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apple customer service email
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Apple customer service email, chat and the toll-free number is shared here. This article explores every option with which you can contact Apple customer care support in any country like UK, US, Nigeria, India etc. from your comfort zone.

How to contact the Apple Customer Care Service

Apple remains a multinational technology company with exceptional electronics, computer software and unique online services. It is the World largest information technology company and the second largest mobile phone manufacturer (after Samsung).

Apple customer service is twice as unique and caters to all your needs from your room without as much as living your comfort zone. There are a variety of things you can get done through the Apple customer care and this often doesn’t involve any stress on your part as long as you have the right information.

Apple Online Store Customer Service unit.

The Apple Online customer care unit will help you get your products and services you wish to procure. You can easily chat by clicking on this URL to speak to an Apple customer care representative or you can call (1800) MY APPLE ( 800 692 7753). This number is available from 7 am to 11 pm central time.

If you wish to use physical stores, you can easily do so by visiting this page, click on your country and scan through the various Apple retail stores closest to you or you can easily visit this page to find a reseller ( available only in the US) closest to you

If you need Apple financial services for you, your business or educational facilities, simply call 1 800-MY-APPLE or use the Apple retail store representative

Apple customer service for business purchase.

If you wish to contact the Apple customer care concerning how to buy for business, you can easily do so by using the Apple business page or by calling these numbers:

1 800 854 3680 ( for business, available 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm central time)

(877) 412 7753 (Apple enterprise sales for corporate and government sales)

If you wish to procure Apple Education packages as a teacher or student, you can do so by simply visiting this page or calling the number 1 800 692 7753. This number is available 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm, Central time.

For all those buying for an Educational Institution, you can simply use this page or call the number 1 800 800 2775. This number is available from 9 am to 6 pm, Central time.

apple customer service email

Apple Customer Care.

Apple customer care for the Apple Consultant Network.

If you wish to use the Apple Consultant network, you can easily do so by searching via this page for the Apple Consultant nearest to you ( this service is only available in the U.S and Canada).

Contacting Apple Customer Care Service for Generalized Services.

If you wish for help concerning your Apple ID, technical issues, accounting issues etc. You can do so by using any of the channels below

Contact Apple Customer service by Phone.

You can call the Apple customer care today to get your problems sorted out. To call simply visit this page, pick your country and you will be directed to the numbers you can call. Please note, this numbers may likely change so each time you wish to contact the Apple Customer care by phone, please do so via this page.

Using Apple Customer care Service via chat Services

You can also contact the Apple customer care service online, to do so simply visit this page, pick your location and start chatting. So Quick and easy. You can also visit the Apple Online support communities, all you need do is click here, pick the product you wish to talk about and you will be transferred to the Online community that will help you sort out your problems.

Using Apple Customer Care services for Emergency Purposes

If you wish to contact Apple Customer care for your lost or stolen Apple products, you can do so by, clicking this page, you will find an article that will explain to you about how you can find it. If you do not wish for that support, scroll down the page and click on “support”, using the IP address of your device. You will be transferred to the customer care desk that will do this for you.

Using the Apple Customer Care service for Legal

If you wish to report any counterfeit product or whatever other fraudulent transactions, you can do so via this page

Contacting Apple Customer Care Service via Social media

The Apple tweeter account is also there for you, You can get useful tricks and helpful links concerning whatever issues you wish handled. This service is quite easy and can be accessed at @AppleSupport.

Using the Apple customer service can be quite easy by following the links and numbers listed here. We would love to know how you fared why using this page. please do so by placing a comment below.

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