Avast Antivirus Download For PC

Avast Antivirus download for pc


We will be talking about Avast antivirus download for pc in this article. Avast is a highly rated antivirus for round the clock protection of computers. Its key strength sets it apart from other antivirus software. It is very affordable for all users due to its free to use format. Avast Antivirus download for pc

Is Avast a good antivirus?

Yes! Avast Antivirus is great for detecting and protecting the computers against malware. Analysts have proven that 99% of malware threats have been blocked by Avast. Avast protects with minimum flaws. The system is not slowed down, there are no interruptions and the software is easy to use and understand. Avast has a low impact on system performance.

It has the rescue disk creator for creating a bootable CD and USB flash drive. Avast makes it possible to quickly trawl the website, then download it and deploy it by hand.

Does Avast scan for malware?

Another key feature of the Avast Antivirus is the online security browser extension which offers security and privacy for chrome or Firefox. Avast offers threats blocking and malware protections against they major browsing software. This now answers one of the most common questions whether Avast scans for Malware. Some users can choose to delve into a more sensitive browsing by installing a singular secure browser called SafeZone though, SafeZone is now called Avast Secure Browser.

The installation of this browser is very simple and is achieved during the installation process of the Avast Antivirus download for pc. The browser has several useful features such as anonymous browsing which allows you to browse the internet without being tracked.

According to Avast, the browser is designed to keep some of your sensitive banking details and credentials away from internet scammers.

Avast bank mode

You can synchronize and store all your password across a multiplicity of browsers and operating systems. This is achieved in Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS mobile devices. The password manager is free. Many companies offer the password protection and management software but the one owned by Avast is very efficient.

What is new about Avast?

The latest version of Avast antivirus is Avast 2018. Some of the new features available in the latest version of Avast includes:

Webcam shield: This offers protection for webcam and ensures that all images captured are scanned inside out. With the webcam shield installed, applications that are untrusted cannot take a snapshot of images. This process is usually blocked automatically by the webcam shield.

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The sensitive Data shield feature protects valuable and sensitive files and documents against unauthorized access by other people. It protects personal data and information of the users thereby preventing others from having access to it.

Ransomware shield protects its private files from being deleted and encrypted by Ransome ware attacks. It secures personal photos, documents and other files from modifications.

The Game mode boosts the PC performance while Game apps are on. Unneeded apps are disabled in the background via the adjustment of the system settings.

The passive mode ensures that all the active shields and firewall protections are disabled. This makes it possible for more than one antivirus software to run on the background without disturbing the system performance.

The real-time activities of the Avast software when downloaded is monitored by Behavior shield which is an active additional layer of protection against suspicious files. It detects such files based on their similarities to other known threats.

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Avast Antivirus download for pc.

Downloading Avast Antivirus is free. You can easily download and install Avast on your Mac and Windows pc. To download this free antivirus, visit https://www.avast.com/free-antivirus-download to access the Avast download portal.

On the download portal, click on an orange button tagged “download free Antivirus ” on the middle of the page.

The downloading will commence instantly. Simply go ahead and open the set-up file and follow the prompts to install.

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