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Audio to Text Converter free download

This post, we will explain how to get audio to text converter free download. In this fast-paced digital world, you are constantly looking for ways to use apps to work, for more efficiency and less stress. So, if you are a journalist, lawyer, podcaster, student and professional transcriptionist, you need audio to text converter like Transcribe. Transcribe will save you thousands of hours of transcription time monthly and you can convert your audio to text with automatic transcription. You are also able to convert your speech to text through a fast and accurate dictation. Furthermore, you can slow down audio and transcribe faster, using the firmly inbuilt player and editor of the platform. And to give you more freedom you have foot pedal integration, inbuilt automatic text expander and you don’t have to switch back and forth between the media player and the editor.

audio to text converter


Moreover, the Transcribe service offers two ways to Transcribe audio and video files. The first method is automatic transcription and the second is Self Transcription service. Besides, the automatic Transcription works nearly perfectly for clear, well-recorded audio and video files in the various languages supported by the Transcribe app.

Furthermore, Transcribe offers a writing environment that has an audio player, that helps you transcribe the audio in a single screen. This prevents continuously switching between a media-player and a text editor. In addition, Transcribe is trusted by major brands around the world like Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, and Intel to mention but a few. To subscribe, choose a plan and pay an annual license fee in advance. Besides, you can have a 7 days preview of the service and 5 minutes of audio or video upload trial. Allow me to show you how you can download this audio to text converter fast.

Audio to text converter free download

Steps to get audio to text converter

  1. Visit the Transcribe Sign Up page at
  2. And click on start Transcribing.
  3. If you already have an account login if not, fill the form on the screen to create an account
  4. Enter your full name, email address and choose a password. Also, enter License type
  5. Also, do the reCAPTCHA test and pass it, and then click on Sign Up.
    audio to text converter
  6. Confirm your email address. Open it and click on the link from Transcribe And follow any other instructions if any.
  7. You now have access to a free 7 days Preview of the service.
  8. And after the preview, if you are satisfied, you can buy a license from within the app.

How to get a free trial of Audio or Video Transcribe

  1. Also, use the Question box located below on the right side of the Home page screen to request for a free trial.
  2. And if your application is approved, you will have access to a (5-minute free trial)
  3. Next, you will receive the free trial coupon code with a file link.
  4. So, select the express @1 day package to upload trial audio or video to Transcribe
    audio to text converter
  5. And in the Extra Notes section, type in “This is for trial” in the file link before you upload your file
  6. And at the checkout point, type in the coupon code in the right box, and then click on “Apply to order,” and proceed.
  7. Also, your document should not be not more than 200 MB in size and you will receive a response the next working day.
  8. Note, that the platform will only transcribe the first five minutes of your document that you uploaded.
  9. That is how to download the audio to text converter using transcribe free trial.
  10. You can buy one year license if you are impressed at $20 per year.text to spaeech

Features of the Transcribe Service

  • Convert audio to text with automatic transcription
  • Convert your speech to text by a fast and accurate dictation
  • Slow down audio and transcribe fast using the firmly integrated player and editor
  • Also, foot pedal integration is part of this audio to text converter
  • You have access to a built-in automatic text expander
  • Upload files of up to 200 MB to the transcription hub.
  • No more switching back and forth between the media player and the editor
  • Automatically saves every keystroke: The text that is transcribed is automatically saved using your browser’s local storage.
  • Works offline: The Transcribe editor and the audio player works without an Internet connection.
  • Secure and Private: Trusted by thousands of privacy-conscious users around the world

The cost of Transcribe’s Service

Transcribe has an easy to understand pricing model to enable you to get the audio to text converter easily.

  • An annual license fee is US$20 giving you unlimited 1-year access to Transcribe’s integrated player+editor and Dictation engine.
  • Note that Automatic transcription costs 10 cents per minute of audio. This is an optional add-on that you can buy at any time during your license term.
  • Also, automatic transcriptions are limited to 1-min previews until you buy auto-transcribe minutes along with the annual license.
  • Here’s a link to the pricing page:
  • You will receive a message to renew your license each year
  • Also, you can cancel anytime from the account page.
  • And you will get a full refund if you submit a request in 7 days after you buy the self transcription or automatic transcription subscriptions.


In this post, we explained how to get the audio to text converter free download. There are many software and platforms that provide this service. Furthermore, we analyzed how you can get one of the best service providers that leading brands in the world trust. To get the download, visit the website and fill the form to preview the product for 7 days. Also, you can get a 5 minutes free trial of your audio or video transcribe request. Try Transcribe today.


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