At Max VS Garrett at pro metal detector reviews

The Garrett AT series is known as one of the most powerful metal detectors in the world. The detectors are known for delivering impressive performance and depth to users. Testers and owners of Garrett models have given it high and wonderful reviews. In this post, we will be looking at some of the differences between the models named Garrett At Max and At Pro.

The Garrett AT PRO metal detector is a certified metal detector that is used either by professionals or hobbyists. It can be used to find any type of metal such as gold, coin, nickels, and so on. It is the first of the AT series.

The Garrett AT MAX metal detector on the other hand is the latest and current model in the AT series. According to reviews, this model is the greatest one yet out of all Garrett series. One of its greatest features is the Z-Lynk Wireless technology it has. The AT MAX needs no cord. You can use it to transmit audio to headphones wirelessly. In addition to that, it is built to work perfectly in saltwater conditions.

Garrett AT Pro VS at Max

The Garrett AT Pro

Although Garrett has three series with outstanding performance, the most popular one still remains the AT Pro. It is part of the AT Gold and AT Max. This detector provides users with a professional service while they are out detecting metals. The AT is an acronym that stands for All-Terrain. It is a device that is very durable. This detector can handle whatever it is you are using it for. It is useful in haunting in the park, field, desert, and even a beach. The most wonderful thing about it is that it requires little maintenance.

Some of the features it has are Ground balance, numerical target ID, Iron audio, pinpointing node, and notch discrimination. It is built with a 4 AA battery and has an armrest to make it more comfortable for users. Whether you are an expert or novice in metal detecting, you will have no problem with this detector as it is very easy to use. It is recommended that you get a rechargeable cell with the AT Pro.

You can use the AT Pro to hunt and discover relics, jewelry, and coins. Since it has a 15kHz frequency, you can also use it to also discover gold. It is easy to carry around since it weighs about 3.03lbs. The detector has a DD PROformance coil if about 8.5” x 11”. The coil provides target separation and depth which is suitable in most situations.

Despite having lots of features and settings, the Garrett AT Pro is a very easy to use metal detector.

The Garrett AT Max

The AT MAX metal detector is the upgraded version of the AT Pro. It was designed with better and upgraded features to make metal detecting more exciting. It is more expensive then the PRO and that should be no surprise. If you would want more from your metal, then you would not mind spending extra. Just like the AT Pro, it is also very easy to use whether you have prior experience with a metal detector or not.

Some of the features it has are Iron audio, Ground balance (automatic and automatic), all-metal mode, digital target ID, Z-link wireless audio, and upgraded electronics that provides it with high depth. According to Garrett, these features that are present with the AT Max make it the “most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector”.

AT Max is also lightweight weighing about 3.03lbs, has 4 AA batteries, and a built-in pinpointing mode. It is also used to hunt for metals underwater since it is waterproof. Whether you are hunting on the land or shallow water, it is useful in hunting for metals in any environment. The Garret Max can resist any condition and it can work in any ground under any condition. You can use it to hunt for any metallic objects such as coins, relics, jewelry, and much more. This device comes with a PROformance DD search coil of 8.5” x 11”. The coil is very solid and can separate relevant and irrelevant targets. However, it might not be effective for hunting gold because it has a frequency of 13.6kHz.

Garrett AT Pro metal detector manual

The AT Pro metal detector is very easy to use. It comes with a manual to instruct owners how they can start using it for metal hunting. It comes with its own four AA batteries, so all you need to do is turn it on. To do this, all you have to is press the power button. You can change its different detection modes by using the Mode push button.

If you think your detector is too sensitive, you can choose to adjust the sensitivity or discrimination settings. Whether you change the sensitivity or not, you can begin to scan. Put the metal detector about 3 cm above the ground and move left or right every 1m/s.

You can check your owner’s manual for better and detailed instructions.

Garrett AT Max metal detector

The AT Max is the most advanced metal detector on the market. It is very easy to use even for beginners. When using it, you get to control it totally and enjoy its upgraded performance. You can use it to hunt for anything such as coins, jewelry, brass, relics, and so on. It also has a long life span as it is built to be hardy. The AT Max is a metal detector that can resist anything thrown at it.

With a 13 kHz, the AT Max has deeper penetration but lesser target separation than the AT Pro. It also has high iron discrimination. This means that, when you use it, it can dig a few junks. However, this setting can also make it miss targets.  In addition to this, the AT Max also has an elimination button that can delete the trash from the search pattern.


In conclusion, this is all there is to know about the Garrett AT Max and AT Pro. They are both great metal detectors. However, there are so many things you might have to put into consideration before purchasing either.

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