How to Track your Parcels via the Australia Post

This article contains an in-depth description of the Australia Post tracking platform and how you can send and keep track of all post and parcels across Australia. It includes the features, online tracking tools, and instructions on how to get started on tracking your parcels. Do read on to find out more about the information on how the post tracking process works.

When you wish to send a post via the Australia Post, this can be easy except that if you do not keep track of your parcel, you may find a hard time driving it to the exact recipient. Literally speaking, it might get lost.

The concept of tracking and tracing has been used for many years by companies and users alike. This is to ensure that all parcels are appropriately delivered to the right location.

Australia Post tracking

It is an important process especially if you are shipping your parcel from somewhere in the world or using a cargo ship. It is equally important when sending a parcel within the country for many reasons. The most important reason being the fact you will be ahead of all processes until your parcel gets to the right destination.

Australia Post Tracking: How it works.

Australia post tracking

When you wish to track a post in Australia, there are many methods of doing so. The old-fashioned way involves the recipient of tidbits of information from your shipping company about the details of when your parcel will arrive and details if it was delayed.

Today, many companies are more technologically inclined and therefore utilize barcodes which allow you to simply go to your website and see in real time the details concerning your package.

A Barcode or post tracking number is a unique number embedded on your parcel within the shipping and transport company before the transporting process is initiated. Many major companies such as Deutsche Post, United Parcel Service, Air Road and FedEx utilize this tracking method. The Australia post uses this process as well although it is done using 3rd party websites.


The Australia Post is a delivery service that gives you access to sending and receiving parcels both locally and internationally.

3rd Party Websites for tracking parcels via the Australia Post

How to track an Australia Post

All Posts and parcels domestically and internationally via Australia can only be tracked by entering your tracking number. This is done at any one of some independent sites to view and keep track of your merchandise. What it involves is a visit to the third party website. Next, enter your tracking number and then you can keep track of your parcels. You can have access to the tracking details and stay in line from the origin country to its destination.

Apart from your post tracking number, you can also use an air waybill (AWB) number or reference number. This depends on how your post is getting to its destination country.

Australia Post Tracking Agencies you can use

There are many 3rd party websites that can be used to keep track of your Australia post. Some of which I will be explaining below.

  1. TrackingMore: TrackingMore is a website that lets you auto import and track Australia Post shipments from websites such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Wish, eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and ShipStation shop. You can simply integrate the Australia Post tracking API to be integrated into your website. You can also receive access to customized emails and SMS notifications of Australia Post Shipment.
  2. AfterShip: The AfterShip also gives you access to a plugin you can place in your website for visitors to track packages as well
  3. Parcelmonitor: The Parcel monitor is actually one of the favourite tracking platform used by many in the region. With it, you can handle multiple tracking and therefore an ideal solution to all your tracking needs.

All of this and many more Australia Post tracking websites exist that can be used in keeping track of all your parcels. Do let us know about your experiences while using any one of them.

We would love to know which one works for you and why. Place a comment below and let us talk about it.

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