Amazing Differences Between Maya and Blender and ways they can Help Students

Maya is an Autodesk software that is used for 3D animation, modeling, simulation and rendering. It has so many features and capabilities that make it create realistic characters in realistic world. Maya is popular in the movie industry and has been useful in the making of hundreds animation movies and in creating visual effects. It is also useful in creating games.

Blender is also a 3D open source software useful in creating animation movies, arts, visual effects, motion graphics, interactive 3D apps, games, and virtual reality. Bender is the creation of Blended foundation and it is a free open source software.

To newbies, it might appear that these two software are not different. Even if they are bot animation software, they have amazing differences which makes them unique. This post will mention some things that set Maya and Blender apart from one another.

Autodesk Maya: Overview

Maya software was first designed by Alias/Wavefront in 1998. Then the software was purchased by AutoDesk in 2005 and they have been the owner of the software since then. Maya is one of the many Autodesk products and it is used in creating animation projects. The software is very popular and has been used in the success of many animation movies. Maya is flexible and can run on multiple operating systems. It is mostly useful in the creation of effects for television shows, games, and animations.

You can visit Autodesk website to purchase this software.

Blender: Overview

Blender is an open source and 3D computer software that is used to create animations. The software was first release in 1998 and then it was stabled released in September 2020. It was developed by Blended foundation and its author is Ton Roosendaal.  Blender is useful in creating visual effects, 3D models, video gamed, and animations. It is also flexible and can run on multiple operating systems.

You can get Blender from here.

Amazing Differences between Maya and Blender

Although Maya and Blender are both animation software, there are various differences between them. Some of their differences are:


Maya is a licensed product that cost about $1620 every year. The software is only free for students and educators. This is only possible if said student or teacher is attending an accredited institution. Anyone other than that will have to choose one of its three subscription plans.

Blender on the other hand is available for free. You do not need to pay before downloading the software and begin your development process.


Maya provides students with a full library of tools that will aid of their 3D creations. Whether it is modeling or animation process, Maya is up to the task. They can create and edit 3D models in different formats. Then they can animate then using all the tools in Maya suite. All the projects developed using Maya have realistic imagery and effects. Rendering of 3D scenes using Maya is also possible.

Blender is an open source project with its own wide array of tools. This software has tools that can be used for different projects like games, interactive applications, and feature films.


Maya is an integrated software application which helps to increases the productivity of users. The interface of this software can easily be customized and it helps students design their interface to suit their needs. Furthermore, it can also give students access to Maya Embedded language which they can use to customize their own interface.

Blender on the other hand is a cross platform application which can run on every operating system. Its interface uses OpenGL in providing a stable experience among every student irrespective of their platform and hardware.


Maya is quite easy for every student to grab. The interface of the software has such a design that makes it customizable to suit every student needs. However, even if any student is having problems operating the software, Autodesk offers training for all of its users.

Unlike Maya, learning to operate Blender can be difficult. This does not mean the student will not get it eventually, it just might take much time than it would with Autodesk Maya.


Maya is a standard software and is also widely accepted in the industry. It has been used in creation of hundreds of films, games, and many more. A student that knows how to use Maya perfectly is undoubtedly open to more opportunities than one who does not. Even though Blender is also great, it is not as standard as Maya.


In summary, Maya and Blender are both useful for creating 3D animations and bring characters to live. They have various differences but are still great choice for students who are into animation.

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