that the free trial lasts for 7 days. But after the expiration of these 7 days, you are expected to purchase the app or discontinue its use.

Adobe Premiere Pro Free – Conclusion

Lastly, Adobe Premiere Pro is an app you can hardly do without as a video-editing expert. If you have just begun your journey in video-editing, get the free version of this app. It is very beginner-friendly and you won’t regret taking that action. The free trial version only gives you access to Adobe Premiere Pro and not other apps on Creative Cloud.


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