10 Advantages of Questionnaires

A questionnaire is a widely used method for acquiring data and information for research purposes. That is why the advantages of Questionnaires for researchers are countless. You can trace the history of where we started using the questionnaire to the past. We used for the first time in the year 1838 in London by the statistical society of London.

Advantages of Questionnaires

In addition, the questionnaire carries well-crafted questions by the researcher or the company carrying out the research and it is incumbent on the respondent to fill the questionnaire form with accurate information.

You write questionnaires mainly to get a statistical analysis of data. Nevertheless, this is not always the case as instant results can be deduced without statistical analysis. Questionnaires are not purely the carriers of statistical data, but they are a good substitute for surveys.

They are important tools for research in many areas such as business, education, health, science, medicine and in virtually all the areas of life. They can be used for the investigation of trends,  frequencies,  patterns,  impacts of changes, etc.

For example in business, you can use it to find out the needs and expectations of the users, their preferences and satisfaction. Also, a food manufacturing company can use the questionnaire to get information about the experiences of their customers while using their products.

They can also use it to have in-depth knowledge about their satisfaction level, their preferences and how they compare with their competitors.

Advantages of Questionnaires.

Questionnaires have many other advantages which you will see in the highlights below.

some advantages of questionnaires

  1. They are cheap

When it comes to research and gathering data, questionnaires are one of the cheapest methods. It is an affordable way of getting quantitative data. Questionnaire set online cost little. In this case, the researcher does not spend money on printing and does not need to hire people who carry out the survey.

Questionnaires are cheaper than outsourcing the job to research firms and it offers excellent returns on investment. Most times, you don’t need to visit respondents individually. All you have to do is give it out to the sample size at the same time.  This reduces the cost of transportation.

  1. They are pragmatic in Nature

Part of the main advantages of questionnaires is that they are practical in nature. The data gathering method is made to target a specified group of customers. The researchers usually take their time to coin the questions in a way that need in-depth information and data.  They have the liberty to choose the format of questions they want respondents to supply answers.

For instance, questions in questionnaires are sets of equivalent or identical questions with standardized answers. This uniformity in questions and answers makes the whole research to be very pragmatic and practical based.

  1. Quick results

Questionnaires are one of the quickest channels for getting research results and answers. In most cases, you can get the results within 24 hours or instantly if the questionnaire is online.

In addition, the questionnaire is a very effective tool for getting answers from a large number of pertinent questions and the rate of response is usually very high and is achieved within a very short time.

  1. Wide coverage

One of the advantages of questionnaires is that it allows researchers to acquire information from a large number of respondents. They have the liberty to choose the number of respondents and the sample size for the survey. The sample size,  the population as well as the scope of the research is very flexible and they can decide how to go about it.

  1. Simplicity

One does not need to be a scientist in order to carry out research. This is made possible by the questionnaire. People from diverse fields can easily make use of the questionnaire to gather information. It is quite easy to design and the analysis or results are simple.

This is one of the major advantages of the questionnaire as it is a research tool for professionals in virtually all the fields. Most often,  the researchers include standard answers and this makes it easy for the respondents to provide quick answers.

  1. It gives the trend

Questionnaires can be used to determine or predict the outcome of future occurrences.  From the analysis of the data gathered,  the researchers can simply analyze and have an overview of future results. Companies can use it to map out the trend of things and use results as benchmarks for getting the company’s goals.

  1. Chance for anonymity

Questionnaires give the respondents the chance to remain anonymous. They have the liberty to include their name or not.  This provides them with the confidence to answer the questions without fear. Users who are invincible are likely to provide unbiased and truthful answers to the questions leading to more accurate results.

  1. In-depth coverage of the topic

When designing a questionnaire, the researchers have the liberty to create questions that they feel will provide them with in-depth information about the topic.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask. Since questionnaires are cheap and simple, the researcher can even design many questionnaires for more widespread coverage and it will do no harm. This is one of the many advantages of questionnaires.

You think of the demographic information of the respondents when you are designing the questions. Doing so will give you wider coverage for the research to receive more information on the subject.  As a result of this, you will get both qualitative and quantitative data from questionnaires because you can ask both open and closed-ended questions.

  1. Familiarity with respondents

You have been using questionnaires for research for over a century, hence many people know about it.  The familiarity with questionnaires makes the whole research process simple for the researchers.  The respondents can easily find their way around the questionnaire forms and complete the questionnaire independently.

  1. Simple analysis

Doing a simple analysis is one of the advantages of questionnaires. This is so because the statistical analysis and inherent calculations are simple. Also, the results follow well-known formats and are simple for researchers from all fields to understand.

Furthermore, you can do the data entry, tabulation of data and all other things without the need for extra software.


In this article, we showed you the advantages of questionnaires. You now have good reasons to use it to capture any data you need personally, for projects and your business. Use it more often to improve your life, career, and business today.


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