Applicant Tracking Software Free Download And How It Works

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software is a software application that empowers the electronic treatment of enrollment needs. An Applicant Tracking System software can be actualized or gotten online on an enterprise or independent venture level, determined by the necessities of the organization and there is additionally free and open source ATS software accessible.

applicant tracking system software

In this article, we will be looking at the applicant free tracking software available and how it works.

How Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software function.

Applicant tracking software process resumes presented by candidates and once in a while even utilize web-based life to effectively enrol planned representatives. When you present your resume through an ATS, it stores your resume in a section of the database. The enrollment specialists at that point scan for catchphrases for the specific employment opportunity.

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Download Applicant Tracking System Software.

1. OpenCATS

OpenCATS is an open source ATS that are installed on any nearby Linux or Windows server and is then available through a program interface. It can likewise coordinate with well-known CMSs like Joomla and has a dynamic network supporting further advancement. OpenCATs was initially worked as an enterprise’s ATS and targets HR experts, enrollment specialists, and staffing and arrangement organizations.

OpenCATS has all the primary highlights you would expect in an ATS, including resume administration, announcing, and competitor tracking through the whole contracting process.

applicant tracking software
Hints To Note.

It’s open source so it’s free, and you are permitted to change the software to your heart’s desire. Nonetheless, that additionally implies there’s nobody element to swing too for help, and unless you’re technically knowledgeable or can hire somebody who is, you may keep running into issues introducing, coordinating, and running this software.

As the informal manual says, the business CATS item is an exceptionally clean, professionally supported, facilitated software benefit. OpenCATS, then again, has to some degree less usefulness, is introduced on your server(s) and is supported just by you — with some assistance from the improvement network.

2. Jobsoid

The Jobsoid ATS software is offering an extensive activity posting joining (LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, and others), Jobsoid additionally offers full reconciliation with your current organization site. Jobsoid is free for one client and one employment opportunity at once, however, does not restrain the quantity of contender for that solitary occupation. jobsoid applicant tracking system software

Hints To Note.

Jobsoid exploits web-based life, which is an under-tapped enlisting asset. It likewise gloats in system booking highlight for interviews. This meeting tracking is coordinated with maps include (great) and date-books.

3. is free, with the alternative to purchase administrations from accomplice merchants or enlistment battle media from
Qandidate is one of a kind offering focuses incorporate its free, facilitated vocation site, the capacity to distribute employment opportunities to worksheets and online networking locales, and an advanced UI with all hopefuls perceptible in one place initially.

It’s likewise upgraded for the dialect and lawful necessities of the European market.

Hints To Note.

The has some great fancy odds and ends, and the interface is spotless and simple to utilize. It has constrained layouts for the facilitated vocation site and for messages to hopefuls hamper the CRM part of the software.

It’s now your turn. What is the free tracking software you know? Share them here with us.

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