Top 20 Examples of Application Software

In today’s article we will be discussing 20 examples of application software and how useful they are to you and the society at large. But, just before we start, let us learn more about what application software is and why we use them. Application software are unique programs, that solve specific user or organizational problems. Also, each type of application software program performs a specific personal, educational and business need.

20 Examples of Application Software


Furthermore, they developed each software program to help you solve particular problems about productivity, creativity, communication and more. Let us go through the list now.

Here are The 20 examples of Application Software and Their Uses

These applications have regular features, functions and user interface and, are able to work with each other.

  1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing application software developed by Microsoft for the basic user functions of creating, saving, sharing and editing documents. This software, is an office productivity application that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. In addition, Microsoft word features includes, a spell and grammar check, text and font formatting, HTML support and image support. Furthermore, Microsoft word was first released in 1983 and it is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS operating systems respectively.

  1. Word pad

Word pad is a basic word processing application software first included with Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft word pad is a free rich text editor, however, it does not have additional features like inserting pictures and text formatting. Although word pad is not as advanced as Microsoft word, it is still capable of doing more that a note Pad. Word pad is capable of editing and saving plain text files.

  1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is part of the list of the examples of application software developed by Microsoft corporation.  Also, it is in the Microsoft office package as a productive utility software for calculation, making graphics and analysis. Microsoft excel is the most common spreadsheet application software globally. Also, it is a powerful data visualization and analytic tool available to Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS operating systems respectively.

  1. Notepad

Notepad or Microsoft Notepad is a generic text editor that allows you to create, open and read plain text-files, just like Word pad. Also, additional features like inserting pictures and special formatting features are not available. The Microsoft notepad is included in all the versions of Microsoft Windows.

  1. Microsoft power point

Microsoft power point is a slideshow application software from Microsoft for business and personal use. It is also included in the Microsoft suite of applications. You can use it to create, edit, view, present or share presentations quickly and easily. In addition, Microsoft power point is available in all versions of Microsoft Windows.

  1. Microsoft Access

Microsoft access is a database management application software newly included in the Microsoft suite of applications that assist the user to store information for reference, reporting and analysis. Furthermore, Microsoft Access helps you analyze large amounts of information and manage related data efficiently.

  1. Google Chrome

Google chrome is fast, free, easy to use web application software, developed by Google, designed for Android, Windows, Mac OS, and IOS operating systems respectively. Also,the browser also serves as a platform for web apps extensions and, it is simple, secure and fast. Furthermore, with different updates release over the years, we can say that Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsing application software worldwide.

  1. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a free open source application software for playing multimedia files. Also, VLC media player supports a large number of audio and video compression methods and file formats. In addition, VLC media player is one the best application media software due to it’s fast, easy to use interface and multiple multimedia channels. It also runs on all Windows versions from – Windows 10 to Windows XP SP3.

  1. Microsoft Encarta

Microsoft Encarta is an application software developed by Microsoft for web and internet surfers for any relevant scholarly information search. However, it just became an online encyclopedia in 2009, before  the move to make it an online web application software, it had been a helpful encyclopedia for everyone. Also, its 2008 premium version containes 62,000 articles on different topics that you buy on CD. Similarly, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia now has 1,800,000 location maps, more than 68,000 articles, 26,000 pictures and educational videos.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe reader is one of the outstanding examples of application software developed by Adobe Inc. Furthermore, you use it to create, view, edit, manipulate and print portable document format. Similarly, Adobe reader is an example of an application software for sharing electronic document. So, wherever you are, you can now save and access your PDF files to, via your mobile phone, to its new cloud storage facilities.

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  1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop application software is a global standard software program in digital imaging. Also, you use it worldwide for design, photography, video editing and more. In addition, you organize, edit and create digital images with the Adobe Photoshop, .

  1. Auto CAD

Auto CAD stands for (Computer Aided design or computer aided drafting). It is an application software for 2D and 3D design and drafting. Similarly, Auto CAD is a commercial automatic computer aided design and drafting software, that Autodesk developed. Furthermore, architects or drafters use it to construct and make blueprints and engineering plans.

  1. Corel Draw

Corel draw is a vector graphics editor that Corel corporation designed and is marketing. Also, CorelDRAW is an example of an application software with different capabilities to create or drastically edit images. Furthermore, it is a robust graphics suite with many features for users to edit, create and save graphics images. In addition, it is capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages. Finally, CorelDraw is primarily designed for the Windows operating system.

  1. WinRAR

WinRAR is one of the examples of application software in our list. In addition, Eugene Roshal made it for data compression and archiving. Also, it allows you to create and open in RAR and ZIP file formats. In addition, this application software has built-in tools to fix broken archives, encrypt data with password, split files into parts, compress and decompress files.

  1. Apple numbers

Apple Inc is the developer of apple Numbers for its newest application software iWork suite.  Also, it is part of the iWork productivity suite alongside pages and keynotes. Similarly, Numbers is a spreadsheet application software like Microsoft Excel. In addition, Numbers is available for iOS and MacOS only.

  1. Apache Open office

Apache Open office formerly known as Open office, is a free alternative application software with a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, presentation, formula editor and data management base. Furthermore, it is an open source productivity application software. Also, Open office is an example of the first, big, mainstream application software to Microsoft office. Because of that, user recognize as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an web online application software with an audio distribution platform. It has 40 million users who have registered on the platform. Also, it has 175 million unique users per month. In addition, it is a music sharing website based in Germany. Furthermore, the platform enables its users to share, upload and promote audio files.

  1. Google Earth

Google earth was developed by Google and, it is also one of the examples of application software. Also, you can use it to render a 3D representation of the earth. In addition, it allows you to view the earth through high resolution graphics and satellite images.

  1. Skype

Skype is a telecommunication application software that facilitates free internet communication between users and devices alike. Furthermore, you can all Skype a social media application, because of its instant messaging and it’s free provision for online voice calls.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a instant messaging application software, that provides instant messaging services between friends and families anywhere, anytime. Also, the application allows video calls, as well as voice calls. In addition, it supports images, media transmission, documents and web browsers. Presently, you can use on your personal computers too.


It is evident that these examples of application software we have listed in this article, have simplified a number of tasks for users and organizations. Furthermore, you can use these applications to harness computing power to complete numerous tasks quickly and easily. Finally, they have made the use of computer software widespread and communication simple.

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