22 Best Ad Blocker For Android


The best ad blocker for Android helps you get rid of pop up ads on your Android apps. Many users like myself don’t enjoy very intrusive and aggressive ads especially while surfing through the internet or using a mobile app. According to a recent study, about 30% of internet users use Ad blockers while surfing through the internet. If I do the maths, that’s an estimate of about 600 million people. This helps us to understand the growth rate in the use of ad blockers and how useful they can be.

best Ad blocker for Android

But funny enough, you cannot escape ads. They are here and will always be there. Advertisements are used majorly for marketing campaigns of different product and services. While showing ads are useful to many websites, because of certain monetization values, most users do not enjoy this function and are sometimes compelled to remove them.

So, if you are looking for a perfect Ad blocker for your Android device. You are currently looking at the right article with the right answers for the task. Now, without any further delay, let’s explore this comprehensive drop-down list of the best ad blocker for Android exclusively.

22 Best Ad Blocker for Android Phones.

  1. Fire Focus – AD Blocker for Android

Fire Focus – AD Blocker for Android

Fire Focus is a popular privacy browser backed by Mozilla. This private browser gives you the necessary privacy browsing experience you desire. while Blocking and removing all ads, cookies and minimal web browsing distractions from your screen. It is simple and single dedicated to the job.

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  1. AdGuard – Content Blocker

AdGuard - Content Blocker

AdGuard is a good ad blocker for Android on our list to note today. because, not only does it help you remove and completely block ads, it also gets rid of cookies and increases page loading speed. Using this app will give you an easy, quick and very comfortable internet browsing experience.

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  1. AdClear- AdBlocker

AdClear like its name removes and completely blocks aggressive ads. It is known for its inherent ability to protects users from malicious activities like spyware, malware and even phishing. More features like increasing webpage speed, blocking encrypted ads and saving battery life are some amazing features of this service.

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  1. Block This – Good Ad Blocker

This good ad blocker plays a prominent role in the disabling of all types of ads from your Android phone. It blocks things ranging from video ads to pop up ads, audio ads and many more. It can also stop tracking cookies as well as protect your Android device from malware and viruses. In conclusion, it increases web browsing speed and mobile battery life

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  1. Opera Ad Blocking Browser

Opera – AD Blocking Browser

Opera like most of you know is a web browser. But just so you know, other than its inherent web surfing functions, Opera also includes an inbuilt Ad Blocking service that blocks and remove ads. Recent updates have shown that it has become an invincible browsing software with very impressive security functions as well. Just turn on Ad block in the Settings tab to use this function.

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  1. Net Guard – Android Ad Blocker

Net Guard – Android Ad Blocker

Another exceptional and best Ad blocker for Android on our list today is Netguard. It has a very simple interface, with many advanced features like blocking of online ads, reduction of data usage and helping users maintain a browsing pattern. You can also customize ad blocking activities on your device by adding apps and webpages you want to block or allow to a personalized list.

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  1. AdBlock Browser for Android

AdBlock Browser for Android

Blocking Ads and completely annihilating them from your browsing experience is now possible. While using Adblock browser. You don’t need to worry about the different type of Ads as this app has got you covered. It is 100% open source with no shady cookies or hidden viruses.

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  1. CM Browser

CM Browser - Ad Blocker, Fast Browser, Privacy

This is an all in one solution for everything internet browsing. It is a quick solution to all network problems ranging from privacy, ads blocking and clean downloads. More features like detecting video contents on webpages with easy to download functions. However, CM browser is beautifully designed with an easy to use and very simple interface.

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  1. AdBlock Fast

AdBlock Fast

Ad block Fast is notably of the quickest and among one of the fastest ad blocker apps on the Play store. It was designed to be fast and the reason behind its incredible speed is, they have only 7 rules in their filtering rule set, which makes it quick in scanning, blocking and removing of mobile ads.

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  1. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

Brave Browser: Fast Ad Blocker

Brave browser is free, open source and offers a more secure browsing experience to all its users. Now, not only was it designed for speed and protection, it is, however, one of those ad blockers for Android with built-in ad blocking abilities. Unique in its nature, this ad blocker intuitively helps reduce battery usage and improves overall web performance.

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  1. AdBlock Plus for Samsung Internet

AdBlock Plus for Samsung Internet

This is yet another best ad blocker for Android especially Samsung devices. It is designed exclusively for Samsung internet browsers to help better user browsing experience as they surf the internet. More features like privacy protection for internet users, disabled cookies tracking, great team support and excellent reviews have been the most essential trademark for this platform.

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  1. Free AdBlocker Browser

Free AdBlocker Browser - Adblock & Pop up Blocker

Unlike a few adblockers especially for Android phones, this browser exhibits stunning privacy protection abilities. A few of them includes removing and blocking of online ads, clogging ad-cookies from third parties, increasing web browsing speed, efficient data protection and regular malware warnings. It is free to download, Although there are in-app purchases for more features and themes.

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  1. Blockada


Blockada is an Open source and an excellent ad blocker for Android. It functions and performs best at removing and blocking ads and malware on any Android devices. It is a robust, flexible framework and works on both mobile and WiFi Networks respectively.

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  1. Orbot & Orfox

Orbot & Orfox

Orbot & Orfox is a great choice if you are looking at a variety of good ad blocking options to consider. It maximally serves as a proxy connector to the TOR network. It also enhances device privacy protection, increases webpage speed and overall web browser performance.

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  1. App Brain Ad Detector

App Brain Ad Detector

This ad blocker is called App Brain because of the inbuilt constructive brain ability that allows it to detect about 70 different aspects of mobile apps which are installed on an Android device. With this service, users can disable malware domains, push app notifications and other adware.

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  1. Adaway – Android AdBlocker

Adaway - Android AdBlocker

looking for something more than just ad blockers for Android and privacy browsers? Then Adaway is a wonderful alternative for you. It is, in fact, a resounding answer to all your ads and privacy questions. If you hate to be bothered with advertisements, Adaway contains a specific set of programs that will efficiently destroy all ads coming your way in an instant

  1. Droidwall


Droidwall is very similar to the firewall on a windows PC. It is efficient in the act of blocking several online ads on mobile apps. It doesn’t entirely work on browsers, however, it prevents foreground data access to selected apps on your Android device.

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  1. ArmourFly Browser & Downloader

ArmourFly Browser & Downloader

Enjoy a great browsing experience with this secure browser, It is an AD-free, secure, and fast browser. With amazing features like video detection functions, a private vault for storage and file protection, in-build ad-blocking functions and much more.

  1. ADLock

ADLock - Privacy & Ad Blocking

AdLock runs smoothly in the background and it uses filters to majorly block ads, popups and auto-playing videos on webpages. Also, it enhances webpage loading speed and it has safe browsing features like the automatic blocking of unsafe sites and many more.

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  1. DNS66


DNS66 is one of the most commonly used best ad blocker for Android. This app contains a highly encrypted server that filters all sort of ads from intrusive ads to very aggressive app ads. If you are looking to beef up privacy protection on your Android device, this is the recommended ad blocker for you.

  1. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector

Trust Go is a clever privacy and data protection tool that helps protect third-party access to sensitive browser data like personal emails, passwords and more. It can also detect malicious apps and stop your phone from downloading them while blocking intrusive pop-ups ads.

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  1. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy BrowserGhostery is considered one of the best ad blocker for Android devices. With the inherent ability to track unwanted third party invasion, secure mobile data and improve overall user web browsing experience.

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Those apps are simply the best at ad blocking and data protection functions for Android. So whether you are searching for a simple browser or just a mobile blocking ad app, we’ve got you covered on our list today. In a wholesome, we have comprehensively listed apps that can help you eradicate ads.

It is now your turn. Having used one of these tools, what is the best ad blocker for Android phone?

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