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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

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For those of you that do not know what artificial intelligence apps mean, I will explain further. Artificial intelligence is one of the areas of computer science that is focused on the use of machines intelligence around us. It is also known as AI. Also, these machines work and react like humans. For instance, a lot of people do a hectic job without rest. That is where the AI comes in to provide them with help to do their task or chore efficiently.

 Best Artificial Intelligence apps

It may be expensive for you to get these machines so, that is why developers have created apps that can enable you to have your own AI on our palms using your Smart devices, either for Android users or iOS users. So, in this post, I will be listing 10 of the best Artificial intelligence apps you can download now.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence apps for Android and iOS users

  1. Cortana

 Best Artificial Intelligence apps-CortanaIf you are a tech person or current in the tech world, you would definitely now Cortana. This app is used by a lot of people around the world using Android or iOS devices. as the app provides them with features of artificial intelligence. The app was created by tech giants Google and it can help you do a lot from keeping track of your images to your files and many more.

  1. Google Allo

 Best Artificial Intelligence apps-Google AlloGoogle Allo is another app suitable to be part of the best artificial intelligence apps.  This app also comes with its own features. It is easy to get on Android and iOS devices and you can use it as a voice to speech app. In addition, it features that provide you with incognito mode allowing you to work safely and in secret.

  1. FaceApp

 Best Artificial Intelligence apps-FaceAppFaceApp is another app you might consider to select and download among this list of the best artificial intelligence apps. You can do a lot that you want with this app unlike the rest of the other apps. It allows you to change your gender, your hairstyle, the way you look amongst many other things. You can also download it on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Hound

 Best Artificial Intelligence apps-HoundHound is another fast, efficient and reliable app that you can download on either your Android or iOS devices. The app has an amazing interface you would love as it allows you to use its features. It provides you with locations of places you want and more, it is also useable as a voice to speech app.

  1. Replika

ReplikaReplika is another amazing popular app that allows you to do a lot. It is part of the best artificial apps for because the app allows you to know yourself, in context it allows you to discover your personality. It is downloadable on both Android and iOS devices, it also allows you to save contents on it easily.

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  1. Swiftkey Keyboard

-artificial intelligence apps-Swift keyBoardSwiftkey Keyboard is another app you can use as an artificial intelligence app. The app is quite popular as it also has users all over the world. You can download it on both your Android or iOS devices, the app has features of its own also. As it presents you with fonts and colors among a ton of other things.

  1. Edison Assistant

Edison AssistantEdison Assistant is one of the other amazing apps you can download for Android and iOS devices. The app like most other apps has a very nice interface enabling you to work well enough. One feature it has embedded in it is, to show your routes and locations that you can take while going out. It also shows you places you want to go to on the app from schools to restaurants and more.

  1. Lyra

LyraLyra is another fantastic app you can use that is quite popular. Also, it is one of the best artificial intelligence apps you can get. You can use it for maps like Edison assistant. The app has a lot of other features that you can use like, saving your notes to setting an alarm among other things. It is available for download on Android and iOS devices if you are happy with its contents.

  1. Elsa Speak

Elsa SpeakElsa Speak is a good app to also use and download on either of your Android or iOS devices. The app has a lot of features you can use on it like most other listed artificial intelligence apps in this article. One specific thing you can rate this app for is its ability to teach you to speak appropriate English. It provides you with features enabling you to do so from pronunciations to terms and a lot more.

  1. Socratic

SocraticSocratic is another app that you can get on your Android or iOS devices. The app also has a good interface that you can use providing you with a lot of things.  Some of these are similar to Elsa speaks. Socratic focuses on mathematics and gives you the tools to enable you to know more about it.


There are many artificial intelligence apps all around the world. Apps providing you with fantastic features you can use in any order you want to solve daily problems. These apps mentioned above are the best you can use for either your Android or your iOS devices. Go and get your own now.

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