10 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android And iOS

If you love music and apart from listening to music, enjoy singing and wish you could have an app that could help you modify your singing as you edit it, your wish has come true. There are apps that can help you do that but the problem you will have is that of choosing the best one, out of the tons of apps that do the same tasks. That is why this article is needed. I will be listing the 10 best audio editing apps you can use on either of your Android or iOS devices.

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10 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android And iOS

  1. Walk Band

audio editing apps -walk bandWalk Band is like a studio music app that is very efficient and useful in helping you edit your voice or whatever you need to edit very easily on your Android devices. This app has features coming with very realistic sounds from guitars to drums and the rest of them just to help you modify and turn your voice and song into a very good recording.

  1. Mp3 Cutter

mp3 cutterThis app is very good and easy to use, enables you to work and edit with every bit of convenience. As the name implies, it allows you to cut part of the music and make your own sound out of it. With different tools and features it offers, it would be very easy for you to edit and then save it. You can do this any number of times you want on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Music Maker Jam

music maker jamMusic Maker Jam is one other audio editing app you can count on to give you exclusive content on the app. Like other apps, you can create and edit what you want and turn them into music. This app has features that give you up to a thousand studio qualities you need, with several assorted genres from pop to rock and the rest of them. You would find this app amusing to use and convenient on either your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Beat Slice

audio editing apps -beat sliceBeat Slice is an app that is quite similar to the other audio editing apps that you can use on your iOS devices. The features this app brings to the table is allowing you to select any number of songs you want. Any type at all from anywhere in the world and permits you to cut them. It also gives you the ability to customize them into your own music using different types of electrified, magnetized sounds.

  1. Drum Pads 24

drums padDrum pad 24 is one of the other amazing app available for download for both Android and iOS users.  Also, like the other apps in the article, it enables you to make music right from your fingertip. Allowing you to create and edit sounds and turning them into instrumental songs of your liking. This app is not far off like the other apps but its interface is easy to use and very convenient to go through.

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  1. Hokusai

hokusaiHokushi is a very good app to use as it allows you to edit audios in a very good way, on any of your iOS devices. This app allows you to record yourself singing then sends the recording to the editing part of the app awaiting the kind of modifications you would like to add to it. It is easy to do a lot on the app from creating to editing to cutting and a lot more, it also applies a voice filter for you to use.

  1. Audio Editor Tool

audio editor toolAudio Editor Tool allows you to edit easily on your Android and iOS devices. It gives you the best features that allow your editing process to go with ease and comfort. This app is one of those apps that has two versions, one which is free and the other being premium. The two versions share the same name but it is easy to say that they have different features, that you can only use when you purchase the premium version.

  1. WavePad

audio editing apps -wave padWavePad is another convenient and useable app that allows you to do a lot. The app provides you with a lot of features that enable you to create and edit audio sounds. Aside from that, the app permits you to use audio effects that come along with it. Some of these effects are amplifier and noise reduction. This app is also available for Android and iOS users, giving you amazing tools to cut songs the way you want on the app.

  1. edjing Mix

edjing mixWell, this app is quite popular among users, it is an app that allows you to use do similar things like other apps in this article permits you to do. This app allows you to be good in editing with the features laid down and enabled for you to use. It is available for Android and iOS users. Also, after you are done with the editing, the app also enables you to share your work with friends.

  1. Lexis Audio Editor

audio editing apps -lexis audio editorLexis Audio Editor is part of the other audio editing apps available for Android and iOS users. This app is very easy to use also having similar features as the others. It allows you to create, edit and cut songs you want to cut them. This app’s features separate the files you saved from the original files. This is so to prevent a clash and confusion of the two files.


Getting different apps that can help you edit what you need to your taste is not easy to find. However, it is getting the best one that suits your specific need that is hard. That is why we wrote this article to show you the 10 best audio editing apps. We have also analyzed them for you. These ones here have the best features so, get any of them for your use.


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