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10 Best Battery Saver App for Android and iOS

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You may have a Smartphone that easily drains of battery power after a long or short usage, and shuts down. However, some Smartphones have features that allow them to save a little battery percentage using an option on the device. Doing that sustains the battery left until you are able to find a power outlet to charge it. But, if yours does not have this battery save function, don’t worry. In this post, I will list 10 best battery saver apps, that you can use to sustain your battery life either for your Android or your iOS devices.

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10 Best Battery Saver App for Android and iOS

  1. Avast Battery Saver

avast battery saverAvast Battery Saver is a very reliable and quality app that you can download for use, on any of your Android devices. This app is used by a lot by people. Also, it helps you to sustain your battery life. In addition, it extends battery life by disabling apps that you are not using or, the ones you are using but, notifies and requests for your permission before doing so.

  1. DU Battery Saver

du battery saverDU Battery Saver is another app that gives and allows you to do a lot on your Android devices. This app has its own system operations that allow you to boost your device and clear unnecessary cache files that are making the phone to lag. DU Battery Saver is a very amazing app that is quite popular and used by a lot of people. Also, it takes permission from the user to close apps running in the background and foreground.

  1. Battery Saver

battery saverBattery Saver is a quality and easy app to use once you download it on your Android or iOS. Also, this app has its own features that differ from the other apps listed here. Similarly, it shows you the percentage of your battery life and displays it your user interface The app allows you to also check and clear unnecessary cache files like DU Battery Saver. Finally, it enables your device to stop lagging.

  1. Battery Doctor

batter doctorBattery Doctor is one of the other battery saver apps that stop background apps from usage and, allowing it to save the battery life you have left on the device. This app enables you to choose the way you want your battery life to be sustained either by stopping the apps or clearing and boosting the device. Hence, you have full access to know the apps draining your Android or iOS device.

  1. Greenify

greenifyGreenify is another one of the best battery saver apps that are free for download on either your Android or iOS devices. This app enables you like most of the other apps to manage and have access to your battery power in a sustainable way. Also, it enables you to know the sources draining your app. This app is easy and simple to use, as it rapidly identifies the sources of your battery drainage.

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  1. AccuBattery

accubatteryAccuBattery is one of the best apps to use for your Android devices, this app allows you to see your battery information and the ways you can sustain it. In addition, its features include hibernating your device or stopping the operating systems from working on the background of your device.

  1. Battery Power

battery powerThis app does similar things the other apps in this article do. It allows you to know the different apps that are draining the power of your device. Also, it checks power use at both the background and foreground so that you can stop them. Furthermore, stopping those apps will enable you to sustain your battery life. Battery Power is one the best battery saver app you can download on your Android or iOS devices. It is also easy to use. Get one today.

  1. Battery Manager

battery managerThis application battery Manager is another battery saving app giving you amazing qualities, that allows you to sustain and keep your device from shutting down suddenly. In addition, it displays the battery life and the temperature of the device for you to know the level the drainage the battery has reached. You can easily get this app on your Android or iOS devices

  1. Battery Life Magic

battery life magicBattery Life Magic is another best battery saver apps that you can easily get access to. Also, you can download it for your iOS devices. In addition, the app allows you to sustain your battery life by displaying your battery percentage. Also, it finds the cause of battery drainage so that you know what to do.

  1. System Status Life

    system statusThis app monitors the working level of your device letting the battery work and drains slower than normal. Also, it displays the level of the battery for you to view. In addition, the system status life, lets you sustain the battery life you have left very well. You can get this app for your iOS devices.


If your battery is draining so fast, the apps in this article are the best battery saver apps you can find. Also, they will show you why your battery is draining and sustain it for a while and stop it from suddenly shutting down. Get one now and send feedback on usage.


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