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AutoCAD Free Trial Download for Mac And Windows

The AutoCAD free trial software allows you to try the software before purchasing it. 

Since 1982, AutoCAD has created a niche as the most popular and best-performing computer-aided design (CAD) software. It helps in all arrays of structural designs and modelling. It is the “darling” of Architects, civil engineers, structural designers, project managers, etc. It exists in desktop and mobile versions.

AutoCAD is a very versatile tool, it is applicable in many areas including Architecture, engineering, project and facility management, etc.

AutoCAD Free Trial Version Download.

autocad free trial

Most people find it difficult to purchase the AutoCAD software either because of money or outright reluctant to buy. Hence, they are always on the lookout for the AutoCAD free version. The question now comes. Do free versions of AutoCAD exist?

The answer is yes. There are free versions but their functionalities are limited. There exists a fully functional trial version of AutoCAD that is free.

In this article, we shall highlight the free versions of the AutoCAD that are available in AutoDesk marketplace for all AutoCAD versions.

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AutoCAD 360 App.

This is a mobile version of the AutoCAD software. It can be used for free on mobile devices. It does not only view great designs and modellings, but it is used to make accurate measurements, view coordinates, zoom and pan drawings. Users can as well store designs in the cloud. AutoCAD 360 app allows the sharing of designs with colleagues. The free version is limited. It does not allow drawing, editing, scaling or moving of objects. The paid version is just $5 a month.

Is AutoCAD full version free?

Users can find the free full version of AutoCAD in Autodesk. It is only a trial version just for one month.

Users who wish to test the software before proceeding to purchase can download this AutoCAD free trial version on the Autodesk website. Simply click the download button, select your system’s operating system and select whether you are a business user or an individual user.

download AutoCAD free trial

After clicking next, you proceed to select your language, enter your personal details to create an account on Autodesk.

You can skip the account registration step if you are already registered on the Autodesk website.

Proceed to enter details about your business and click “download”. After a successful download, proceed to install the software.

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Educational version.

This AutoCAD educational version is free. It is designed especially for students. It is fitted for educational purposes. It can be used free for three years. It can be used on two personal devices.

To download this version, simply click “Autodesk education community” on the Autodesk homepage.

  • Choose AutoCAD and proceed to log in if you are already registered on Autodesk, otherwise, you register. Click “download now“.
  • Select the desired AutoCAD version
  • Select your system operating system and your language.
  • The product key and serial number will be sent to your email.
  • Select ‘browser download” and proceed to install the software.

Download free trial

After installation, you will be asked to enter the serial number and the product key. Simply check your email, copy and enter them in the space provided to unlock the software.

The aforementioned are the few AutoCAD versions that can be used free. Feel free to contribute if you know any other means of downloading a free version of this AutoCAD tool.

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