15 Short Articles About Social Media

impacts of Social media on youth


Social media has its good and wrong sides. Check out useful articles about Social media that can enlighten you on how to be more productive with it.

Social media platforms have come to stay and are also on the increase. One can not overemphasize the usefulness of these social media platforms. This article contains a comprehensive list of useful articles about social media in details.

Articles About Social Media – these 15 are carefully Picked.

These articles talk about the effects of social media on the society, how you can learn from social media, useful tips on how to increase your income, marketing tips on social media and useful tools that can help you. Each one of these articles is beneficial in the use of social media in the betterment of life.

articles about social media

  • 20 Social Media Marketing From the Pros by Cindy King

Get success on your social marketing by following these tips from experts. Analyze past content to improve posts, optimize visual content with links, switch up content formats, deliver content constantly, use hashtags strategically and test Pinterest for your brand.

  • 9 Best Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business in 2019 by Atish Hemade

These social media platforms tools provide the opportunity to share your brands and converts user and visitors to customers. These tools make growing your business easy. Unbox social, Buzzsumo, Buffer Reply, HootSuite, Bubochat, Mention, Videoshop and Canva.

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  • How Social Media Can Help Students Study by Communications team

This article describes how social media can help students in studying. Social media can be used by students to meet their needs. Create a community, continue the conversation, organize learning resources and supplement course materials.

  • Designing for Social Media Advertising| Your Social Media Image Guide

Marketing experts will find this article useful as it explains how to do social media designs, advertising regulations and image sizing for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Social media designing has just been made easy.

  • Positive And Negative Effects of Social Media

Is Social media a Good thing or bad thing for us? Is it helpful to society or is it a disaster? We put together this article to help you decide whether social media is a good thing or not. Effects of Social Media

Social media and the internet at large provides us with lots of information, connects people, gives everyone an equal voice and on the downside, gives misinformation, reduces productivity and can be addictive.

  • 20 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to consider by Alec Barysevich

This article takes a look at the best social media monitoring tools that can help boost your brand awareness, improve your marketing process and bring about useful competitor analysis.

  • How to Fix Social Media Mistakes that can Harm Your Startup

    by Sarah Ann

This article covers the typical social media mistakes that can harm your business startup and how you can avoid them. You can prevent this foolish mistake by reading this article. Focusing on one social media channel, posting the same content on all social media channels, posting inappropriate and Spammy content, ignoring negative comments and being rude and not creating a social media plan or strategy.

What are the things to be done, to reduce the adverse effects of social media on youths? How can you stop your teens from being exposed to unhealthy online activities?

Impact of Social Media on Youth

Engage in your teen’s online world and discuss ongoing conversation about social media with your teen. Educate your teen on how to prevent and avoid some harmful activities done on social media.

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  • Get More People to Share Your Content on Social media without These Top 6 Tips

Need to make your content go Viral on social media? Then you need to follow these six tips on how to get more people to share your content on social media. Distribute your content on social media channels, make use of a strong headline and image, display curated content, ask people to share and create videos and infographics.

  • 7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Learning by eab

Social media can now be used in the classroom, students and instructors working together on the platforms. Students can lead study groups on social media, create and continue conversations, materials, and resources organized in one location and facilitate collaborations.

  • 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business by Azure Collier

This article about social media explores ten reasons why social media marketing can be right for your business and also how to grow your business on social media. Social media is popular, is everywhere, helps get a word out, cost-effective, reaches all ages and demographics, encourages two-way communication, perfect for customer service and makes a lot of difference in email marketing.

  • 23 Benefits of Social Media for Business

A lot of people make use of social media so that it could be of great interest to your business. Social media can increase brand awareness, humanize your brand, increases website traffic, generate leads, boost sales, promote context and make them go viral.

Social Media for Business
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.

Social Media can help you source for contents, used for customer support, help you learn more about your customers, stay on top of industry news and help in an advertisement.

  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Posting to Social Media by Cmjoner

Social media is a rule-free zone so a boundary must be determined personally. This article shows the five questions you should ask yourself before post anything on social media. Before posting, ask yourself, am I seeking approval, am I boosting, am I discontent, is this a moment to protect and is it kind?

  • How to Easily Double Your Traffic From Social Media by Garret Moon

Publishing content to build up an audience and increase traffic to your website but not getting what you want from each content you create? Then this article is for you. Learn how not to be a spammer, whether to share a content multiple times and how to optimize your content. To double your traffic has just been made easy.

  • Insider Secrets for Making the Most of Social Media by Hannah Lacamp

Tips to ace on your online strategy without over exhausting your limited resources. Schedule your post, stick to two or three social channels, turn on notifications for your business page and never stop learning.

There are a lot of pitfalls and benefits to be earned from using the Social media, however with the right information, you can maximize your use of it.

Read these useful articles about Social media and learn how to make your life and business more productive and satisfactory. Do you have other articles you had like to share? Please share it with us.

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