YouTube’s Plan to Pay Artists for AI Music

AI Music

A few weeks ago YouTube revealed how it plans to deal with the impact of AI technology on the music industry. This is especially true in terms of its video hosting platform and its partnerships with labels, artists, and rights holders. YouTube wants to protect artists’ work and they believe AI can also enhance music […]

The 3 Best Tools for Improving Your Live Streams

Improving Your Live Streams

The 3 Best Tools for Improving Your Live Streams As technology becomes more pervasive and internet access continues to expand globally, we are witnessing an exponential rise in the variety and volume of content shared online. In this digital era, live streaming has emerged as a prominent trend, primarily spurred by the growing popularity of […]

Best Cheap SmartPhones of 2023

For years, acquiring cheap smartphones required shelling out over $500, but fortunately, those times have passed. Nowadays, you can discover devices that cater to most of your requirements for as little as $160. Yet, navigating the realm of budget smartphones can be a bit of a challenge. Many options that appear impressive on paper often […]

eNaira, Nigeria’s Digital Currency

eNaira is Africa’s first digital currency for Nigeria and is issued by the central bank. This new CBDC will be used to compete with other popular cryptocurrencies that are popular with young Nigerians and will bring the technology of blockchain with it. Nigeria’s new digital currency will make finance more accessible, enable direct payment to […]

4 Best Twitter Alternatives in 2023

best twitter alternatives

People are searching rapidly for the best Twitter alternatives out there. Following Elon Musk’s volatile takeover of Twitter, the social media platform has been spoiled by a series of events that he caused and has eroded users’ trust in the platform. From the blue tick controversy to the reinstatement of controversial figures like Donald Trump […]

Boosting Profits with AI in Crypto Markets

AI in Crypto Markets

With the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up new possibilities over the past couple of years for traders who want to stay ahead of the fast-paced markets and make even more money with AI in Crypto Markets. The days of relying on humans for pattern recognition and […]

Jobs AI Will Replace in the Near Future

When the new millennium started at the stroke of midnight in 2000 everyone was scared that computers and the internet would take over the world and our jobs.  Now we are looking at the jobs AI will replace in the near future. As you can see, that never happened. The 2000 internet revolution actually created […]

The 10 Best AI Tools to Use Online

The meteoric rise in the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here.People want to know what the best AI tools are to use. We have seen the progress over the last few years and we all knew its time would come. There is no more waiting for it, AI is here and we are seeing […]

Top 5 Gaming PC and Reviews

top 5 gaming pc's

These are our top 5 gaming PC for 2023 and beyond.  The gaming industry is huge and only getting bigger. If you can imagine a product for gaming it has been invented. Here we are giving our opinion on the top 5 PC for gamers.   Enjoy!!   Top 5 Gaming PC : CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme […]

African Smartphone Adoption

African smartphone adoption at 87% by 2030 according to a new report. Africa’s mobile economy is poised for significant growth, according to the recently released Mobile Economy 2023 report by the Global System Operators and Manufacturers Association (GSMA). The report highlights sub-Saharan Africa as one of the regions set to experience the largest increase in […]

Bitcoin Rises in Africa

bitcoin rises in Africa

Bitcoin rises in Africa and will create a Revolutionary shift in the Financial Landscape. In a recent report by CNBC, it has been revealed that a groundbreaking transformation is underway in Africa’s financial system, with Bitcoin (BTC) emerging as the preferred currency for cross-border transactions within the continent. The comprehensive report, authored by Mackenzie Sigalos, […]

Starlink’s Internet Breakthrough in Africa

Starlink's Internet

Starlink’s Internet is an innovative satellite-based Internet service that aims to bring reliable and affordable Internet access to remote and underserved areas in Africa. By deploying a vast network of low-orbit satellites, Starlink is poised to revolutionize connectivity across the continent. With its recent expansion into Africa, Starlink offers internet connections with speeds of up […]

The Chatbot Called Claude that Reads Novels in Seconds

chatbot called claude

Unleashing Claude: A Chatbot with Enhanced Memory to Outshine Competitors Anthropic, a rival of OpenAI, has created its own chatbot called Claude. Claude recently received a significant upgrade that has given it a competitive edge over popular chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard. The upgrade focuses on improving Claude’s memory capacity, which has long been […]

10 Essential Computer Hardware Devices for the Tech-Savvy Individual

Computer Hardware Devices

For the tech-savvy individual, having the right computer hardware and technology hardware is essential. There are a variety of hardware devices available today that can help enhance your computing experience and keep you ahead of the game. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the 10 essential computer hardware devices for the tech-savvy individual. […]

5 Hardware Components You Need to Upgrade Your PC

Hardware Components

Are you feeling like your PC is a bit outdated? If so, there are a few hardware components, parts, and accessories that you can upgrade to get the most out of your machine. Whether you’re a casual user or a hardcore gamer, having the right hardware can make all the difference. In this blog post, […]

10 Tips on How To Invest Money In Stocks For Beginners

This post is about how to invest money in stocks for beginners. When you buy a stock, you buy a part of that company. That stock purchase receipt represents a share of ownership, giving you a claim to that company’s assets and earnings. The more information you have about investment opportunities the faster it is […]

5 Best Article Rewriter Apps to Make your Content Unique on Mobile

image1 17

Are you looking for the best application to rewrite your article and make it unique from the first one? There are hundreds of applications that are launched till now, and people are getting benefits from them. But a question that arises in the mind of readers is that “Is it right to rephrase someone’s article […]

Ultimate Guide for Buying YouTube Channel

YouTube channel buy

We are living in a world where people have uncountable ways to find their passion via digital media. Some people work full-time, but can still pursue their passion through social media platforms. By being active on these platforms, you can also earn an extra income. Most of these platforms support sponsored posts and advertisements which […]

How Mac Owners Can Enjoy Gaming More

Julian o hayon HY

Gamers do not associate MacBooks with great platforms for gaming. Comparing Apple computers with custom-built PCs or gaming laptops gives an idea of why the former feels inferior. Nevertheless, Apple has made some improvements recently. New Mac models have decent hardware that makes video games enjoyable. Plus, one can improve their overall experience even more […]

Input and Output Devices of a Computer

input and output devices of computer

A computer comprises a number of peripherals. A peripheral, simply put, is any device that can be used to put data or information into the computer or get information out of it. Earlier, the term peripheral was used to describe a device or a component that was used externally in a computer system. These devices […]

How to Play 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool play

8-ball pool or sometimes known as ‘solid and stripes’ is a special kind of billiards game. It is played using a set of 16 billiards balls and cue sticks on a pool table having six pockets. The billiards balls are divided into two main categories namely object balls and the cue ball. In the 8-ball […]

What Games Can You Play On Nintendo Switch Lite?

Though launched less than two years ago, the Nintendo Switch Lite has become very popular with gamers in a very short span of time. This handheld game console, which is manufactured by Nintendo, owes a part of the popularity to the fact that it is a budget-friendly device. There are a few other factors that […]

How to get more Viewers on YouTube Live Stream

Today’s world is often called a video-dominant world. This name speaks for itself. Just give it a thought. It is common for us to consume video content in massive amounts every day for various purposes.  Furthermore, with the development and high accessibility of video streaming tools, boosted by the COVID-19 pandemics, lifestreaming has become common. […]

Is your Mac Slowing down? Try these Tricks to Speed it up!

slow mac

Macs are amazingly beautiful machines, as any user will proudly tell you. Apple’s products in general are especially loved for their super smooth and highly responsive user interface. The user interface that Apple delivers across all its products has made it particularly appealing for users.  Even as someone who is accustomed to PCs and all […]

How Many Balls Are In The Pool?

The number of balls in the pool game varies from one type of pool to another. The white-colored ball, known as the cue ball, remains the same in all types of pools. The cue ball is used to break a shot on the pool table. The numbers of balls in different pools are given below. […]