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At&t customer service number
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AT&T customer service number, email address and full contact details are contained in this post.

AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications and mass media company, incorporated on October 5, 19883 having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and the United States. This conglomerate holding company (AT&T) has a wide range of products including Satellite television, Digital television, a Fixed line telephone, Mobile phone, IPTV, OTT Services, Broadband, Network security and Home Security. It has two major divisions: At & T Communications and AT & T International. You might want to learn more on Wikipedia.

At&t customer service number

AT&T operates through different four divisions as Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility and International. These segments generate the various subsidiaries of AT&T Inc.

  • AT&T Digital Life
  • AT&T Dish
  • AT&T Internet
  • AT&T Corporation
  • AT&T Mobility
  • AT&T Originals
  • AT&T Labs
  • AT&T U-verse
  • AT&T GoPhone
  • AT&T SportsNet
  • AT&T Mexico
  • BellSouth
  • Cricket Wireless
  • Otter Media
  • DirecTV
  • AT&T Mobility
  • SKY Brasil Services Ltda.

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Major Services of AT&T: this world’s largest telecommunications company offers numerous great services, some of which are highlighted below:

  1. Wireless Communications
  2. Digital entertainment
  3. Internet interactive game playing
  4. Rendering internet services
  5. Digital video services
  6. Local and long distance telephone services
  7. Sales of telecommunications equipment
  8. Home and office network management
  9. Wholesale of services and products
  10. Mobile share plans
  11. Equipment instalment programs: allowing users to upgrade their handset to a greater version.
  12. Roaming network services
  13. Creating internal data networks
  14. High-speed internet usage
  15. External data network assessment
  16. Transferring of data other users or multiple lines
  17. Providing business voice applications
  18. Provides complex global data networks
  19. Enables inter-office electronic communications
  20. Support for network designing
  21. Network management of varying scales
  22. Enabling database applications: e-mail, order entry systems, employees directories and human resources transactions
  23. Intrastate, interstate and international wholesale networking capacity to other service providers
  24. Voice and data services
  25. Availability of postpaid or prepaid pricing plans
  26. It offers consulting and advertising services
  27. Allows unused data plans to be rolled over to the next month
  28. Wi-Fi services
  29. Supports for travelling abroad
  30. And other lots of great services offered by its various services.

AT&T Customer Service Full Contact Details

Now, if you are interested in utilizing any of the AT&T goods and services stated above, you will need to get more details of its products through the AT&T customer service agents or their website. Or are you a customer already with some issues regarding making payments, usage checking, getting your balance, upgrading your wireless devices, or having any other queries, complaints and suggestions? Then you will have to make use of our listed contacts details of the AT&T customer service support. Look through carefully so that you will know which of the right number to call for your specific requirement.

AT&T Subsidiaries Telephone Numbers

  • AT&T Digital Life:   866-861-6075
  • AT&T Dish: 1-866-722-7500, 866-266-1292
  • AT&T Internet: 1-888-757-6500, 866-861-6075
  • AT&T U-verse: 1-800-288-2020, 1-800-855-2880
  • AT&T GoPhone: 1-800-9019878
  • AT&T HomePhones: 1-800-397-3172
  • Cricket Wireless: 1-800-331-0500, 1-866-241-6568
  • DirecTV: 1-800-288-1145

AT&T Customer Support Phone Numbers.

You can also access their other AT&T services by using the stipulated customer care phone numbers below:

  • Web Conferencing:                            1-888-796-6118, 1-847-562-7015
  • Audio Conferencing:                         1-888-333-2505, 1-847-562-7017
  • Host Account Administration:          1-800-526-2655, 1-816-523-9818
  • Billing & Invoice Inquiries:              1-800-722-3481, 1-315-442-3121
  • AT&T Prepaid:                                   800-901-9878
  • Travelling abroad Support:                +1-408-962-1025, +1-314-925-6925
  • Disability resources:                          800-651-5111

Call  AT&T customer service 800-288-2020 number for Internet usage support, Digital Phone support, fixing any technical issues and general support.

Here’s the AT&T customer service email contact: [email protected]

AT&T Twitter page: Twitter@ATTCares and @ATTBusiness

 AT&T Mailing Address: AT@T Corporate,208 S. Akard ST. Dallas, TX 75202.

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