10 Best App Maker Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Do you know it’s possible to create a mobile app without one single coding knowledge? The best part is, you can now create a mobile app with app maker apps, that is just amazing, don’t you think. That now with the help of a mobile app on the Android or AppleStore, you can now create your own personal app and earn money from it. This is a brilliant idea, one worth discussing.

app maker apps



That is why today we will be discussing 10 best app maker apps for Android and iOS devices.  Without further delay let us unveil the list.

10 Best App Maker Apps(Android/iPhone)


  1.  Institute App

app maker apps-Institute App

Available to Android users exclusively. App institute like its name connotes is a mobile app creation platform with in-built templates and professional publishing tools to help you design and develop your dream application. You also have additional options allowing you to publish these apps on social media. Get institute app for Android now.

  1. App Builder: App Maker

app maker apps-App Builder

Another cool App builder tool on our App maker apps list is App builder. With app builder, you can easily create a good and functional mobile app with your Android device. Just download the app and follow the in-build instructions and guides on how to create a mobile app. Also, it has an option to publish your own app on the Google PlayStore. Get App builder now on the PlayStore for free.

  1. App Maker App

app maker apps-App Maker App

Using this App Maker, does not require a coding knowledge or app programming technique beforehand. All you need to do is download and install the app, open it and then begin to uniquely develop and design your own apps. It also has options to share and publish your newly created app after development. However, this app is compatible with Android and iOS devices alone.

  1. Create Your Own Apps: App Maker

app maker apps-Create Your Own Apps: App Maker

Create your own apps was Originally designed for users with no prior coding or programming knowledge. It contains some of the best features like visual drag and drop app development interface, automatic translated source codes(for JAVA and XML respectively). It is also available to Android and iOS users only. Get this app to create, design and share your mobile apps today.

  1. App Builder – Create own app ( FREE App maker )

App Builder - Create own app ( FREE App maker )

Appy pie is a mobile app development software company and these guys thought it good to develop this mobile app making app for older software users and new ones as well. You don’t need to learn or comprehend any programming languages to use this app. Also it very easy and cool to use. After downloading and installing this app, just open it and select the kind of app, you are going to be building. App builder also contains the various app development tools you are going to need to perfectly design, share or publish your own app. Download this app from the PlayStore here.

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  1. Create App Fast with Beautiful Design and No Code

Create App Fast with Beautiful Design and No Code

Interested in creating a mobile app for your brand or business? Then you are just a click closer to creating that dream app. This is also the best app maker on our App maker apps list. The rules are simple to imagine, create, design and share. Furthermore, it has additional options like social network linking in the app. This app is available to Android users exclusively.

  1. Playir: Game and App Creator

Playir: Game and App Creator

Just like the name this app can perfectly design a new mobile app or even a mobile game for Android and iOS platforms respectively. It is easy to use and the steps involved in designing mobile apps are comprehensive and very new. You can also create your own visual 3D effects and graphics too with this app. After you feel like you’ve completely developed the app., you also have options to share it on social networking platforms.

  1. Build Fire

Build Fire

The simpler your app design is the more people can have access to it. Build fire helps you create a mobile app that’s according to your style and brand. It also has a well-guided tutorial to help you through the process of creation, designing and publishing. You can also update your newly created app with bright new ideas and features with this app. Download Build fire for Android now.

  1. Android App Maker

Android App maker

Create your own mobile app, with absolutely no cost or prior coding knowledge required. If you are a brand owner or businessman, Android maker has templates to help you fully display important information’s like your brand name, product size, company or office address. It is exclusive for Android devices and like the name, it makes apps that are compatible with Google and Android devices. Download Android maker for free on the Playstore now.

  1. Mobile App Creator

Mobile App Creator

Just like its name, this app proved multiple times that it not only a mobile app. but one of the best App makers apps available on the Android market. It is a very easy to use app building software. No prior coding knowledge required to create or build your own mobile app. Also, you have additional options to publish or push your app live on Android is enabled. Get Mobile app creator now on the PlayStore.


Using app maker apps to create mobile apps, makes the task easier without many technical issues or programming problems. Furthermore, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions and tutorials in the app, and they will guide you into uniquely creating your dream app. Also, you don’t need to wait anymore, simply download one of these apps to start developing mobile apps now.


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