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Education is important to all of us. Here are 20 short articles about education today that you will find useful. Learning is a fun-filled activity if you know how to do it right. Therefore, we require guidance and proper understanding of its benefits. We also need to know about the negative impacts of some educational applications. Articles about education

Therefore, we have put together a list of articles which will give you all the right information about education. And don’t forget to also check out our list of other educational articles.

20 Articles about Education.

These articles support students in their learning and studying, help in teacher-parent involvement, show the importance of education and show the effects of education in our society.

Education has its share of positive and negative effects. This article explains the positive effects education has on society. It explains how the world is impacted by education, in the economy, relationships, health, and social statuses.

  • How to Change Your Habits and Improve your Grades – by Grace Fleming

You do not have to give up on your grades as they are ways by which you could improve them. Examine how you got the bad grades, talk to your teacher, out more energy into studying,  join a study group, get serious, talk to your parents, get organized, talk to your counsellor improve your writing skills and be realistic.

  • Positive Effects of Parents Involvement and Education – by Samantha Hanly

Samantha Hanly, in this lovely article about education, explains the involvement of parents in their children’s education make their grades better. Being involved in children’s affect their career choices, their attitude toward school activities and academic achievement and builds their confidence.

article about education - parents involvement in education

  • Five Reasons Why Education Helps to Advance your Career at Any Level – by Ellie Walburg

We need a lot of methods in self-improvement and education plays a major role in improving and growing your career. Education is an influential step in staying competitive and improving your skills. Education helps in gaining knowledge, enhancing your soft skills, demonstrate a strong work ethic, boost your confidence for success and grow your social network.

  • How to Manage Your Time Effectively

Time management is important to us all. Even the scholar must learn how to manage time efficiently. In this article, tips on how to effectively manage time are outlined. You have to be disciplined to be able to manage your time well. Use a calendar or diary, use a to-do list, evaluate your progress, constantly update your calendar or diary and take breaks and reward yourself.

  • The Positive and Negative Effects of Education in the Classroom – by Claudia Bravo

The use of technology in learning, it’s a positive and negative impact. Technology prepares students for the future and giving them an idea of where the ever-evolving technology is going. The negative effects can be overexposure of learners to screen and altering of reality.

  • How Parents and Teachers Best Educate Young Children – by Gillian Craig

Gillian Craig explores the principles that both parents and teachers can bring to the education of their young children. Ask the right questions, reinforce desirable behaviour, avoid grading, praise strength but also effort and develop the parent-teacher relationship.

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Learning is never easy, and can sometimes take too much time. This article about education explains tips and tricks that can help you learn faster. Important key points include: Teaching yourself or another, taking notes by hand, using mental power, taking a study nap and changing the way you practice.  Being a quick learner has just become easy.

How to learn faster

  • The Role of Parents in a Child’s Education

There has to be cooperation between the home and the school to help a Child’s education. Parents should be able to function as role models to their children and minimize time spending by children doing unnecessary things (SOURCE).

  • 10 Tips to Improve your Online Research – by TBS Staff

The internet provides every kind of information. However, not many know how to sieve through the chaff and find the right information. This short article about education will help you do that. Some important key points include: Be sceptical and verify, make use of academic databases, consult bibliographies, learn to use world cat and Wikipedia, expect the unexpected, make use of keywords and filter and organize your findings.

This article displays the various ways in which you can prepare for an examination. Some important highlights includes: Give yourself enough time for study, organize your study space, make use of flowcharts and diagrams, practice on old exams, explain your exams to others, organize a study group with friends, take regular breaks, snack on brain foods, plan your exam day and drink plenty of water.

Education is seen as a golden ticket but unfortunately is not taken by all. The ways in which education can reach all. This article outlines the important benefits of getting a higher education.

Higher education can bring about economic growth and stability, unity and trust and happier and healthier lives.

  • Seven Tips for Balancing Study with Work – by Suraya Saleh

Juggling study and work can never be easy but you can cope. This article about education outlines some of the tricks and steps to help you achieve both goals. Some important highlights of this helpful article include: Choose to study something that interests you, be realistic, make a study schedule, work out how you study best, learn to prioritize, take advantage of short pockets of time and get your family,  friends, and employers on board.

  • 20 Ways Parents play a role in the Education of Their Children

A child’s education starts from home; therefore, parents are their first teachers. Parents can help by being a good role model, oversee their children’s activities, provide a pleasant atmosphere, help with home assignments, reward them for results, set aside time for them and monitor their Learning (SOURCE).

Research Paper evokes anxiety in a lot of scholars, but this helpful article explains in details how you can do comprehensive research and come up with an impressive article. It also outlines the differences between a research paper and research proposal. Some key points are: Organize before you start writing, write your research paper and revise your research paper draft.

This article about education draws to mind the importance of Education in our society.  Whenever education flourishes, it has a great impact on society. Education has changed a lot of things. In addition, not all the impacts of education are positive, a lot of others are harmful.

  • How I Became a Straight Student by Following These Seven Rules – by Danielle Wong

Daniel Wong explains the seven rules GE followed to Become a Straight-A Student. Always have a plan, be organized, take care of your physical health, don’t cram, form a homework group, set up a distraction-free study area and clarify your doubts immediately.

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  • 5 Positive Effects Technology has on Teaching and Learning – by the Kurzweil Blog Team

Technology can supplement teaching tools, motivate students to learn, help students learn at their own pace, act as an additional resource for students and prepare children for the future. In this article about education, we explore some of the most compelling effects of technology in comprehensive details, allowing teachers to learn more tips about how to apply and reap these benefits.

  • Why Educating Girls, make Economic Sense – by Jo Bourne

In many developing countries, educating the girl child is often ignored or frowned upon. Jo Bourne discusses the importance of educating the girl child. An educated girl can reduce poverty in her community, have fewer, healthier and better-educated children. Investing in a girl’s education is the smart thing to do.

article about educating girls

We all know the troubles associated with the Teenage years and therefore we require some guidance to teach these young adults without been treated with resentment or nonchalance. These helpful articles about education contains insights on how to stimulate the teen brain through findings from neuroscience. Teach your teen, encourage your youth and give them brain exercises.

There are many more wonderful articles about education that can help you understand learning better. Take advantage of the internet and learn a lot more. Do you have more helpful resources about Education, please do let us know.

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