10 Best Auto App Killer Apps for Android

Learn how to download the best auto app killer apps for Android because too many Android users are lagging back in enjoying a smooth android life. Majorly because they don’t know what to do. Some feel too reluctant and find their devices at times hard to comprehend.

Do you know that when too many system applications are running in the background, it makes your Android device slow and shortens battery life?

auto killer apps

Sometimes, these apps are installed app that we sometimes forget to close after we finished with them. Others are a consistently-running mobile application that we call background apps.

When you boot your phone, these apps begin to run, taking up much-needed RAM space and decreasing battery life. Some of these background apps are needed to run the device properly, others are not.

In this article I’ll be showing you 10 best auto killer apps for android devices 2019, with these apps you can easily kill unnecessary background apps and save up some RAM memory, thus increasing battery life and phone speed.

10 Best Auto App Killer Apps.

  1. Task Killer by Android Rock

Task Killer by Android Rock

This is a great auto app killer app for Android devices. This app helps you free your phone memory by killing running apps therefore, increasing your phone speed. Some apps after been stopped from running in the background process, tend to restart themselves and run again. Task killer stops applications like that. It also features an ignore list where you can add and remove the application. An information interface is available where useful information like total memory usage of different running applications can be accessed. Download Task Killer for Free Here

  1. Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager

This auto app killer app speeds your phone, free much-needed memory space and help battery life. This app killer is a ram cleaner and also monitors CPU lagging, supports full device optimization. with included options like an auto kill task on every screen off, startup kills and kill all task in one single click. This auto killer app is awesome and works on Android devices with the latest system update. To download it for free, Click Here.

  1. Task Manager (Task Killer)

Task Manager

This auto app killer app automatically kills tasks when the screen turns off. Additional features like a switch, uninstall, ignore, autokill and search application are also included in its interface. This app is a one-stop task manager and will monitor and kill all task thereby helping you increase your phone speed and save your battery life. This auto killer app can also force stop stubborn running applications, especially for rooted devices. Get it Here for free.

  1. Auto Killer Memory Optimizer

Auto Killer Memory Optimizer

This auto app killer app also kills the running background apps of your android device and frees relevant memory, thus increasing phone speed. This app killer is known for its ability to boost your device and save battery life, thereby, keeping your device in a good smart condition. you can get this auto killer app for free Here.

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  1. Auto Clean Up

Auto Clean Up

We present to you Auto clean up, another auto killer app with which can carry out all your cleaning activities automatically. With additional features like automated cleaning at selected times of the day, clearing of system and application cache. This app also kills background apps, it includes whitelisting functions too. Try Auto Clean Up for Free Here.

  1. KillApps; Close all apps running


This auto killer app has auto kill features for selected apps in one click. Additional options like stopping apps from restarting after been killed. Auto task killer apps like this help save necessary memory space, increasing processing speed and battery life. KillApps helps keep your Android device in a good smart condition. you can download the full version from the play store, click here to download.

  1. Fast Task Killer by HDM Dev Team

Fast Task Killer

This auto task killer app increases your phone processing speed and helps your battery life with its fully supported features for Optimization. Additional features like auto kill for selected apps and RAM cleaner are also included. Try this auto killer app for free now.

  1. Auto RAM Cleaner

Auto RAM Cleaner

Developed by Mindspark, this auto app killer app will reduce heavy device processing by cleaning your RAM and killing background app processes efficiently. It is a one in a kind app, as it also helps your battery life, boost your device, keeping it in a smart and cool condition. You can get auto RAM cleaner Here.

  1. Auto Task Killer by Zerone Mobile

Auto Task Killer

This auto killer app will help increase the speed of your device, kill running apps and free relevant memory space. With additional features like auto kill to stop apps from restarting after been killed. Auto Task killer is a must-try auto app killer app. download this app Here.

  1. Auto Task Kill by Pairdroid

Auto task kill

This another great auto killer app that can help save battery and also extend battery life. It kills all running apps in the background and also helps you clean cache and system garbage. This auto killer app is a great example of an app that can automatically kill tasks, save battery and optimize Ram memory. Download it’s full version Here.


Note The auto killer apps mention in this post are exclusive to Android devices, and may not work very well on other platforms. This compiled list reviews the best auto app killer apps for Android.

These auto killer apps are the best in the business and will automatically kill all unwanted background processes, increase phone speed and save battery life. Thus keeping your Android device in a good, safe and sound condition. so, if your phone has been sluggish, this article is the solution for you.

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