11 Best 2 Seater Ride on Car with Parental Remote Control

2 seater ride on car

The experience of a sturdy and lavish drive can now be enjoyed by children with the battery-operated, mini 2 seater ride-on cars. With the development in the automotive industry propelling towards kids’ ride-on wheels, having a miniature version of a car is more than owning just another toy. Buying such a car for your child is an entertaining method of tutoring about road safety and viability.

With a wide range of options to choose from, how do you pick the perfect ride-on car for your toddler? Some kind of electric cars may not even be an accurate pick for you. This is where you can go through the below guide wherein you will successfully be able to find the perfect match for you and your toddler’s safety and preference. Read on to find the best selection of enjoyable and safe rides.

Here Is The List Of The Best 2 Seater Ride on Car with Parental Remote Control Our Expert Review:


2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride On Car Toy

With its 4-wheel suspension and treaded tires, this mini version of a Land Rover offers the most enjoyable and pleasant ride a young child could ever wish for. The body of this ride-on car is tough and durable. It’s made out of PP plastic and a metal frame that is long-lasting. Another enticing feature of this car is the licensed dual-seating with which your child can have one of their friends or another kid in your family to hop on next to them and enjoy a comfortable and fun ride. There is enough and more space under the hood for storing few items. There is a handle attached at the back to easily move the car.

The enjoyable part does not end here. With an additional feature of an aux music system, your child can listen to his/her choice of music. It also has elements like LED headlights and realistic startup sounds and a horn, which will offer a thrilling ride. It is also equipped with rechargeable batteries with a running time of a maximum of two hours. The assembling of the car is also a simple and stress-free process if the instructions are followed accurately. This car also ascertains that your child has a safe ride as it offers both manual and remote-control handling so that you can guide it towards safe directions if required. This miniature Land Rover is perfect for kids between the ages of 3 to 8 years with no second thoughts that it is one of the best buys for a ride-on car.



Officially licensed double seating that adds to the fun quotient

2.4Ghz remote control access to ensure utmost safety

Strong framework building the level of endurance

Smooth and easy ride with a maximum speed limit of 3.7 MPH


Not suitable for kids above 8 years of age


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Explorer 2 (Two) Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car Truck

This ride-on car truck designed and manufactured by Moderno Kids is power-packed with a wide variety of features grabbing the attention of thrill-seeking toddlers. This small car truck is designed for double seating and suits kids aged between 2-4 years and single riders between 5-6 years. It is very convenient to drive with amazing features such as slow acceleration, smooth start and a well-built braking system. It is furnished with batteries that have huge capacities of 12 AH. The batteries are rechargeable and secured against overcharging and overloading. The car can be driven at a maximum speed of 2-5 mph which is decent for a child.

The Explorer is designed and built with the primary purpose of providing an enjoyable as well as a secure ride for toddlers. Therefore, it also includes a long-range parental remote control along with two safety belts. The remote control also contains a stop feature that can bring the car to a complete halt that offers full control. The car also is easy to assemble and can be maneuvered with a handle attached to it to move from one place to another without charge. The car has been created with attractive elements such as leather seats, soft foam rubber tires and stunning blue LED lights just below the car. The wide rubber tires provide a decent grip and a quieter ride. It also features a built-in MP3 player with Bluetooth FM radio for your toddler to jam with their friends during the ride.



Offers full parental control with remote

Impressive safety features like seat belts, stop feature in remote control and well-gripped tires

Dual-seating available for a more delightful experience

Attractive framework and elements like LD lights and MP3 player


Running time is limited to 45 minutes on a fully charged battery


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Aosom 12V Kids Electric 2-Seater Ride On Police Car SUV Truck Toy with Parental Remote Control

The ride-on car market has also enveloped the requirement of sturdy-looking SUV cars with the introduction of the petite Aosom SUV toy truck. This is an ideal pick for children who are interested in driving tough-looking vehicles. This truck has an aggressive look and appeal along with dynamic tires made from polypropylene, enhanced dashboard panels, and wing-shaped mirrors. The realistic make of the steering wheels also adds to its overall powerful fabrication. It has a metal frame along with an entire body manufactured with strong durable plastic material. When it comes to the entertainment part of this mini truck, it features a pre-installed music system wherein kids can plug in their favorite music and experience a fun ride. They can do so along with a sibling or a friend sitting next to them in the truck as it also has a dual-seating capacity.

From the safety point of view, the vehicle is provided with seat belts on both seats along with an option of steering the wheels in motion by themselves. They can also seek help from parents to drive them through a remote-controlled operation. The speed of the truck is also limited to safe parameters between 1.8 to 3 mph. Both side doors of the vehicle can be locked for additional safety. The truck can be driven continuously for 45 minutes up to an hour when fully charged. The batteries are also rechargeable. The rear side of the truck has a small trunk for storage and metal spring struts which give it a sophisticated look.



Hands-free drive with parental remote control

Cool and sturdy look and stylish appeal

Two-seater SUV with ample safety features

Available in four different color options

Rechargeable batteries


Battery lasts only for a maximum of one hour

Not suitable for kids above 8 years of age


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Aosom 12V 2-Seater Kids Electric Ride-On Car Off-Road UTV Truck

Here’s another toy truck manufactured by Aosom that also has become an instant hit among children because of its off-road driving abilities and strong elements. It is designed with an uplifted suspension and wide tires offering a full off-road and thrilling driving experience to a child. These help in driving the truck on any kind of surface, even or uneven. It features attractive and flashy headlights and taillights including a LED light bar. Additional eye-catching features of this mini UTV are the camouflaged dashboard panels and steering wheels that have a close resemblance to real-life ones.

This truck ensures additional safety due to the humungous size and sturdy make of the tires, seat belts dual-seats. It also has a manual and parental remote control along with 3-speed settings ascending slowly to provide ample time for kids to react to acceleration. The park button is very handy in case you need the truck to be stopped immediately. The maximum speed that it can be driven up to is 5 mph which is perfect for its design. It also has a music system installed with a few songs that the kids can enjoy along with the drive. The entire body is made out of strong plastic material and metal frames which add to its power. It can easily be driven over bumps and small gravels making the drive more adventurous for children. The truck is available in white, blue and green color but the camouflage kind is the most popular. It can be used continuously for almost an hour if it is fully charged which is decent enough for children up to the age of 8 years.



Highly powerful and eye-catching design

Smooth driving experience on uneven surfaces too

Can be completely controlled with a remote

3- speed acceleration for additional security


Battery life of maximum one hour


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BAHOM Kids Ride On Car 2 Seats with Remote Control

The stylish appeal and fully operational framework of Bahom offers a perfect car experience for your child. The car entails engine sound, horn, LED illumination, sturdy display that is close to a real one. It has a unique feature of starting the car by using a key instead of a press of a button in most ride-on cars. Your child’s favorite audio can be played by using a range of externally connecting ports adding to a pleasant journey. The wheels of this small vehicle are equipped with shock absorbers for a comfortable drive, and an adaptable seat belt for safeguarding the child. Additionally, two means of operation offer you immense freedom to enjoy the fun moments with your child and at the same time ensure their well-being and safety. This car is furnished with artificial illumination that offers children the pleasure of driving to a considerable extent and also helping them recognize the safe usage of lighting.

All four wheels of this spectacular vehicle are made of strong and durable plastic that can be cleaned effortlessly. The kids can enjoy driving on different road surfaces and are not restricted only to specific areas. They can have fun in various locations like gardens, beaches, pavements and so on. It is very convenient for kids to maneuver and manage the driving directions on their own. The wheels have a quick reaction to the change in steering. Driving is also valuable for kids for evolving their sense of direction. Both seats of this car are 22 inches in length, which is sufficient space for 1-2 children to sit together while driving. It will enable them to share the joy of driving with their friends. It can also improve their team spirits. Two safety belts are attached to each seat to ensure utmost security.

The remote control in the hands of parents enables them to manage the directions of the vehicle and keep away from hurdles. The most appropriate range of distance of the remote control is up to 50 meters. The switch from manual to remote control is easy and very convenient. On certain occasions, on smooth surfaces, parents can allow kids to drive by themselves for them to understand the intricacies of driving.



Realistic and powerful design

Dual- driving mode

Manual and remote control

Powerful motor providing enhanced driving performance

Equipped with shock absorbers for additional safety

Good sound system


Not suitable for kids above 6 years of age


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Uenjoy 12V Electric Ride on Cars, Realistic Off-Road UTV, Two Seater

The driving experience of your child on the Uenjoy UTV truck will be venturesome with its strong four-wheel driving force. It has an uplifting chassis design along with damage-resistant and blast-proof smooth wheels. Your child can enjoy a drive at different terrains and get an adventurous driving exposure. This petite but aggressive-looking truck comes with two modes of drive. The first one is the parental remote control with a 2.4G remote controller. It also has a three-speed option. It is well-equipped with emergency brakes for extra safety. The truck is best suited for 1-3-year-old toddlers with remote control. The manual driving mode can be utilized by the child with the help of foot pedals and by maneuvering the steering wheel. The manual setting has 2-speed alterations with a maximum speed limit of 3mph. The truck is best suited for 3-5-year-old toddlers with a manual setting.

The fun factor of the ride can be increased with different operations available on the dashboard that has a music player with in-built songs and stories. You can also connect other devices to play songs or poems using features such as Bluetooth and USB. This cool-looking vehicle also contains a storage space at the back that can help in carrying small stuff like bottles and toys when your child moves out of the home to play.

The truck’s wheels, at the front and backside, are stocked with spring suspensions to help in experiencing a smooth and comfortable drive. Your child can drive on various rough terrains with ease and get an enjoyable driving experience. This truck can be assembled quickly by referring to the guide book available and provided at the time of purchase. The truck has a decent battery life of up to two hours if fully charged for seven hours. The car shall not be operational if it is plugged into the charging point. Overall, it is a very good buy for your child seeking thrilling moments coupled with the joy of being seated in a vehicle proportionate to their size.



Four-wheel driving thrill

Music player with in-built music and stories

Strong wheels guaranteeing smooth drive

Decent battery life

Two modes of control


Not suited for kids above 8 years of age


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Best Choice Products Kids 24V 2-Seater Ride On Car SUV Truck w/ 3.7 MPH Max

If you are searching for a rugged-style ride-on car for your kid, search no further. With Best Choice Ride-On SUV Truck, the credibility and artistic characteristics it provides will excite your child. It comprises of LED headlights right at the front, a real-life sounding horn and decent storage space at the back of the toy truck. Your child can enjoy a luxurious ride with these attractive add-ons. This electric truck also possesses enough space for 2 children to be seated at the front. This way, your child will enjoy the ride more. They can play-act to drive a vehicle like adults.

Additionally, this SUV toy truck also has two modes of function- manual and managed by remote control. The manual driving option provides children with a real-world picture of driving around the car on their own. But to ensure that your child’s drive is secure and safe, the remote-control device offers you total control over the mini vehicle’s movements. The SUV look-alike can be moved in front, reverse and even the speed can be managed through the device. Another entertaining attribute of this ride-on truck is that it entails a built-in stereo system. It can also be connected to your phone and other such devices so that you can play your child’s most-liked poems, songs or stories. This truck is strong enough to carry children and goes at a speed of a maximum of 3.7 mph. The 24V battery is also rechargeable and powerful enough so that your child can safely race on the sidewalk.



Sturdy and powerful appeal similar to SUV

Higher weight taking capacity

Multi-functional operation ensuring the utmost safety

A powerful battery of 24V


Does not come with a spare battery


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Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds

If you are interested in finding an electric car for your child that can withstand any drastic circumstances and is built properly and provided with all important safety elements, then The Best Choice ride-on car truck will be an ideal buy. This Jeep look-alike is a complete package. It has also been the bestseller on many websites with almost 3,000 amazing reviews.

It has a true-to-life design with adaptable seatbelts, shining LED headlights with a burly motor consisting of 3-speed options, the maximum being 3.7 mph. The speed levels make it convenient for your child to manage their speed. It also has two different modes of operation – one that can be driven by your child while you can also monitor their movements with remote control. The most striking attraction in this not-so-petite vehicle is the large wheels with spring suspension offering more grip even on poor road qualities. Your child can enjoy listening to music in this ride-on car with radio and wireless connection operations. This jeep also consists of a rechargeable 12V battery which is durable. This vehicle is extraordinary with excellent build quality. Another plus point is that this jeep is available in many colors so you can choose the ideal one as per your child’s preference.



Available in five different and attractive colors

Possesses large wheels that provide extra traction and safety

One of the best-selling ride-on cars on online websites

Rechargeable and powerful batteries of 12 V.


It may not be suitable for indoor rides due to the large size.


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Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 Kids Ride On Car

This stylish-looking sophisticated mini version of Mercedes-Benz presented by Uenjoy could be many kids’ dream car. It features different buttons on the dashboard to honk and to play music in the car. In-built songs and stories are other desirable features along with radio and wireless connectivity. The speakers are placed on the steering wheel which is unique and loud enough for kids to have more fun.

The car is designed in a simplistic way to provide kids with ease of driving by themselves by pushing the pedal and shifting the lever. There are two speed-levels available to drive manually. Parents can also take control by accessing and moving the car with remote control. They can select from three available speeds via the remote.

The front and back wheels are designed with spring suspensions for a seamless and comfortable drive. This mini-Mercedes-Benz can be taken on a drive outdoors or can be even used in homes due to its petite frame. It is equipped with a seat belt and double lockable door design that ensures utmost safety for your kids.
Another unique feature of this ride-on car is that it comprises 2 strong motors with a capacity of 12 V. Each back wheel has its separate motor while the front wheels move candidly. The batteries of the car are decent and rechargeable. The car can run at a speed of 2-4 mph. The car is very convenient to carry and it also has a handle near the front wheels that help in lifting it. The car comes with detailed video instructions to assemble it effortlessly.



Chic and stylish design and overall appeal

A unique and appealing feature of loudspeakers on the steering wheel

Include two sturdy motors instead of one

Featuring double-locked doors for added safety


Mostly targeted to be used by a girl child


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Uenjoy 2 Seater 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG Kids Ride On Car, Electric Cars

Presenting the iconic wirework and sleek shape for something Mercedes Benz is renowned for, the Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG is ideal for kids who want to enjoy cruising in style. This mini car is furnished with dual- seating with a safety belt for both seats ensuring safety and proper body balance. Its small body is good enough to be driven indoors and outdoors. It can run at a maximum speed of 3 mph which is sufficiently thrilling for kids in the age group of 3-8 years.

It is operational in two modes. It can be operated manually by pushing the pedal and shifting the lever. If parents feel that their toddler is too young to drive by themselves, they can choose the remote-control driving option. This will take care of their enjoyment along with their security along with providing you contentment of spending time with your kids. This car also features realistic LED lights, engine set-off and shifting of speed with gradual acceleration. It also includes many attributes on the dashboard with in-built songs and stories or it can be connected to various wireless options to offer the best riding experience for your child. It also has speakers on the steering wheel which has high sound quality. It could be a perfect present for your toddler for any occasion.

Both front and back tires are made of high-quality plastic with spring suspensions to provide a comfortable ride which is perfect for riding outdoors. A handle is attached at the front of the car to make it easily portable even when the car is not charged.



Possesses double-locked doors for added safety measure

High- Simulated steering wheel

Eye-catching look and overall design

Equipped with dual-seating and dual-operation


Only available in two colors


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Kidzone 12V 45W 2 Seater Licensed Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Kids Ride On Car

This is another exciting and exotic offering from mini Mercedez- Benz that will make playing outdoors cooler for kids. Your child can explore the outside world with this amazing toy car. It is designed with custom silver wheels very similar to the real-life GT and genuine badges. It is quintessentially one of the finest 2-seater toy cars that will enliven your child’s face every time they hop-in and start cruising. This comfortable ride-on car is equipped with two seats and each one of them having individual seatbelts. This mini car is best suited for kids aged between 3-6 Years. The car has also a consolidated MP3 player to play songs and music. It is also equipped with an AUX cable.

This mini vehicle has the appearance and finish of a real car. The power-packed gas pedals make this genuinely one-of-a-kind ride-on car running at the speed of 3 mph. It can also be controlled with a gearshift in a core panel. It also has attractive attributes like flashing LED headlights, two doors, a life-like horn and engine sound effects.

This mini toy Benz is stocked with a rechargeable 12V battery with 2 modes of functionality- manual operation and remote-controlled parental guidance. The maximum speed limit is just 3 mph with two-speed options. This mini car can vouch for an ideal gift for your child on special occasions. This car will offer a realistic backyard driving escapade that will exhilarate your child for every outdoor fun. It would be a drive they will never forget.



High- quality wear-resistant wheels

Design and feel of a real car

Custom silver wheels adding to the style

Dashboard full of fancy and attractive features


Not ideal to be driven indoors given the huge size


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1) At what age group can children use ride-on cars?

Ride-on electric cars are available for children in the age group of 1-8 years. However, each car would have a particular advised age-range.

2) What are the safety attributes of ride-on cars for children?

Many safety attributes such as adjustable seat belts, remote control for parents and doors with locks are available in ride-on cars for kids.

3) Can children drive ride-on cars by themselves?

A ride-on car should never be driven by children without parental supervision. Almost all of them are equipped with remote controls so the parents can ensure that their children are safe while having fun.

4) Can the ride-on cars be driven by children inside homes?

The ride-on cars can be driven inside homes provided there is enough space available and there are no safety hazards in doing so. Parents need to be mindful of the fragile items too.

5) How long can a ride-on car be operated when fully charged?

Ride-on cars can be operational between 30 minutes to two hours depending on the strength of the battery and usage.

6) Do ride-on cars need assembling?

Certainly, ride-on cars require some assembly. The illustration and tools are provided with every car in a guidebook. It generally includes instructions related to the attachment of wheels, bolting the seat and fixing the steering wheel. Few of them have more parts to assemble. It can vary in different ride-on cars.

7) What is the fastest speed at which ride-on cars that are designed for children can go?

The speed of every ride-on car differs depending on the power in the battery, the surface on which the car is driven on. For instance, 6V batteries are generally designed for kids aged 2 to 4 years and need to be driven on even roads that can go up to 2-3 mph. The 12V-powered cars work smoothly on flat roads and low-cut grass. These are generally best suited for kids aged between 3 to 6 years. They run at a higher speed of approximately 3 to 5 mph.

The batteries of 24 V on ride-on kids’ cars are big and therefore suitable for children of age 3 to 8 years. Such cards can easily be driven on rough surfaces like grass or tiny stones and even on flat surfaces. They can go at speed levels of 4 to 6 miles per hour.

Buying Guide

When you are browsing through the ride-on cars available in the market for your child, you want him/her to not only enjoy but also be safe. Ride-on cars for little kids should be safe, swift, and entertaining. Here are the main features you must consider while seeking the best ride-on car for your kid:

Protection and Safety

These small-sized cars for children must be immensely safe for your reassurance and peace of mind. Luckily, these digital toys impersonate their real-world equivalent vehicles, often integrating similar safety elements in their compositions.
The finest ride-on cars for kids encompass spring suspensions for seamless and harmonious rides and advanced braking operations. You need to also bear in mind that even if these miniature cars are not going beyond 5 miles per hour, spending on a vehicle that includes seat belts is always the best idea.

Parental Control through Remotes

A pragmatic characteristic that these cars have is the provision to be steered in-cabin by kids as well as remotely operated by parents who shall be able to manage better with their reflexes and judgment as to which direction the car is heading in. You need to make sure the model you’re purchasing is available with a sound remote control mechanism, and check that feature before seating your child in the car for a spin.

Speed Limit

The scale of available speeds on these ride-on cars for preschoolers varies from three to five miles per hour. This may not seem a lot, but is surely enough for a child to have an exhilarating time on the wheels. Make a mental note to be aware and always be cautious when your child is engaging with the ride-on car.

Battery Power

The most prevalent kind of ride-on car for children is a 12V chargeable battery. Determined by the load it sustains and the number of times it is repeatedly used, this battery should make certain that your child gets 1-2 hours of driving time. You need to also ensure that your car comprises all of the tools that are essential for entirely recharging the mini car’s battery.

Design and Composition

Besides ushering the ultimate joy of racing along the sidewalk and in the garden or park, a ride-on car can also signify an elegant chance to teach your children about supreme-quality cars. From miniature Maserati to sturdy Mercedes SUV, you can gift your child a mini model of truly sophisticated cars with all the high-end design and composition that they provide.

Additional Features

While owning a radio or wireless connectivity may not be essential for kid’s automated vehicles to function, the finest battery-powered cars for children often have these characteristics and others, like functional turn signals and collapsible windows.
These features are great as they not only urge the car to provide a realistic feel, but they also add to the car’s value as a charming toy. Enjoying and jamming to their favorite songs in the car will make children adore their mini electric cars furthermore.

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