Avira vs Avast Antivirus

Avira or Avast: Which One Offers Best Protection?

The Avira vs Avast internet security software comparison. When it comes to system protection and threat detection, Avira and Avast software are usually rated high by users and professionals. They perform excellently on any of the tests conducted on all or any of their packages. Avira vs Avast

Avira Vs Avast (Product Comparison).

Both Avira and Avast offers different varieties of products and suites that keep the system safe and also improve the overall performances of the computer. They are both great but between Avira vs Avast internet security, which one is the best?
This informs the reason for this write-up. In this write-up, we shall compare the two antivirus software so as to decipher which of them is better in the different suites.


Both Avira and Avast antivirus have different varieties of products that are free. Users can make use of the free tools in protecting and shielding computer devices from harmful malware. These free versions are packed with great features.

Is Avast free version better than Avira free version?

Pros of Avast free version.

  • It has the password manager which is very useful in restricting the extent of access to important files.
  • Avast free antivirus offers a very solid protection against malware.
  • It has the home network scanner for detecting and arresting the dangers posed by unknown threats and new malware.
  • It has the game mode.
  • Avast antivirus is embedded with a sturdy browser for access to the internet.
Avast free antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus ratings on CNET.

Cons of Avast free version

  1. It requires the availability of chrome browser
  2. Avast free antivirus slows down during scanning

Pros of Avira free version

  • Avira free antivirus has a multiplicity of extra features that are very functional
  • It has a very powerful VPN for private and secure browsing
  • It has a password manager
  • The user interface is very simple and customizable
  • It is a massive system booster. It boosts the speed and workability of the system.
  • It offers a strong protection against malware and is always updated to detect new and fresh threats.
Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus ratings on CNET.

Cons of Avira free version

  • The scanning process is very slow
  • It has few negative impacts on the system.

Avira vs Avast – Cost and pricing comparison.

The internet security package of Avast is priced at $59.99 per year while the Avira security suite cost $57.99 yearly.
The Avast internet security package has the following features – Prompt website scanning, scanning of Wi-Fi, password vault manager. It also offers malware, ransomware and various real-time infection detections while Avira security is very effective in blocking online threats.

Avast security package offers an advanced firewall, antispam and phishing protection while Avira security package offers a steady software updater tool.

Avast premier package vs. Avira prime

  • Avast premier cost $79.99 yearly while Avira prime package suite costs $99.99 per year.
  • Avast premier has the webcam protection, automatic updating of software and permanent deletion of files. Avira prime has a VPN which allows a secured and private browsing experience.

Avast ultimate vs Avira Pro.

  • Avast ultimate cost $119.99 for a year while the Avira pro antivirus cost $44.99 for one year.
  • Avast ultimate has both the single device protection and the cleanup premium while the Avira pro package offers protection for up to 5 devices.
  • Avast ultimate is embedded with a secure line VPN and password manager while the Avira pro has the PUA shield protection.

PROTECTION: Avira Vs. Avast.

Avast is undertaking a standard scanning process. Before the scanning process, the software usually spends time in cross-checking the system for malware and threats. Some of the malware’s are known while some are new. The avast antivirus takes its to!e to study how each of the malware behaves via the behaviour shield heuristic monitoring tool. If a new malware or suspicious file is discovered, then it will be sent to the cloud servers. There, the suspicious file will be processed and transformed into a new antivirus file and added to the malware database.

Avira also applies the same procedure in analysing suspicious files. It undertakes initial scans and checks the threats using the heuristic monitoring. The threats and suspicious files are uploaded to the Avira cloud servers for documentation.

Avast is very keen on monitoring internet browsers. It has extensions that monitor suspicious activities on chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera and internet explorer. This feature is not available on the free versions. Avast offers a personal firewall and premier security on the internet.

As for Avira, the website behaviour is analysed and the collected data is made anonymous.

This is quite divergent from Avast in which there is an availability of the game mode for muting notifications. The game mode is not available on Avira antivirus.

PERFORMANCE: Avira vs Avast

Avast has proven to be very effective in the detection and protection of the computer against malicious files. It is very strong. Results from a German lab AV-TEST shows that Avast antivirus has a 100% performance in detection, blocking and removal of all zero-day malware’s. Against known threats, Avast’s performance was 99.9%.

As for Avira, the AV-TEST result indicates that Avira is 100% effective in blocking and detecting known files and 98.9% efficient in identifying and blocking zero-day malware and threats.

On the whole, Avast is better in protecting the system against zero-day threats while Avira is better in protecting the system against known malware’s.



Avast has the Wi-Fi inspector which protects the computer against malware that can enter the system through the wireless router connection. The password manager in Avast antivirus is very efficient. It saves and protects passwords. It assists the user in remembering the password and also assists in the generation of new passwords and auto-filling of forms. The VPN embedded in Avast is highly sophisticated for save and secured anonymous browsing experience.

On the other hand, Avira antivirus has a phantom VPN which offers up to 500gb traffic monthly. The safe shopping feature assists in protecting financial information and user data on e-commerce websites. It has a regular software updater that ensures that the software is always up to date. This goes a long way in inhibiting malicious files. The Avira connect feature is useful in remote connection and monitoring of the system. The Avira system speed-up feature enhances the performance of the system and speeds up the power saver. In addition to these, the Avira password manager protects and saves all passwords and login details.


Both Avira and Avast are great and high ranking antivirus software. Avast is simple and straightforward. Its performance is more efficient in protecting the system against zero-day threats while the Avira antivirus is better in protecting the router against known threats. Avira is more complicated and the interface has more add-ons than Avast’s. The two products offer virtually the same Level of protection.

Users are advised to make their choice based on what they need. Also, the product must be compatible with the system requirements.

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