Airtel online recharge

How To Recharge Your Airtel Line Online (Step By Step Guide)

Learn more about how to recharge your phone directly from your bank account using Airtel online recharge.

airtel online recharge
Airtel Online recharge

Airtel, one of the most prestigious telecommunications company in Nigeria has created a platform that allows you to quickly load your phones and that of your loved ones quick and easy.

Airtel is so global that it can be accessed from over 17 countries in the World such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana all across South Asia and Africa.The Airtel Online recharge service is a new and innovative package geared towards ensuring the continued satisfaction of its customers.

Why use the Airtel Online Recharge

Airtel online recharge is an added advantage to your online experience especially if you are using the Airtel prepaid service.  Airtel online recharge is free to use, it incurs no added charges. All you require is an internet connection. It also offers flexibility and easy convenience. Airtel recharge is also beneficial as it is online and therefore you can make payments via different platforms: such as By debit/credit card, internet banking and so on.

How to Use the Airtel Easy Online Recharge service

To use the Airtel online recharge, all you need do is visit the Airtel website and select your country of residence from the top right corner. You will be redirected to the Airtel online recharge page. You can also visit that page by clicking here directly. Then follow the instructions I will show you below.

  • On the Airtel recharge page, select “Top up” from the top left corner of the homepage.
airtel online recharge
Airtel top up
  • Next, select the amount of recharge card you wish to load (100, 200,500 and so on)
  • You will be redirected and asked to enter the desired phone number
  • After inputting the phone number, click “Pay
  • You will be redirected to the Interswitch¬† Webpay page
  • You can choose between two options: internet banking or payment by MasterCard.

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Through internet banking

Enter your email and other required information, then follow the instructions as they appear.

Through your Debit/Credit Card

  • Choose MasterCard options below
  • Enter the digits on the surface of your MasterCard
  • Enter other details, such as your ATM PIN, CVV code and Expiration date of your card
  • Click proceed to be redirected to the next page
  • You will be sent a one-time password¬† (OTP) to your mobile phone linked to your bank account
  • Enter the OTP to authenticate and complete the transaction, its simple fast and easy.

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Other ways to Recharge using Airtel online

You can visit the website it supports all kinds of recharge services to all mobile service providers. All you need do is go to the website and select your country to get started.

Airtel Online recharge is an added advantage to your top up issues. It allows you to recharge your phone without having to disrupt your internet connection. If you need any more information, do ensure to drop a comment below.

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