10 Best Audiobooks App for Android And iPhone

Do you remember the days when audiobooks were sold on CDs, however, today, you have audiobooks apps. I even had a few audio-books and eBooks saved on my flash, and I would listen to them with my computer whenever I like with ease. Nowadays, to get access to your favorite audiobook, you must have a smart mobile device. What this means is that over the years the regular audio-book CD’s you use to buy has been Digitized and, can now be accessed by mobile applications easily compared to CDs.

Audiobook Apps

Now, you can listen to the latest bestsellers when you are on a trip, or check out the latest celebrity biography during workout sessions with an Audiobook app. Audiobooks apps are available for all mobile phone platforms like Android, iOS and even Windows. So, accessing your favorite audiobooks from your mobile device is simple and easy. In recent times, Audiobooks apps are now packed with the latest bestsellers and literary classics. Quickly, let us look at some of the best audio-books you can download for your mobile device.

10 Best Audiobooks Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Serial Box

audiobooks apps-Serial Box

Serial box offers a wide range of novel genres from fantasy to action and drama. With serial box, listeners can aim for shorter episodic content, instead of fat novels. Also, the ease of access is simple, as you can always listen to different episodes at different leisure times on your smart devices. Also, you can get for your Android and iOS devices. In addition, this app includes usage payment features. For instance, once installed the first episode is free, but subsequent episodes cost $1.99.

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  1. Google Playbooks

audiobooks apps-Google Playbooks

Unlike other audiobooks apps, Google play books do not run on subscriptions. Instead, there is an available option that allows mobile audiobook users to preview audiobooks with actions to buy over the Google playbook marketplace. Also, these mobile applications allow you to listen to the audiobooks that you had purchased on all mobile platforms and devices, without disruption or delay.

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  1. Kobo Books: eBooks & Audiobooks

audiobooks apps-Kobo Books: eBooks & Audiobooks

Kobo audiobook player covers the basics like a timeline scrubber bar, time skip buttons, playback speed options, snooze timer, and good chapter navigation tool. Also, it includes cross-platform syncing, a customize eBook reader and a discount rate for first-time users or their first eBook purchase. In addition, it also offers a rich library of eBooks and audiobooks in its online marketplace.

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  1. Amazon Kindle

audiobooks apps-Amazon Kindle

Apart from a large online shopping platform, Amazon also created provisions for book lovers with this audiobook app. Amazon Kindle is designed with a variety of different audiobooks, for your reading and listening pleasure. Also, you can get the app for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, it has millions of downloads worldwide, it is a popularly used audiobook app.

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  1. Audible Audiobooks App

Audible Audiobooks App

Audible audiobooks App carries a lot of awesome experience with it. You can find just about any book here, with quality enhanced audios for a better listening experience. This app is another very commonly used audiobook app. Also, you have a 30 days trial period for prominent users, after this, you will need a subscription package to get complete and proper access to the books.

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  1. Smart Audio Book Player

Smart Audio Book Player

Get awesome audiobook listening experience with this app. Also, you can customize voice and speech speed too. Furthermore, you can play audiobooks across multiple mobile device platforms. This is a smart audiobook option and it is free on the Google play store.

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  1. English Audiobooks

English Audiobooks

You can easily learn the English language with this audiobook app. Also, it has more than 3000 free audiobooks for your listening ease. In addition, it has more options to adjust and customize voice quality and speed effectively. You can also stream audiobooks online with this platform. This app is available for Android users alone.

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  1. Beelinguapp: Learn a New Language with Audiobooks


Audiobooks apps differ in terms of the contents they provide. Also, you can have Audiobooks according to the topic they cover. Beelinguapp is a language learning platform that helps users learn new languages via audiobooks. This platform is full of different audiobooks in many languages. In addition, it is a known method or technique for improving language and learning skills.

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  1. WattPad


Wattpad is another audiobook app with a rich collection of audiobooks. Discover millions of free audiobooks on this app. Many users love social storytelling platforms.  So, if you’re wondering where you can download free audiobooks, this awesome app is the place for you. It has a global community of about 70 million readers and writers. In addition, this app squarely demonstrates the power of story-telling.

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  1. 50000 Free eBooks and Audiobooks

Download this app to enjoy free audiobooks and eBooks. Just like its name, this app has an awesome collection of over 50000 free audiobooks. Download and listen to audiobooks anywhere, anytime and with any device you want. We can boldly say that this is one of the cheapest audiobook platforms in the world. Also, it is available for Android and iOS platforms.

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Search on your favorite audiobook subjects with these audiobook apps, customize and adjust all basic audiobook options with these apps. You should also know that mobile apps can handle both eBooks and audiobooks. In fact, some of the apps in this list have these functions too. So, make sure you get amazing audiobooks and eBooks that suit your listening choice and reading taste.


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