10 Best-Rated Apps like Snapseed for Android

There are lots of editing and photography apps that have been designed in the modern day. If you are a lover of those two things I mentioned earlier, then you would be excited about what we are presenting to you in this post. So, if you do editing and photography like me, then you would like to know the apps that you can use that are alternative apps to Google Snapseed. Yes, there are numerous apps that have been created enabling you to do editing the way you want. Furthermore, we will analyze them so that you can make the right choice.

Apps like Snapseed

So, in this post, I will list 10 of the best apps like Snapseed that you can get for your Android devices. Let us start now.

10 Best Apps like Snapseed Android

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Apps like Snapseed-Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express is another app you can use easily on your Android devices quite well. The app allows you to create the things you want. Similarly, it lets you do a lot of edits with features like cropping, adding filters, and a lot more. Try the app today.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Apps like Snapseed-Adobe Photoshop FixAdobe Photoshop Fix is one of the other apps that you can use on your Android devices. This app is like Adobe Photoshop express. Furthermore, this app has features that are different from that of Adobe Photoshop. For example, it has features like adding filters and effects on your images. In addition, you can use the app to fix the things you do not want on your image.

  1. VSCO

Apps like Snapseed-VSCOThis app is one of the best apps like Snapseed that you can use with enthusiasm. Also, the app is free for you to download on your Android devices. Furthermore, it comes with a lot of features like cropping, frames, and more. Finally, it is also a standard app that you can use as much as you want.

  1. Visage

Apps like Snapseed-VisageVisage is a very good app to use that you would say is one of the apps like Snapseed. The app has incredible features. Furthermore, it allows you to remove moles, yellow spots and eye bags from your images. Download this app on your Android as you would love the experience.

  1. Facetune

FacetuneThis is another app that you can use very easily on your Android devices. It is another app like most of the others listed here that allows you to fix things you do not want on your image. For example, it lest you fix blemishes, adjust colors and, whiten your teeth.

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  1. Instagram

InstagramYou might know this app already as it is one of the biggest social media apps used in the modern day. The app is also one of the apps like Snapseed that you can use easily on your devices. Also, the app provides you with a plethora of photo editing tools to turn the images you want into something else. So, quickly get the app on your Android devices.

  1. Pixlr

PixlrPixlr is another app you can use quite easily on your Android devices. It is also one of the apps like Snapseed because of the features and things it provides you. Similarly, the app provides you features that you can use almost at a professional level. Also, you can use it to do the things you want with ease.

  1. SKRWT

SKRWTSKRWT is a very good app that you can use very well on your Android devices. The app like most of the other apps in this article also provides you with features of its own. In addition, it allows you to easily adjust and add things to the perspective of your images the way you want it.

  1. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2Afterlight is another app like Snapseed that you would enjoy using. Also, it provides you with all the features that you want like saturation, contrast adjustment, and tone. It also allows you to add text and graphics to the images you are editing.  So, go and get the app for your Android devices.

  1. Canva

CanvaCanva is the last app in this article of the apps like Snapseed. This app is also quite similar to what most of the apps in this article provides you. It also allows you to crop your image, adjust the sizes of the image and lot more. It also has features like graphics and other amazing filters and effects you can use when you download it on your Android devices.


The apps in this article are the best apps like Snapseed that give you different features for your editing pleasure. They also come with filters and effects that you can use quite easily. So, you can quickly pick the app you want now use it and then come back and give us feedback.

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