iWork vs Word

Which is better, Apple iWork or Microsoft Word?

To purchase the right office software product, it is important to evaluate the benefits, functions, and terms that are offered by Apple iWork and Microsoft Word. According to online user satisfaction ratings, Ms. Word scored 97% while iWork scored 100%. However, it is advisable to analyze and figure out which is more effective and efficient.

Microsoft Word is a word processing software and is mainly a tool for educators, learners, and organizations. This software is built and designed to be used personally and for businesses. It helps users to create, view, edit, customize, and share documents. In addition to that, it also enables collaboration of work among multiple authors.

Apple iWork is also another office suite program that was developed by Apple Inc and is used in the home and at work. The major difference it has from Ms. Word is that it was specifically built for MAC and IOS Operating systems. It can also work on other platforms with the use of the iCloud website. Furthermore, real-life collaboration is possible among people with iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Apple iWork for Windows

Features of Microsoft Word

  • Creating More Impactful Documents
  • Accessibility to Credible Sources
  • Adding Citations
  • Mail Merge Capability
  • Collaboration
  • Customized Workspace Toolbar Layouts
  • Editing PDF Files
  • Templates

Features of Apple iWork

  • Insert Photos, Music, And Videos
  • Collaborating and Sharing of works
  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • 30 Apple-Designed Themes
  • In-built Spreadsheet Templates
  • Visualizing Data
  • Several Apple-designed Document Templates
  • Live On-Canvas Animation Previews

Overview of Benefits

There are benefits you enjoy when you purchase Microsoft word of Apple iWork. Read on to know the things you will be accessible to if you opt for either.

Microsoft Word

When using this software, it is easy to back up your information from credible sources. There is a feature called Researcher which helps individuals search for whatever materials they might need for the project they are working on. It makes use of Bing to get reliable content from the internet. As the contents are been brought for the web, you can add the citation without much trouble. You can add reliable sources to your document without exiting the software. Another great benefit is the proofing tools that help to fix misspellings and grammatical errors from documents. When you make use of Ms. Word, you will be able to enhance your style of writing.

Microsoft Word

Additionally, users can create documents with robust formatting tools just like the Apple iWork. That is, you will be able to add headers/footers, create numbered and bulleted lists, change font styles and sizes, line spacing, and insert pictures or tables into documents. Word also lets users edit PDF file format and then they will be able to re-save the work either as a PDF or Word document. It is also possible to create envelopes, labels, and multiple letters using the Mail Merge feature. Its usefulness is that the bulk of emails can be sent out without having to start from scratch each time a new one is needed.

Finally, you can use the MS application on your mobile phone or tablet and also collaborate with team members. They can chat, make changes, and co-author documents in real-time.

Apple iWork

Using this software, users can create documents that look sensational without much problem. It comes with several built-in templates that are easy to access. You can create reports, posters, CV, posters, and books with these available templates. However, you can decide to create and design your own from scratch. There are so many shapes that you can use to enhance your documents. The iWork word processing program is known as “Pages”.  It offers different shapes you can edit and also insert images to documents.

When using the Apple iWork program, individuals can create and enhance their works while collaborating with others in a team. This function mostly benefits people in an organization working in teams. They can work together without a physical meeting. They can simply view, share, and make changes to their documents from different locations. In addition to that, it has advanced tools that make it easy to edit and also track changes.

There are several designed spreadsheets templates available that can be useful when creating and designing spreadsheets. iWork makes it possible to create professional-looking ones for your home, invoices, and checklists. You can also animate your data while creating the spreadsheets by inserting images, tables, charts, and so on. Apple iWork has a program called Keynote which makes it simple to create and deliver presentations. Furthermore, you can add animations to your presentations.

Finally, it is also easy to add different slide transitions that are stunning and beautiful. Finally, this application can work for IOS devices and MAC computers and you can access your projects on any web browser since it integrates with iCloud.

Pricing and Plans:

Microsoft Word

This application offers a 30 day free trial for new subscribers. After this, you will have to subscribe to a plan. There are different monthly plans and these are Home, $9.99, and Personal is 6.99. In addition to that, Business,$10, Business Essentials, $6, and Business Premium, $15. For further inquiries about the plans and how to purchase, you can check Office365.com.

Apple iWork

One great advantage it has over the former is that it has no pricing plan. Apple iWork is free to download from the Apple Store. You can use it on iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices or on the iCloud for free. You can download it via AppleiWork.com.


Finally, this article provides lots of explanations about Apple iWork and Word. You need to make a decision as an individual to go through them and choose your preferred one.


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